The secret to why women take too long to get ready finally revealed!


The secret to why women take too long to get ready finally revealed.

It's always been easy for guys to get ready as much as it has been hard for girls to do so. Guys spend a few minutes to pick an outfit while it takes hours for girls to find the outfit that'll call their names. You guys wonder why it takes so long for us to get ready since "there's nothing hard in picking a nice top and buttom and some shoes to match the outfit". What guys do not know is the struggle us women go through when having to get ready to go out.

Firstly, unless we decide what to wear the day before, or like 5 hours earlier, it's gonna take too long for us to make this hard decission later.

The secret to why women take too long to get ready finally revealed!

The thing about deciding what to wear is the following:

  • It's true that we all have enough clothes in our closet, sometimes even more than enough but that's the thing. We have too many clothes for all types of occassions that we can't decide which outfit to wear between 10 or so outfits. So here comes the struggle.
  • Let's say we decide on what top we wanna wear, then we have to choose between 5-7 different colors of pants/skirts/leggings that'll match the top. Or inverse. We choose a skirt, then we have to choose between 10-15 types of blouses/shirts/turtlenecks/...
  • When we finally pick the perfect outfit to wear, that's definitely NOT the end of it. The accessories part comes next. Some girls love being fully accessorized as in, they love wearing earings, necklaces, bracelets and rings that match the outfit and that makes their look appear to be "fashionable". This is why,for some, it's a disaster if they can't find the right accessories to wear. Then comes the bags or purses. If there's no bag/purse that looks good with at least the top or the buttom, then the outfit is ruined and we have to find another outfit that'll go with the bag/accessories that we own.
  • After the outfit is almost on point, the shoes part comes. Now here, my friends, comes the real struggle since we have to decide what kind of shoes look best with the outfit worn: whether we should wear heels, sneeckers, converse, flats or sandals, etc. And trust me, this part takes as long as the part with picking an outfit takes.

The secret to why women take too long to get ready finally revealed!

Secondly, it shouldn't take long for us to do our hair unless we have a bad hair day. Bad hair days are the worst since there are soo many hairstyles we can choose from. This could be a good thing - cause there's always a solution to bad hair, and a bad thing - cause it's gonna take us so long to do our hair in several ways until one actually looks good on us or until we figure out how a certain hairstyle is done.

And here are a few:

The secret to why women take too long to get ready finally revealed!

As you can see, us girls are artists in many many ways.

If we're having a bad hair day then it could take us even longer to do our hair than to get dressed. it sometimes takes me up to 30 minutes for it to be on point and for it to stay that way.

Thirdly, the makeover is a very essential part that cannot be skipped (depending on the occassion, of course). Putting on makeup requires concentration, focus and being calm and patient for the makeup to look as naturally and professionally as possible. I'm not gonna list the steps of putting on makeup or the products since that would take a couple of hours so i'm gonna leave you with the following pictures and let you guys figure out this kinda struggle:

The secret to why women take too long to get ready finally revealed!

The secret to why women take too long to get ready finally revealed!

The secret to why women take too long to get ready finally revealed!

The difference between getting dressed and putting on makeup is that we can simply take off the outfit and put on another one (okay, it's not that simple but still) while with makeup, if we mess it up or if there's too much going on there, it's gonna take too long to wash it off and to "paint our faces" again.

The secret to why women take too long to get ready finally revealed!

For girls like me - for instance - it takes me 5 minutes to "do my makeup" if it's not a "party" i'm going to since a black eyeliner is more than enough.

Not all girls get ready in that order but the steps and struggle of doing every stage is pretty much the same for everyone.

After reading this, I hope you guys finally understand what it's like for us to get ready. This is why, we have to be notified hours before,when you wanna go out, especially to a fancy place - that if you wanna be there on time. ;p

The secret to why women take too long to get ready finally revealed!

And I repeat, not all girls take this long to get ready and not everyone cares that much to look that 'perfect'. But I gotta admit, this does get annoying and you guys are right to be fed up with us taking that long to get ready but, oh well, in the end, it's worth it, right? ;)

The secret to why women take too long to get ready finally revealed!

This myTake is dedicated to my bud @ConsultantIsBack

The secret to why women take too long to get ready finally revealed!
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  • Anonymous
    If you're a girl reading this take, you're like, duh, and that's only the half of it, lol. To the guys that constantly complain about this, I just shrug. The simple fact is no one cares what you look like. I don't mean that as literal as it sounds, but let's be honest. In order to go out, you have the same hair style, the same 4 shades of suit options, the same shirt style, and the same shoes, and the most you do body wise is shave the face, and put on cologne/deoderant/brush teeth. Even if we wired it down to the very basics of a girl getting ready, her hair alone would take longer than a guys because she simply tends to have more of it. She also has to shave more of her body and even on a basic level, she has more clothes to put on than a guy. There isn't much to do to get around this. I understand guys who like the all natural girl, more power to them, but I think the vast majority appreciate some level up of effort on her part. Just do what my boyfriend does which is tell you the party starts at 6, but it really starts at seven, and I'll be done right at 7 and then we're fashionably late.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • ConsultantIsBack
    Hahahaha I feel so special to have a MyTake from @BumbleSuperBee dedicated to ME? Are you serious? This is like better than my BIRTHDAY hahaha. I love it nostalgia :) :) 😘

    This is MONEY tho. Good stuff, very well written. I agree! Women are such beautifully angelic beings, they have a million options of what to wear, how to do their hair, etc. I think I speak on behalf of the male race when I say, although I may complain, I am truly grateful for women beautifying my life and the world around me.

    Truly, thank you ladies. haha :)
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    • Hahahaha you're very welcome Mr athlete :D I'm glad you found it helpful ^^
      And i speak on behalf of the female race when I say I appreciate what you just said! So, thanks to you too :)

      Don't mention it! ;) That's what I'm here for xD

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  • Bozikins
    This is why if someone gives me a set time to meet them somewhere, I'll be ready by then. I think it's rude not to make plans in advance anyway, so this should come as no surprise. If you call me two hours before you want me to be somewhere, we're good. Ten minutes? No.

    My going-out grooming ritual usually is interrupted several times by dogs wanting to go out or be fed, friends calling to confirm and reconfirm details about our plans, my grandma or mom calling at an inopportune moment to make sure I'm not dead, etc. I also tend to get distracted listening to music while I get ready because then I dance. In that case, I'm getting pumped for the evening, so I should be a lot more fun once I get out.

    Trust me when I say this, gentlemen, we may not dress for you, but what we do to get ready DOES take time. Showers take longer because I have to shave (you didn't want to party with a gorilla, did you), exfoliate so I don't look like a walking box of Frosted Flakes, and maybe wash my hair (depending on when I last did it). If I do end up washing my hair, I have to dry it and straighten it (I have super-tight curls, but I like what I look like with straight hair) and that takes upwards of an hour. Even if I just scrape it back into a ponytail, manipulating gels and pomades to eliminate flyaways so I don't look like Doc Brown takes time also. LOTION! Definitely. Don't want to spark a brush fire. Makeup doesn't take long for me (five minutes, maybe), but clothes? Yes! The outfit I picked out may or may not fit (I could be retaining extra water that day) or be suitable for the temperature, and the shoes I tried on may not last me the whole night, so I need to find another pair (yes, even flats can hurt after a while, depending on what we're doing). Accessories aren't AS big a deal to me, but I feel cooler if they coordinate and serve as a conversation starter (i. e. "I love your handcuff bracelet/bullet earrings!"). I also need a bag that I won't lose, but would allow me to carry the essentials for the evening. This would not be the same bag I use on a daily basis, so purse-swapping may occur.

    Now, if we're just going to the grocery store, I'll just change into some jeans and we'll roll. But if we're going out and you want me to feel confident and on top of my game, and make your evening a pleasant experience, you will quit bitching and let me get ready how I want. You'll thank me when people see you walking out with the hottest piece up in the spot.
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    • Daamn gurl! Loved what you just said!

    • Bozikins

      Hahaha, thanks! I just think that since we don't have crew cuts or only one boxy pair of shoes and jeans each, it takes us longer. Let someone's girl go out looking butch one day because he didn't give her enough time. I guarantee he'll quit bitching from that point on. Hell, he'll probably give her the whole damn week to get ready.

    • Haha :D

  • ObscuredBeyond
    Here's the thing: most men don't care that much about your makeup, or your hair. So if you skip those entirely, and go with an "Eve in the Garden" au naturale, most men aren't gonna care how lazy that is. And if he's really into you, he won't care if you look like you woke up on the wrong side of the trailer.

    Unless it's a really formal date, most of us would be content with the following:

    - t-shirt
    - jeans (holely or torn optional
    - tennis shoes
    - white socks
    - long hair flowing down, not stylized at all
    - your arms around our backs, with our arms around yours

    Either could wear a utility belt or satchel or something, but as long as it's not overkill. After all, we're trying to enjoy time with a potential girlfriend, not pretend to be Batman or Inspector Gadget.

    Girls love to flaunt their style creativity; but too much and guys will only find it confusing. Don't be ashamed of simplicity. Your words communicate your soul to us much more meaningfully than the number of glitter beads on anything you own.
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  • M_A_X
    I'd say that this is not worth it. If a guy likes you without all of your makeup it's a better sign that he likes you for who you are.

    Also, women put in all of this work to look good, and they don't realize they kind of already have us. I wish they would understand this.
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    • When girls take too long to get ready, it's not cause they wanna look good for their guys. It's cause we wanna look good for ourselves.

    • And yes, I know it's not necessary but some girls still have confidence issues and, well, to them, makeup is the solution for instance

  • NearlyNapping
    Just grab a pair of jeans. They are all blue. You don't even need to open your eyes to do it. Then grab a T-shirt or whatever. They all go with jeans. You already have 2-3 favorites, so just grab one. Throw on a belt if you need one. Throw on a pair of shoes. It doesn't matter which ones. Done. Two minutes. Five minutes absolute max. You look fine, really. I'll hold the door open for you. Are you coming or not?
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    • It sounds simpler when you say it :p

    • Of course it's simple. Cheap too. :)

      Just remember that sometimes it's the thought that counts more than the end result. Most guys probably notice more than they let on.

  • RebelOfNowhere
    Sometimes I wish I had the motivation to put more effort into getting ready lol... I have some makeup but I only wear it for events or as a costume. I really like how I look when I put some effort into it and do my hair nice, but it's so hard for me sometimes.

    Girls are so preeetttyyy
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    • Hahaha so are youuuu! <3

      I actually feel the same way. I'm usually not in the mood to put make-up on for uni, but I look really good when I do. But I don't :p

  • gunny007
    Hahaha xD thats so much and damn so true!! Like I have experienced if I ask her.. Why are you applying so much makeup she replies "Its nothing just eyeliner dress this that etc etc etc " Before she finishes I just end up *running* !! She notices comes down early and I just end up kissing her on the cheek!! XD so damn true!!!
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  • godfatherfan
    And for MOST of us guys, none of it will matter. We just want you to come down. we don't care if it is some raggedy ole sweats and a tshirt or hoodie. It is really frustration when women take so freaking long. just pick something and put it on.
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  • jjmarvin
    Not just girls. I got a lot of clothes and accessories and that's pretty much me. Although i don't use the girl excuse (obviously lol), i just own up to the fact that I'm shitty at planning ahead ;)

    I don't even fuss over my hair or do makeup, but i have been considering makeup in the not too distant future. If i do, sheeeit I'm gonna be late to everyfuckingthing -_-
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  • bubblegumlover99
    You forgot the part where we're playing music while getting dressed. It takes a lot more time to do these things while dancing in front of a mirror😅🙆
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  • FatherJack
    Women dress solely for OTHER women , NOT for men , only women notice tiny accessory details , colour schemes , etc & a woman giving another woman a compliment is worth a million times more , than a complement from a man.
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    • *women dress for no one but theirselves.

    • Could you people stop speaking for All women. I admit, I'll brush my hair before I leave the house just to look decent for other people. Otherwise, I don't care. I only do it so people don't have to be burdened by the sight of my rat's nest.

    • mikemx55

      @ALittleBlondeGirl Hahaha "rat's nest"

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  • Dingsbums
    You forgot the last point of the outfit stuff
    -girl looks perfect and everything fits to each other her boyfriend agrees that everything looks amazing but she still gets insecure, struggles and starts all over again
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  • Accipiter
    Thanks for explaining all this. Now I finally get it.

    I have noticed that girls take even longer to get ready when they are in a group rather than alone. Why might this be?
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    • Cause they tend to talk more than actually get ready. It's distracting having other female friends getting ready.

    • JustinX9

      Because girls have 2 mouths (head and bottom)


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  • Tdieseler
    You know whats funny?, If it was all for a date with some guy... if he actually likes you (and not what others think while you dangle by his side) You look AMAZING in whatever you put on. You don't have to dress horribly, just be comfortable and you should be fine.
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  • OlderAndWiser
    Women fuss and agonize over things that no one else will care about. It doesn't matter if someone else is wearing the same outfit; it happens to us guys all the time and the world doe not stop turning. We don't care about whether your accessories match your outfit.

    What we do care about is that you think nothing of inconveniencing us incessantly, telling us that you will be ready in 5 minutes, and then being self-righteously outraged when you catch your guy in a lie. I am not defending or justifying anyone telling a lie to their spouse or significant other, but I am attacking women who tell that same lie every day and then act like they are a paragon of virtue. A lie is a lie.
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    • There are many women who don't care that men "don't care" what accessories they wear. I don't know if I sound like a too dedicated feminist saying this but women don't only dress to impress men or others. Sure that's part of it but many also dress to impress themselves so that when they walk past a mirror they can stop and think "Damn. I look good." I know I do.

    • EXACTLY @Enigmatically
      I wanted to tell him that as well but I was too lazy to type a paragraph xD

    • @Enigmatically Yes, I do understand that part. I still do not understand why women think it is not a lie to tell us that they will be ready in 5 minutes when it will really be 45 minutes, and they know it.

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  • basicallychrista
    really, really great take. i can totally relate :)
    outstanding job!
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  • Mustachekitteh
    Nice take ^^

    The reason for me to take forever to get ready. Is due to either a video game i'm really into or i'm being a lazy bum and don't want to go. :D

    For me getting ready doesn't take that long. I just pin my hair up, put cloths on, and then i'm done. I don't even bother with make up anymore.
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  • Nik1hil
    thanks for the insight! I can finish 2-3 Campaign or 4-5 Shooting missions on my video game in that much time, or cook us a dinner, maybe fix my car, finish a short novel! Write an amazing short story, mow the lawn, or finish the longest race of GTA Vice city X times, where X = time taken by my girl / 5 minutes.
    Best-Compose a lovely new poem for my girl, on her beauty and when she comes out of her ultimate beautiful form! I would not recite it to her, I will have enough time to learn the lines..
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    • Nik1hil

      ... I would not read it, I will learn it and recite it to her...

    • Haha, whatever pleases you! :D

  • TheBraveLion
    Great MyTake! :) I would never have a problem or get annoyed with women taking long to get ready, no guy should xD
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  • Takada
    I skip all of these processes, because I genuinely don't care what I look like. But then the result is also very mediocre. My hair has some very good days where it looks very smooth and shiny, but my outfit is always meh. Just... meh.
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  • drkrose99
    Im not like this honestly. I get all my outfits ready the night before. I decide on everything I want to do to my hair, makeup, jewelry, etc. the night before. I give myself about an hour to get ready, and I hate being late.
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