The Carnivore Diet and How It Will Affect Your Body

Those Greens Are Trash
Those Greens Are Trash

Why Try the Carnivore Diet?

Because vegetables taste like shit and losing weight that way is very unpleasant. Simple. Also, you don't win friends with salad.

You dont win friends with salad
You don't win friends with salad

The First Few Days: Giving Up Sugar

A completely carnivore diet (must include eggs and/or fish roe) won't have much sugar at all. This will be especially difficult for Americans because we've become addicted to all the added sugars in our processed food and the added sugars in modern domestic fruits & vegetables. When you quit eating that sweet sugar your body will crash and you'll feel like you're dying. The first few days I threw a tantrum because I was so grumpy and I wanted sugar.

I want sugar
I want sugar

After a Few Weeks: Your Body Acclimates

Eventually your body will grow accustomed to the carnivore diet. You will no longer be dependent on artificial sugars and excess carbs. Now your body has to learn to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar.

No pain no gain
No pain no gain

Finally: Losing Fat and Getting Buff

After 4-6 weeks your body will now naturally burn fat for fuel instead of sugar and carbs. As your energy returns you will also lose a ton of excess body fat, especially the love handles on the side of your abs. You will start to finally feel invincible.

A True Carnivore is Born
A True Carnivore is Born

Warnings: It's not for everybody & Vitamin C is not found in meat

A carnivore diet is not for everybody especially people who don't keep track of what vitamins their eating. Vitamin C is the only vitamin not found sufficiently in cooked animal meats. But it can be found in eggs, liver and fish roe.

The Carnivore Diet and How It Will Affect Your Body
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  • sp33d
    Love the title. Humans are neither carnivores nor herbivores if we get down to semantics. If you want to be a carnivore, you must be able to digest raw meat - humans are not designed for it. End of story.

    You won't get fibers from eating only meat. That's something important for your weight-loss programme, wouldn't you say?

    Giving up sugar entirely is not sensible. I take it you mean giving up added sugar. Agreed in that case.

    "Your body will now naturally burn fat for fuel instead of sugar and carbs."
    Only if you work out or use that energy somehow. The body acclimatises to your life style. If you don't take up more resource-heavy tasks, then you won't lose weight as much as you would want.
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    • Humans can't digest raw meat? Have you ever eaten sushi?

    • sp33d

      Have you ever hunted a wild animal, pierced its neck, dragged the side open and feasted on that raw deliciousness? Didn't think so :) Read the sentence again, I didn't say we can't digest raw meat ;)

    • No, I hunted a deer with a gun and gutted it like a man. I've done the same when fishing. I also season it.

  • Shamalien
    There are other ways to get your body looking to fat stores for primary source of nutrition.

    Fasting. Carnivore diet is actually terrible for you and it's the dumbest fad I've ever heard. In the short term, it can appear to have significant benefits, so if you do it for a very short time you might come out okay, but it's extremely hard on the body.
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    • early humans ate more meat than we do now

    • Shamalien

      yah they also cut off each others nutsacks and drank their elder's semen so why don't you get nice and thirsty and visit the local old folks home so you can have the same diet as your ancestors XD

    • sounds like a beta male response

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Most Helpful Girls

  • ChronicThinker
    OR... we can get our advice from registered health officials backed up by actual science who don't follow ridiculous fad diets. Just another thought.

    And no, don't bother linking me your "studies that prove x, y, and z," I'm a journalist and most of the existing studies for ridiculous diets such as carnivore, raw vegan, only have minor findings that really don't suggest that one diet is superior and has overwhelming health benefits.

    Listen to your doctors and seek the advice from a trusted dietitian. Your health is not worth playing with.
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    • Also, is the "science" behind the diet peer reviewed? What's the size of the study group? What about all of the science that shows meat can cause digestive problems and the links between red meat and certain types of cancer?

      This is a crock of shit soup.

    • ... Also, great article. I'll leave it at that before I get the "soy boy beta cuck" argument.

    • why did you read it if you're just gonna go see a doctor?

  • Anonymous
    Meat doesn't provide fiber & redder meat can be harder to digest - particularly with less & less fiber the longer someone tries this - so eating a solely meat-based diet is gonna ensure people will die like Elvis. Clogged up & on the "throne" trying to take a shit.

    And I say that as someone who as severely iron deficiency anemic can devour 1 kilogram of meat - due to the craving for iron that's in meat - in a single sitting. Adopting to a solely meat diet would be very easy. I still wouldn't do it for longer than a week if that.
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    • 0oGreyo0

      Add butter or eat fatter meat and this isn't a issue

    • Anonymous

      @0oGreyo0 ROFL. Then clog your veins so you die faster. Brilliant if you've the IQ of a slug.

    • Humans have been eating fat since, forever. Fat is natural. It only becomes a problem when your liver has too much sugar and can no longer break down the fat cells. Fat is not the problem, it's sugar.

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What Girls & Guys Said

    This sounds similar to the blood type diet. Meaning eating for your blood type. Example since the O blood type is considered the original blood type of our earliest ancestors it's suggested that O's respond better to a diet high in meat, especially like red meat.
    • that's just a superstition. The carnivore diet has actual science.

    • SexyAshh

      @morpheus_12 correct. I have a degree in nutrition and this is very well a thing, and there is studies behind this.

    • @SexyAshh a degree in nutrition is not a medical degree and there's no science behind that.

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  • D4nielv
    If you like heart disease, clogged articles, reduced regeneration, cancer and not living beyond your sixties, this sounds like a great diet. Additionally, if you need to eat meat for the sake of your masculinity, then you have bigger problems.
    • sounds like something a vegan sissy boy would say

  • SexyAshh
    Unless your doing grass fed meats and organic chicken/ eggs diets pointless. Not to mention long term, your just going to end up with clogged arteries. Just another fad diet. You NEED vegetables and healthy carbs.
    • Jack LaLanne didn't have any clogged arteries. He died of pneumonia.

    • SexyAshh

      Jack lalanne excessivly juiced. You clearly need to read some more, or get a proper education and come back to this conversation. Do as you will, im sharing facts. Not shouting some sh*t i found on the internet thats backed by pseudo science.

  • panther0008
    As a doctor I want to punch you in the face for promoting bullshit which other feeble minded folk will eat up. Pun intended.
    • You're a doctor? We i'm a male model with a 13" penis.

    • Believe it or not, there are GAG users from every mean of life - including medics. But I understand how that’s hard to believe when your imaginary penis size is higher than your iq.

    • Please follow this diet and encourage all of your friends to. And encourage this in your family as well. While the pandemic kills people indiscriminately, this will only kill dumbasses in the long run. You’re doing humanity a favor really. Carry on. Never mind my opinion or... logic as a whole.

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  • Ihatesociety2000
    I wouldn't eat purely meat and avoid sugar, getting carbs is actually quite important. And my body seems to agree with me, because whenever I eat mostly meat (and other animals based foods) and consume an ample amount of carbs in the form of starches or sugars, I feel and perform the best.

    Although for someone who's trying to lose weight, your advice to cut out most carbs is definitely correct. Except they shouldn't stop consuming simple carbs such as sugars, because it has a lot of important roles in the body and a deficiency can ruin you in the long run. A lack of glucose and carbohydrates will wreck your hormones and have a lot of detrimental effects, especially in the long run.

    With that being said, a lot of sources of sugar come from complete crap that also come with a whole lot of unhealthy shit that will negate any health benefits of sugar. The best way to get your sugar is either through a more "natural" means, or though foods that don't have a lot of additives other than sugar.

    Also, you can never go wrong with intermittent fasting. Whenever I didn't eat lunch but ate like I usually did 2 times a day, I effortlessly dropped weight even when I was sedentary.
  • LoU_Hades
    If I eat just meat, fish, cheese, egg and low carbs veggies I lose weight. I feel generally much more hunger if I eat lot of carbs and sweets. Sugar and carbs increase insulin production and this makes me hungry despite my body has still enough nutrients.
    On the other hand meat diet or Atkins diet isn't effective for everyone.
  • Electric_Dreams
    Now I want Prosciutto.. or tortellini. Or.. cheese.. oh my gosh food cravings.

    This lockdown got me rationing.. craving more often.. but having more energy because I'm not over-eating.. wish I could just stop craving.
  • 0oGreyo0
    I did this diet becuase of mY tineas veiscolor. Long story short to much candida and it fixed it.

    I only cheated by eating Eggs and honey/lemon water every once and awhile.

    If you eat to much fag you get The runs and Oppsite you might be clogged.

    I also had stomach issue before this and it made those go away and i feel lighter with a better mood and less hungry
  • meesegoMoo
    You didn't include tips on replacing sweets. Many sweets can actually be eaten on this diet. Lobster is sweet. Aged beef can be too. Food like fermented pork sausage can also replace sweets.
    • You have to learn to give up sweets. Only a true warrior can quit their addiction to sweets.

    • The sweet meats shall never be rejected! I loves muh ocean bugs!

  • najekim
    Need to keep in mind that eating meat as the primary food source and plant based foods secondary is what made mankind go from the genus "Australopithecus" to the genus "Homo" because of the benefits meat had in developing a better brain.

    IMHO, taking meat out of the diet is a huge step backwards for the evolution of the "Homo" species and the development of intelligence.
  • Akachan
    Vegetables don't taste like shit. They are delicious especially when you put a little bit of salt and butter and put it on top of rice!
  • George090
    Should I follow this as a teen , is it also good for bulking
    • don't listen to the vegans and the sissies. This diet does work for bulking because it sheds away all the excess fat.

    • George090

      Ok thank you

  • Levin
    The Carnivore Diet and How It Will Affect Your Bodyjajaja
    • Look at this carnivores massive canine teeth: It's probably one of the most voracious carnivores on the planet.
      The Carnivore Diet and How It Will Affect Your Body

  • MrNameless
    This sounds like a really bad misguided diet. Everything in moderation, especially red meat. You should limit your intake of red meat, as many studies have shown it can increase your risk of cancer (colon cancer, being the most common) and heart disease. Especially those high in saturated fat... If you have a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, you are better off eating it sparingly and eating it like 1-2 times a week at the most.

    What's to not like about vegetables? You can buy some mixed veggies in bags at the grocery market, as well as cherry tomatoes (if you like them), nuts or legumes and salad dressing (ranch, balsamic, etc), mix them and you're good to go.

    Besides all the vitamins, you need fiber too.

    I'd curb the meat a little and diversify your protein pool by adding beans, eggs, greek yogurt, whey, cheese, etc.
  • SnowyOwl
    What you should eat is not about what your brain believes you like. You may or may not know, we are not meant to be carnivores based on our anatomy, and your teeth particularly. We are meant for plant based diets, nuts and seeds. Otherwise you'd have the mouth of a cat.

    What you do with your life is your choice, but to everyone out there, be careful about how you make your choices. You have 1 body, don't ruin it. A carnivore diet can can cause many different organs to disfunction. I learned this the hard way. The healing takes a lot of discipline and time. So take care
    • it sounds like your'e dating a bunch of soyboy beta cucks

    • Sure, a purely carnivore diet is bad, but so is a purely plant based diet is also pretty bad. And contrary to mainstream health advice, your brain does know what's best for your body.

      There's a reason why our brains are primed to find these foods delicious, because it's good for you and gives you vitality. We wouldn't evolve to savor foods that are bad for us, it makes no evolutionary sense and would ultimately lead to extinction of our species.

      Vegetables have their place, but we're not meant to thrive on them alone. Also, the problem with eating plants is that plants DO NOT want to be food. Plants have evolved specific measures to deter animals from eating them for that reason, which is why they taste like crap. It's their way of trying to stop us from eating them, and yet, some clowns cite this as proof of them being healthy, and as evidence for making them our main dietary staple.

      Eating a lot of nuts and seeds is also a surefire way to elevate your estrogen levels, which by the way, will completely wreck your health. Especially if you're a man.

    • SnowyOwl

      @Ihatesociety2000 "plants do not want to be food"... 😂😂😂 Oh man. Well, I suppose a cow wants to be food? Nah, didn't think so. "your brain does know what is best for your body" I can't agree with that, cuz most people follow carb based diets, lots of processed sugar, pasta... And no, that's not good for you. Between an organic apple and one that's engineered to be sweeter, your brain will choose the taste of the sweeter one. The brain is a computer. It is programmable. It follows a program, it follows a habit. And habits can be bad, and detrimental.
      I'm not about to go off on nutrition for you, you can do your own research. Hopefully you're not basing your diet on the "real men eat meat" mentality. Cuz if you think like that, you got a lot of research to do my dear. Good luck

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  • Dazed0N0Confused
    I can't go on an all meat diet, I like my veggies too much.
  • Stonernights
    Never tried it. But also never liked the taste of meat. So I know it's not for me
  • NineBreaker
    I think it's interesting, but I'm not quite sure if it's beneficial or not. However, I do agree that cutting out added sugar and limiting digestible carbohydrates is a very good idea.

    Right now, I'm practicing a diet that has similar elements:
    Intermittent fasting: 3 days (every other days of the week): Includes 500 calories, mostly from protein; with the rest from fiber.
    No added sugar: Limited serving of sweet fruits once a week.
    Limited digestible carbs
    High intake of fiber: Mostly raw leafy green vegetables (includes lettuce, parsley, green onions, tomatoes, salt/lemon/salt seasoning)
    Very high protein: Highest percentage of calories comes from protein sources in this diet. Mostly chicken, fish, eggs and dairy; occasionally beans, red meat, and whey protein. 3 protein-heavy meals.

    I don't think that human beings are built to be hypercarnivores, or to be vegans. We need to consume plants too. NEED; not necessarily want.
  • Robertcw
    Okay I think this diet is not the worst thing in the world. Vit. C supplements can be had easily.

    It's good for men because high protein high fat will help keep testosterone high and zero carbs will force the body to have minimal estrogens -- for young guys this isn't a problem. But older guys grow boobs and pack on fat while losing muscle mass.

    This diet can help reverse that. It's also low on calories because meats don't have that many calories. 1lb of meat is only about 400-600 calories. So you might eat 3-5lbs a day. That allows for fat burning and it won't allow for a person to lose all their muscle like a low protein high carb diet would.

    But it's not as good as an ideal meal plan. But for a simple one size fits all for men it isn't the worst thing out there.
  • genericname85
    actually all the vitamins you need are found in the animals that you eat. the innuid for example only feed on animals but they eat the entire animal, not just the muscles and some of the fatty tissues.

    carnivore diet can have benefit but i would strongly advise anyone who does this to not go entirely for red meats and eat the entire animal if they can or take vitamin supplements. a fat and protein rich diet is actually quite healthy if your diet is very low in carbs/sugar. if you combine that with loads of carbs however, you are virtually killing yourself.
  • irrationally97
    If you wanna lose weight just cut out high calorie junk food and eat smaller portions with more veg.
  • sdrawkcabosmi
    Get the hell out of here, Dennis! Stop trying to D. E. N. N. I. S. all these ladies!
  • Unit1
    No thanks! I'll stay in the sweet spot of being omnivorous and avoiding sugar as close to 0 as possible.

    I love salads and barbeque!
    Nothing like a tasty balanced meal.The Carnivore Diet and How It Will Affect Your BodyThe Carnivore Diet and How It Will Affect Your BodyThe Carnivore Diet and How It Will Affect Your BodyThe Carnivore Diet and How It Will Affect Your BodyThe Carnivore Diet and How It Will Affect Your Body
  • DiegoO
    It sounds like crap. It's another version of the ridiculously exclusive veg diet.
  • MeatPuppet
    Basically, you're going for the pre-contact Inuit diet.
  • Thatsamazing
    Yayyy heart disease!
    • You ever see a lion with heart disease?

    • Uh... what are you talking about? You don't "see" heart disease. And lions in the wild live to be like fifteen years old or something at the oldest. The human equivalent of that is about forty, or something.

    • they die in the wild because of starvation and predators.

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  • MountAverage
    Nah, I'll stick to my yummy veggies.
    • Ah, so you mean french fries, tater tots, and potato chips?

    • @Ihatesociety2000 Sure, I love potatos! But I was referring to vegetables in general. Also, I try not to eat fatty like that all the time.

  • Mijopapiii
    I am all for meat of any kind
  • imfreeze95
    It sounds like fun
  • Cryptic-Game
    I only eat meat if it is organic.
  • Anonymous
    I just can't understand why some people have to turn everything they do into a cult or religion. Dieting isn't hard. Stop making it more difficult and all- consuming (ironically) than it needs to be. The human body evolved to absorb a wide variety of nutrients from a wide variety of sources. Just eat foods that aren't so damn calorie dense if you want to lose weight, and have the willpower to stick to it
  • Anonymous
    I use it when getting ready for a fight, really easy way to get lean, and it's tasty and my blood work is always great! My body has always worked well on low carb and low sugar anyway.

    It's not for everyone though.

    In my experience, there's no diet that covers everyone.
  • Anonymous
    I have a high metabolism , I can eat whatever I want and still can stay fit 😬
    • Enjoy that now, I said the same thing until I turned 29. Wait until you hit 30, you'll get a fat belly almost over night after your 30th birthday.

    • Anonymous

      No , I do exercise too even I don’t need much of it. I go for running , swimming , cycling everyday and will maintain this lifestyle. Only lady ass people make excuses for exercise and put restriction on meals

    • I said the same thing at your age. You'll change your opinion in 10 years.

  • Anonymous
    There are good low carb diets and bad low carb diets. The "carnivore diet" is the worst of them all. It's a very outdated diet today given the knowledge we have today and it's surprising anyone actually still supports it.
    • wuss, if you can't handle it

    • Anonymous

      If having a strong aversion to stupidity means I'm a wuss, then so be it.

  • Anonymous
    The so called carnivore diet is just the idiot's version of the ketogenic diet.
    • Anonymous

      LMAO at the down vote. I can understand you being defensive about it, but at least educate yourself on some facts about the carnivore diet and the ketogenic diet. One is patently unhealthy, for multiple reasons, and far less reliable as a weight loss method, while the other, when done correctly, is very healthy and is far more controllable and reliable as a weight loss tool.

      Both diets attempt to use the same mechanism to lose weight (ketosis), but the carnivore diet provides way too much protein, which your body just converts to glucose via the process of gluconeogenesis, which kicks your body out of the fragile state of ketosis, thereby defeating the entire purpose of the diet in the first place.

      Using a ketogenic diet where you control your macronutrient ratios is far more effective, and also far more healthy because it allows you to actually eat some healthy carbs and get some fiber and micronutrients that are not available in meat.

      Like I said, the carnivore diet is just the idiot's version of the ketogenic diet. It's an inferior attempt to capitalize on ketosis for ignorant people who don't know any better. And based on so many of this MyTake's author's posts here at GAG over the last year or more, he fits that profile perfectly.

    • the downvote is for saying "idiot"

    • Anonymous

      I don't use the term lightly, and it is definitely warranted here.

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  • Anonymous
    I'd like to live past 60. Thanks though.
    • Jack LaLanne was 96 when he died

    • Anonymous

      My grandmother who smoked a pack a day lived to 88. What's your point?

    • whats yours?

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