Common types of diets and my stance on them


I will be discussing 5 major types of diets and why they are so followed by people. Health is one of the best precious things in our life. That's why food plays such a big factor in our life. I will give a list of diets but only go into details with 5 of them.


This diet is focused primarily on having an 80 to 20 percent ratio of alkaline foods to acidic foods. This is said to work best with our cancer in its protection against getting cancer. Cancer more thrives in an acidic friendly body. This is one of the key diets to live by if you want lifelong results. There are bad things with this diet too as this is basically done to prevent cancer and not treat it. Since blood pH is between 7.35 and 7.45, this diet must be taken into consideration only if you are being monitored eating by it.

Common types of diets and my stance on them


This diet is more about cleansing the blood and the organs of our body. That's why so much of the food must be prepared so strictly. They don't allow any of their meat to be slaughtered like so many of our meat markets. There also is a limit on the dairy products with this diet. Many people who follow this diet are the Jews but anybody can benefit from this diet. They totally prohibit any modified food particles like guar gum and carrageenan. This is why so many Jews experience such great health. They take this diet seriously.

Common types of diets and my stance on them


This diet is rich in the macro oils like olive for health fat benefits and eating lots of fish for Omega 3 and this is often shown in people's complexions. They seem to age slowly and they experience a lot of energy. People also eats lots of fiber and gets healthy bowel movements and this is one of the key benefits to cleansing out our body. Nuts and seeds are also eaten a lot and provides us with even more heart healthy fats. Beans are eaten a lot in this diet and this is one of the key factors that works with the other food groups.

Common types of diets and my stance on them


This diet is one of the best natural weight losing diets. There are many bad and unhealthy diets for weight loss like South Beach and Weight Watchers. However, the Keto diet focused on losing weight in a manner that helps you meet your basic food needs. They focused in eating foods more with Medium Chain Triglycerides than Long Chain Triglycerides. This is why starchy foods are not to be eaten if you want to achieve losing weight for health in a healthy matter. The key is to eat healthier and the weight will come off automatically.

Common types of diets and my stance on them


This diet is focused on the yoga exercise and ayurvedic medicine. This is one of the best diets that is loaded in legumes and whole grains. Most of this diet is similar to that of a vegetarian diet with some minor modifications. They don't permit certain vegetable like onions, garlic, hot peppers and mushrooms. Many people eat chickpeas and tofu on this diet for boosted benefits. Most of this diet should be eaten organically, especially if it is grain based like rice, oatmeal and barley. Also if you eat sweeteners, make it raw honey or raw sugar only.

Common types of diets and my stance on them


While it is not necessary to follow these diets strictly, you should at-least strive to go with a plan by what they place out as being your beneficial food needs. Nobody follows any diet 100% to the tee but I feel if anybody can follow one of these diets to 95% accuracy, then many of our diseases that plagues us will be diminished. Thanks for reading and please share your views!

Common types of diets and my stance on them
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  • btbc92
    Well done. You should do part 2 with Gluten, Japanese diet, Keto, etc. I say it's good to try each diet once and find one that is best for you. I'm going to try to get back to Alkaline and Mediterranean.
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    • I did Keto. Keto is short for Ketogenic.

    • Good luck with those diets, sweet <3 It is tough to follow some of them. I know if people did, doctors wouldn't be needed as often.

  • KaylaJoy
    While I am living at home it is impossible to follow Any diet due to my family, but when I move out I am going to follow the Japanese diet, which is another good one
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  • tim7610
    I'm on a seafood died. I see the food and I eat it lol. No I'm not overweight. But I could use a diet at my age though
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