Virility, Health, and Gently cooked and Raw foods

Virility, Health, and Gently cooked and Raw foods

I've been on a low fat diet recently, low sugar too. I've been eating starches like rice, potatoes, wheat, carrots etc. As well as the bitters...brocolli etc

I wanted some thing like a broth with some minerals to drink to replace nightly tea. (I'm Trying to cut down to have a 6 pack) But I didn't have any low fat milk or any kind of bone or vegetable broths. I ended up finding something though

But first, let me say keto is really hard to do.

Ketosis takes days to get into, ketones are acidic so it's an added stress on the bones (bicarbonate buffers are made from bone minerals), and it's weird to literally eat pure fat or excessively add it into coffee...

I tried the keto diet earlier this year and it didn't work out.

So I'm not against having sugars on a diet, and I dont think they'll hurt my cut.

Thats why I'm now drinking non-fat milk

It's great.

It's has so many minerals and barely any calories with a pleasant sweet taste, just what I need on this cut to be honest.

It did mess with my hormones a little bit but I mean it seems to have made me more virile. If you dont want to read how I know...skip the text in italics

I feel more masculine. I'm full of more cum than a stallion. It just never stops coming. I'm like "wtf" when I see what's coming out of me.

It's not like how keto or excessive sugars make me feel. Sure those make me horny but they dont make me more virile like that. On the milk, I haven't even felt horny as I've felt in the past. I'm starting to think I used to be hypersexual, and a lot of people are hypersexual, and it's not natural or healthy.

Milk has never made me feel like that before though. There's something unique about this powdered milk I happened to buy... so I read the label and it said "made with gently pasteurized milk, making it superior to other products." Yeah that's it.

They know raw milk and raw yeast supplements have the ability to give dogs a natural anti-tick coat. When they've given dogs just vitamin B, which they suspected was the cause, there's not the same benefit.

So there's something to be said about eating complete, and unadulterated foods for health and virility.

One of the main things that has stopped me from eating animal and vegetable how all of these products, butter, meat, milk etc are cooked at extremely high temperatures to kill bacteria, in the process creating harmful chemicals (like mutagens, with eternal consequences), degrading vitamins, leaching of minerals (50% leaches out while bbqing meat) etc.

But raw dairy is supposedly dangerous. If for no other reason, the viruses in it (from inhumane..yet completely human practices of animal abuse) that can cause gut dysbiosis.

Raw dieting is the way to go though

Virility, Health, and Gently cooked and Raw foods
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  • Kvynhanma
    This is my secret weight loss routine only eat one food once a day and run about 30 k a week
    Is this still revelant?
    • Yeah you will lose at least half a pound a day that way

    • But fiber doesn't satiate me like potatoes and rice. I feel hungry but I dont have sugar cravings. Thats what makes the starch diet great

    • Kvynhanma

      The food is pickles

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  • snackthatsmilesback
    Cool! Good take. I'm done with diets at this point. I know enough what's good for me to just eat smaller amounts of whatever (within reason), as long as I keep in shape.

    I hadn't heard of raw diets before though, if it seems to be beneficial I may mention it to my wife. She's not liking her diet and looking for a new one, similar to as you were.
  • t-8900
    I eat a keto diet and I'm shedding weight. My skin is healthier, I think clearer, my recovery time is shorter, my libido has never been higher, and I can eat all the meat I want.
  • m33lad
    I’ve never seen a lion cut meat in pieces or use a gun to hunt.

    We can’t see in the fake have no claws or sharp teeth because we can’t eat through animals.

    We’re designed for fruits and vegetables
  • OlderAndWiser
    Everyone has an opinion on diets and few of those opinions are based on real science.
    • It's hard to do real science in the face of ethical and economic concerns

  • karaspara
    Doesn't seem to have done your brain any good bro
    • True, I feel slower. That's why I said more masculine

    • karaspara

      @icedlemonade LMAO I like you I can never figure out if your a troll or a joker 😂

    • I dont want to be figured out

  • Sketti2021