Why is "bastardizing" a cuisine such a big deal to some people?

You get bastardized pizza, bastardized tacos, bastardized sushi, bastardized fried rice, bastardized curry and so on. One example would be if a European makes their own twist of their egg fried rice, there are salty Asians (points at Uncle Roger), Another one would be people using cream, bacon and processed or parmesan cheese for carbonara. I know the real deal uses guanciales, pecorino and egg yolks but I'm not gonna lie tho, the bastardized version doesn't even taste that bad or some of it may taste better. There's also a Filipino spaghetti. It's sweet, it has processed cheese and sometimes has BANANA KETCHUP that triggered an Italian Chef (Points at Vincenzo's Plate) but really we've been eating it for years. Both Filipino and Italian style are good their own ways. I gotta admit, I do the bastardized version a lot. Using processed cheese on Tacos, Pizza or Pasta, using lemon or calamansi instead of lime, green chilis instead of jalapenos, using coconut vinegar instead of white vinegar and so on. Like using the most common ingredients I can find here. May not taste so authentic but still pleasant at least. It may trigger some people but i don't care. On the other side when it comes to Asian food, I've also seen westerners use Worcestershire instead of soy sauce, using ginger instead of galangal, using butter instead of ghee, using lemon instead of calamansi and so on. I just don't get what's the big deal about it to some people. I guess i'm just not picky.
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I am going to make bastardized cuisines here at trend and there's nothing you can do about it.
Why is "bastardizing" a cuisine such a big deal to some people?
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