Why is hoegaarden so expensive compared to other imported beer?

why is hoegaarden so expensive compared to other imported beer?

heineken, corona and budweiser are considerably less expensive for the same amount. it's the same at other stores and restaurants. hoegaarden is the only beer i like so this bothers me. (´・ω・`)


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  • Hoegaerden is from Belgium Coco! One of our roughly 400 beers :D
    I guess Heineken will be bottled in many places in the world, but Hoegaerden is probably imported from Belgium... a month or so per ship :o
    I didn't even know it was exported - you learned me this :D


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  • Probably just... production levels.

    The other cheapo beers in yr picture -- Corona, Heineken, and Budweiser -- are all among the top 10 or 15 brands in the whole WORLD, in terms of production levels/revenue.
    Those are produced in mind-bogglingly huge amounts and are distributed all around the world -- like Coke or Pepsi.

    Hoegaarden, on the other hand, is made in much smaller quantities. It's also still brewed (for the most part) in the original facilities in the Belgian town of Hoegaarden.
    This would be like having a small, local cola (versus Coke/Pepsi).

    Honestly -- given the production size, and given that they're still brewing it in those old facilities in the original town -- you should probably EXPECT Hoegaarden to be a lot MORE expensive!
    The only reason why it isn't is that the brand is owned by InBev -- the same conglomerate that also produces Budweiser and Stella Artois, along with a zillion other brands -- and so Hoegaarden can use the same marketing and distribution channels as those mass-produced beers.

    (Zima is cheaper because it's not an "import" -- Japan is the only country in the whole world where Zima is currently produced and sold, so it's taxed as a domestic brand.)

    I only know these things because one of my best friends works for InBev in Brazil. (:

    • wow ٩( 'ω' ) و
      i had no idea hoegaarden was so... homemade ! that makes it even more special ! (*゚∀゚*)
      also didn't know about zima because i don't see it often, only at some karaoke places but that's interesting

    • Yeah. Apparently, InBev tried to move the production out of Hoegaarden (the town) about 10 years ago -- probably so they could brew the stuff in bigger facilities -- but, unsurprisingly, that generated horrible publicity. So they backed down and decided to keep the operations in that town (and renovated the manufacturing facilities).

      Zima is made by Miller/Coors -- it was first marketed in the States, way back when I was just graduating from high school. It sold well for a while (probably mostly to high school kids who could pretend it was Sprite) -- but sales dropped off after it earned a reputation as a "girly" drink.

    • Tx for the MHLuv <3

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  • heineken corona and budweiser are easy-drinking beers. low hop, low quality, and not very popular

    hoegaarden is a heavier white beer of good quality. it is also in bigger bottles usually

  • It's all panther piss lol. Choose your label and pay more or less depending.. I miss Tequiza :(


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  • More expensive ingredients, less bottles made overall, plus it's made in Belgium which is a pretty expensive country. Those prices all look pretty high to me, figuring 1 cent=1 yen, everything there would cost half as much in the USA.

  • I have no idea. I don't drink beer and I know nothing about import product and all


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