Is Uber Eats Run By A Group of Retarded Chipmunks?

I've had so many bad experiences with this company. Garbage service. Robotic replies. Delivers made up to 2 hours late. This is definitely the last time using them.

Anyone else have had experiences with them... Is Uber Eats Run By A Group of Retarded Chipmunks??
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  • Girls are too impatient😪 ever think traffic maybe? Wherever you ordered the food maybe coocked your food late. Maybe whoever was delivering your food's tire fell off😯 never know.

    • Over 2 hours isn't impatient 😂 also. Update. They never delivered the food. One of their drivers apparently took it for himself and turned off his phone and left. The place is 10min from my house. Over 2 hours isn't impatient 😂

    • Yeha thats ridiculous, my bad for some strange reason I thought you were talking about postmates😂 I've never used uber eats

    • they do bad things to the food as they dont like there job

Most Helpful Girl

  • Okay


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  • They don't operate in these parts.


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