Does anyone else miss the Certs mints?

can't figure out exactly what happened to them , I wasn't aware they had been discontinued , was at some variety stores downtown before I went to some bars and had been trying to buy some but couldn't find any that had them and then asked the one owner and he said they had been discontinued and not available. I live in Canada and not sure if this is the case everywhere

tried to search online but can't find any articles that explain why they aren't being made anymore or what exactly happened to them or even when exactly they were discontinued

I realise there just a mint but honestly I loved certs and at a loss as to why they would simply be gone all of a sudden , I think my favorite one was the fruit flavour and orange but also liked the mint ones.

the only ones I could find for sale were on ebay and they were way too expensive


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  • Altoids are better in my opinion


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