Throw A Player A Twig But Give A Trunk To The Shy Guy. An Article On Shy Men For The Ladies

SHYMEN101. Pow.

I know the aggressive males are so appealing to a female, because it fits the media or propaganda projected image of what a man ought to be. You get one, and too often their brains are just full of jello. They're delicious, but not NUTRITIOUS. Too often we reach for the 99% fat ice cream when we have frozen yoghurt around us – healing us when our hearts get stomped on, hugging us when our tears become worthless.

Sometimes, who we end up with, isn't really the 'ideal' we thought was perfect for us :) ... sometimes, they're right next to you. All you need is COURAGE, and hopefully, this article is a good double dosage!

I'll tell you a little secret. Shy men, are GEMS.

Shy guys?
Shy guys?

Babe, if you like a shy guy, realise they're called shy for a reason.


Behind that glass demeanor, the sweaty palms, is a witty, ROMANTIC and intelligent human being WAITING to be saved from LONELINESS. He is the guy that will love you for simply you, even if you're wearing track pants or have a steak sauce (A1) stain down your top. It is unconditional.

I can tell you this: If you're a SMOTHERER - they're a perfect match. They CRAVE affection. Shy men, won't vom or LEG IT at your overwhelming affection. They feed off it.

Help the poor fella out. They need more - FORWARD HINTS. Normally, a normal guy will notice a twig and bite, shy men NEED A TREE TRUNK worth to gain the same courage … to even touch you.

DO NOT THINK HE IS SETTLING FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE DOING THE WORK. Heck, think, the only way he is ever going to get a girl is if he gets approached by one, and WHEN YOU DO SO, you're doing what he wants. Yes, you are vulnerable, and yes, under normal male circumstances - you're throwing yourself at him - but he ISN'T NORMAL (in a bloody good way). He finds your vulnerability AN APHRODISIAC.


Now, they're a peculiar specimen. Let me explain.

NO GAMES. Shy men, the large portion of them, are inexperienced, 'nice guys'. They often are too scared to make a move in fear of rejection due to insecurities - which we see as appealing (as in a way, our flaws are what makes us 'perfect' and unique). Too often they end up rotting in the 'friendohmygashnosex' category - because they're afraid to take the TEENY step to push the relationship to the next level ... and because of their INDIFFERENT DEMEANOR, too often women (who, come on, are still pretty old fashioned and like to be asked out) see as a sign of DISINTEREST. This is absolute BULL.

Don't get me wrong, they're insecure but THEY ARE NOT WEAK. For some reason, we (ladies) forget that they ARE MEN. THEY HAVE THE DESIRES EVERY PRIMAL MALE HAS. URGES. CRAVINGS that need to be satisfied. Their hormones have been buzzing since a young age too. Imagine being in 'HEAT' and having your legs BOUND together ... they're literally CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGONS. Sex with a shy guy is the last thing you should be worried about.

They're wise, because they seek out strong (honey, you're stronger than you realise :)), beautiful, independent women, and he gets a kick out of knowing that he has your heart and you have his. Mutual support. A beautiful partnership.

They are often introverted, in the sense that they compete against themselves and beat their own personal bests. These are the men who will be stable enough to support you. Long term relationship material.

If the shy guy is REPLYING you (calls, text messages or even talking to you) HE. LIKES. YOU. Or he'd just swim away or disappear. The fact that he is communicating with you means that HE IS INTERESTED. They speak a lot with their EYES. So, whatever hunch you feel, it is ON THE SPOT. They DON’T play games. Black and white, simple and easy flowing partners to have.

We (ladies) need to realise that ROMANTIC love is TURBULENT, IMPERFECT, INCOMPLETE love (it is often limerence or the longing of an incomplete love). If happily ever afters weren't the end of fairytales - I bet you Cindy and Prince Charming wouldn't sound as flash. The TRUE LOVE - shy men can offer is PEACEFUL, TRANQUIL, FLOWING love, that is like a good WINE, only gets BETTER as it ages.

He will nurture you, as they are normally natural 'GIVERS'. Although, they may be reserved with showing affection, they may not be able to boast out loud how much they care, they'll show it through PASSIVE means (this requires listening to you and thought), being there when you need them, saying sensitive little comments to make sure he can see your beautiful smile, everyday.

Note - he isn't retarded. Don't treat him like one. Compliment with your HEART. BE YOURSELF. Because he'll love your inner freak (because he has one too - we all do) ... he is eager for your two secret worlds to blend into one. The intertwining of your imaginations will be truly beautiful.

It is worth it. So, PULL up your pants. Zip up that fly. And POUNCE. Like a cougar.


Throw A Player A Twig But Give A Trunk To The Shy Guy. An Article On Shy Men For The Ladies
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  • freakyzeaky

    I consider myself shy, but I don't necessarily want the woman interested in me to do everything. I like a bit of give and take. It would be awesome to have an assertive woman who finds me attractive (and is attractive) to break some of the ice, but I wouldn't want her to dominate me. I'd want an ebb and flow. Sometimes I take the lead, sometimes she takes the lead. Sometimes I dominate, sometimes she dominates.

    I think many shy guys are like this. We aren't all timid men who need to be controlled, pushed, lead, or who don't have the ability to protect and be secure. It is just that many of us need to trust you and feel comfortable with you. Once that happens, your shy guy might talk your ear off! He might be hyperactive and act like a total goof around you. You'd be one of the privileged ones who get to experience him as he truly is, 100%. That means he trusts you and that is an honor.

    It is true, shy guys rarely play games. We are honest to a fault sometimes. We aren't the Mr. Nice Guys who try to weasel our way into your pants. We are just very guarded with our hearts and only give access to those who we deeply care about.

    I guess my point is that shy guys can be naughty, kinky, assertive, flirty, playful, charming, endearing, responsible, mature, caring, kind, and even "manly", but just have trust issues and have trouble breaking the ice in social situations. As soon as your shy guy is comfortable (depending on his level of shyness), he will be everything you wanted and more! If you can click with introverts that is. Most shy guys are introverts. Which means that he might be outgoing one minute, and need to recharge alone the next.

    It is true, as guy who feel very shy around meeting new women, we crave what would traditionally be "clingy" women. We like the attention. We love assertiveness and enthusiasm in the bedroom. We love being seduced as much as seducing. (I once had a woman tease that she wanted to tear all my clothes off and screw my brains out. I was super turned on. Of course, this was in a hookup sort of way, not a dating/relationship sort of way, but you get the picture).

    So don't be afraid to be friendly to a quiet or shy guy, he might just open up to you and just needed someone to break the ice. If he comes off cold, maybe he is in disbelief! Give him a compliment and see if he gets the point. I know I would. ^_^

  • Arlen21

    ... I honestly would say I'm to an extent still a shy guy, but I've come a long way in being more confident in taking a risk and going for it! Most of the girls I've liked are your independant, outgoing types.(cheerleaders, dance team members in high school.) But I also like the quieter types of girls too because they don't play a lot of the "Mind Games" (that I hate with a passion) that some more outgoing girls do. Also the quieter girls are usually more geniune when they like you, and you can..

Most Helpful Girls

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    Meedo - agreed. not even identical twins are the same. we're all unique, there's no strict set of rules but there can be a broad understanding framework. there definitely are bad apples in every crate - but because shy men are inexperienced, tend to be easier to spot the bad ones :P gradual is great advice :D thanks!x

    drummer - thank you very much :)! x

    weapon - hah, well. guess we're on the same page now. guess I was on the stimulant all women get a kick out of before - emotions. cheers mate! x

  • teapot1985

    hi5 love this article, I met my shy guy and girls its true, they are the most giving lovers and if they are into you, then they are genuinely into you! And yep they are more lustful than a guy who is confident enough to "get some" easily

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  • Maguel

    Interesting take but i just have to disagree on many points of it.

    I used to be shy myself but kinda outgrew my shell over time so Im kinda speaking from both worlds both being a shy guy and not being a shy guy.

    As sad as it is a modern social plague is that many people love playing the victim in order to fish in attention. I've personally met these kind of men who are "shy" and fish in attention from girls. When one finally bites it's all fun at games first but when the guy gets more comfortable and open with his girl his real personality starts to shine and he slowly turns from sweet shy guy into a monster. The worst bit with these guys is that they always manage to make everything seem that it is the girl's fault and keep playing the role of victim one way or another cuz that's what they do to get what they want and so far it has worked out for them.

    Shy guys are often indeed inexperienced but that does not make them nice and sweet, that makes them a gamble just like any other guy but with less hints of their personality. Many of the shy guys often have some serious insecurities and are anxious and stressed over a bunch of stuff so there's also that to take into consideration.

    To me this post seems just like any other statement like "if he has blond hair he is husband material so go get him"

    Shyness is not enough to determine one's personality.

    • Shy and introverted are different things. One is social anxiety the other a core personality trait. If you grew out of your "shyness" that is introversion then you were never really "shy" but instead you grew past your social anxiety.

    • Maguel

      I was never really anxious about spcial interaction i was actually interested in it. I simply did not dare to open my mouth at times and i was a bit nervous at times. Perhaps i used the wrong terms here but introversy is something where you prefer to avoid aocial interaction and shyness is more like the lack of courage to take part in it.

      Personality can also change over time based on life experiences.

    • I got a interesting read for you.
      The definition of introvert and extrovert within the frame of psychology:

      And here is the definition of social anxiety disorder (national institute of health):

  • MissGeorgia

    It's strange the way so many people have the belief that the "bad boy" will treat us like crap and the cute, shy guy is the key to happiness who can't put a foot wrong.
    I dated a shy guy for three years, and it tore down my self esteem bit by bit untill there was nothing left. That whole relationship was me giving, and him taking what he wanted and throwing the rest back in my face.
    I got that he was guarded, and I understood that people had treated him badly, and a huge part of the reason I stayed was because I wanted to protect him from those things. The other part of the reason was simply because I adored him.
    No matter what, I knew he was a good guy with a damaged, but decent heart. I still think that, but it just got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore. I was a shell of myself. I was exhausted.
    Somehow, I'd become so tangled up in making him happy, that I'd stopped caring about whether I was.
    I remember a mutual friend of ours saying that he'd changed since he met me, and that I'd boosted his confidence, and I hoped so, so then at least, it wasn't all for nothing... but at the same time I'd never felt worse about myself. He treated me like I was worthless, and I figured that, with him being such a good guy, he must be right.

    It was a so-called "bad boy" that made laugh again, and made me feel like I wasn't so terrible after all, and that, maybe, it was possible for someone to actually care about me as I was, because I'd forgotten.

    I know this wasn't the point of your post, and I completely agree with what you have said... it's just that we label what's good for us and what's bad for us from a surface point of view, when, if you look a little closer sometimes, it can be a completely different story.

    • -Asca-

      You seem to forget that there is a "bad" in "bad boy". A bad boy that isn't bad isn't a bad boy.

    • @-Asca- It depends what you see as a bad -boy.
      I don't see a fuck-boy as a "bad boy" that's just a player.

      The guy that I was taking, I was about, I lost count of the amount of times he got arrested & the amount of fights he was in. That was constant. He was doing a lot of drugs at the time... that's the "bad" side of him that I was talking about ( even though I actually hate the term "bad boy" )
      Again, it depends what you count as one.

  • nerms123

    This is way too long but yeah shy guys are bae. However that doesn’t mean all shy guys are automatically good people so use common sense. Also it’s important to be gentle with shy guys to avoid overwhelming them. Just because they’re shy doesn’t mean they automatically like all women and shy doesn’t equal wimpy.

  • Poseidon17

    While this may be true for many shy guys, very few women are willing to go this route. Most women like confident guys who are assertive and outgoing. I'm a shy guy as described in the article but I would rather work on becoming a confident, outgoing guy rather than to wait to meet a girl who likes shy guys. This article may hold true to a degree, and give hope to otherwise hard-luck cases, but I'd advise guys to work on their confidence instead of waiting for a girl to fall in their lap.

  • ExCeL

    Haha, I'm actually not a shy guy. I was when I was young though, and it was bad :(. When I got older I got everything figured it out and I don't exactly have problems with girls hah ;). Anyways I just wanted you to know I recommended your article to a girl who had a question about her shy crush. This is gold!

  • RealDeal

    Okay, I'm not a shy guy but I can agree with most that you wrote. Only thing is, you are basically saying that shy guys will please you before pleasing themselves. Females like the confident guys because it's the feeling of being able to attain the unattainable. So as much as a female would like to go for a nice guy, she still wants the "asshole". The nice guy is now the back up, that she runs the way she wants. So you just made her the female version of a confident "asshole" that they hate.

  • ExCeL

    Wow. I've gotta say I'm taken back by this, because it comes from a girl. I know so many "nice guys" who are really good people but girls pay no attention to them and then complain when guys screw them over... If only all women thought like you. seriously

  • Snorkledorf

    Yeah, to a shy guy (or maybe most guys?), hints are pretty opaque.

    Girl: "I made some obvious significant eye contact with him, but he never even followed up. He must not be interested."

    Guy: "She glanced at me for a moment, but then quickly looked away again. She must not be interested."

    A girl can look at a guy, smile at him, look away, look back, smile at him again, then pretty much stare him down...and the guy will still be convinced that he ultimately made the "first move."

  • smg99

    Oh you made my day I have been feeling so bad about my expression of emotions. I’m glad I called him handsome, charming, that anyone would be happy to have him , all wonderful compliments.

    Though I feel I went overboard in saying my booklet is going to be dedicated to him?

  • WeaponZero

    Actually its funny you mention that because that was the whole point I was trying to get at in my long list of comments to your other article LOL. And that is that the stuff you said in your last article isn't applicable to men who are looking to settle down and want a woman for something serious, for the long haul. That it was, in fact, counterproductive if that was your goal.

  • Pandatoast313

    You are my f***ing hero lol! I have wanted girls to relize this for so long, fortunatly I have found a girl who has and I want other girls to relize that shy guys are awesome too, it is great to know that there is a girl that will finaly shed some light on this. Also let it be known that shy guys don't last forever, and depending on how he thinks, he could turn out to be a great guy with a bit more confidence(like me lol) or lose all hope in girls and turn into an ass. I've seen it first hand.

  • onekindofgurl1

    Actually I just commented on this a minute ago..but I accidentally sent a message to this shy guy I like but he wasn't supposed to read it and in it he now knows how I feel and yeahh I don't know what's going on now lol

    • crazy8000

      You need to be the one taking initiative, take charge, be the seducer, make the direct moves all the way to he begins to make them and still keep on doing a lot of initiative and direct moves just like you two already are what your after.

  • I liked this. It is very thoughtful and appreciated. Your mind seems to be opened. I'm not the shyest guy on Earth but I do lack some confidence with women for whatever reason, my anxiety disorder is likely to blame. I am very lonely and I'm not interested in slutty women. I need a friend, a companion, a loyal partner in crime.

    I will open up eventually. I will also give you the affection you deserve, I won't let you do ALL the work.

  • 2cleverbyhalf

    Amazing article. Awesome insight. I used to be a shy guy, and I still try to keep the good aspects of that part of me despite my change of attitude.

    Again, incredible article. This should be a standard teaching. Your man is one lucky guy to have a woman who understands him. Best wishes.

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    floralchild - doooo it. they're really cool dragons :P xx

    scar1 - yeh its impossible to describe every person. more a framework people can work from :) thanks xx

    mjmolly - thank you :) be ope to love and it'll find you! xx

    lovelylife - go for it! he'll love you for it ... literally :P ! xx

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    arlen21 - settle yet. yeh its not upfront but truth is women aren't all that great w insecurity because we can read the boastful mating call of a more aggressive male, the shy men, we're insecure about our interpretations about signals ... I reckon women really just need to trust our instinct a but more, and learn that it's okay to be vulnerable. and I agree w what you wrote - if only more men could admit that! xx

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    anthonyae - glad I could help :D plus don't change who you are, you're wonderful and will make a fine prince charming for your princess!

    arlen21 - high school is social boot camp you learn to put on masks, but when you're back in college you begin to be who youa re and you learn to be comfortable w who you are as well.- we're all shy around the people we truly like. yeh, well, I like men w a good balance, but you know that the loud ones, theyre loud for a reason because they not ready to...

  • Arlen21

    ...i know its not easy for girls or guys to do these things but I think if we all stopped subscribing to all the media promoted way of dating as far as how perfect it has to be and all the pick-up artist ways of doing things; and just made an effort to get to know people as they are, and love them genuenely for it; I think we would all be much more happy and confident people! =) Again Amazing article itssimplekeepitreal, keep up the great work!

  • Arlen21

    ...tell a lot better if they do like you. Which to be honest I'm a very upfront and honest guy when I like a girl( you can tell if I do, cause I'm quite open and real with people) The thing that frustrates me the most is that there are few women that will be open and upfront with you enough for most shy guys, or guys like me who are not quite great at reading suitable signs of interest and then processing that to meaning I should get up do something about it soon. lol ...

  • Arlen21

    Very Good Article! =) I used to be very shy through middle school and part of high school. Then I became the really popular one that everyone knew at my high school. Then things kind of reset once I entered college. Through the whole time though I was quite shy and or hesitant to ask out girls I like. Once I do get to interacting with them I'm a lot better, but its that initial part of telling whether or not she's interested without her having to be really obvious that I'm trying to figure out.

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    i don't think it is ever bad, sure less attention, but you learn more listening than speaking. women aren't hard to get. it is the quality of woman you want. ha ha thank you. I really hope it makes more women and men happy. thanks again for your input x

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    pandatoast131:haha cheers :) and I'm glad you found her. yeh well there are always exceptions. I think some shy men change because they get a big ego boost then think they cna get better. but yeh I agree, some girls aren't too nice either :( but nothing is perfect. when ya find the one you know.

    anonymousdude: agreed. shymen have great compassion too :P ... subtle ay :D !

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    lost_soul: yeh it is the worry that stops us from all teh possibilities, somestimes you just have to take the leap :) cause you have nothing to lose ... only regret :P xx

    yeanotheranon: ha ohhh I like that tune :Pyeh well my shy guy makes me this way :P mushy ay ... ew...kidding :P

    tc123: thanks :) don't give up hope. I'm not the only one!

    hopelesslover123: he does or his friends? if he didn't like you he wouldn't be there. you sure it isn't his internet girlfriend from canada or something?

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    jaycon: yeh :) even when little is shown on the face, they're all emotional livewires! thanks xx

    arcanus: ha ha cheers :) relaly made me smile! and I agree :P modest huh!

    macgeniusnow: yeh, agree. shy men will let you down gently but won't string you along, andi think it is better to face the reality then have ajerk string you along.

    barkmoon: cheers :D x

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    martyfellow: thanks :)

    eshkidd: good on ya! ha well, the thing is shy men often try to put on the whole media version of strength (looks) but forget that the emotional strength they possess, the stability - is what a woman truly sees as strength later on in life. x

    eskimo_girl: hahah yeh gerard butler is a babe, and that movie is so funny. goes to show that even jerks have a soft heart. we're all human afterall :)

    yeths: god yes. you will have an emotional, intellectual & sexual partner. xx

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    kryan17: thanks :) ha yeh well eyes really are the windows to the soul huh? cliche for a reason. plus, I guess when I am talking to someone, you can almost feel their emotion by the way they hold they eyes.

    icemaster2340: I congratulate ya for being more outgoing, but I just reckon you should have to change yaself too much for a chick :) and agreed. girls should take charge too :P xx

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    skeptical12: that is swaying ya branches what you did. I walked up to mine told him I like you and kissed him. and holy crap my heart was beating fast. but I'm the happiest woman I know. he isn't mixed signals, he's probably just reflecting back what you are doing. because even when you say that you have written him off, by typing this story shows that you are still thinking about him and probably subconsciously showing it too w ya body language :P so saw it down this time :) you won't regret it

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    snorkledorf: yeh :( definitely miscommunication on eth signals, thus I'm saying believe in what ya see, chicks pick up on body signals pretty well too, we just end up overanalysing to the point of madness and then give up. instead a simple 'i like you' would make two worry warts into one happy couple! why not?! xx

    weaponzero: thanks :) exactly. true trust should come with honesty.

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    lunchbox22: yeh, I'm with you. my man isn't extroverted, but he is my emotional pillar. so strong. he knew even before I told him that I was interested. and I agree that it is real love shy men want, because they don't see the point in wasting time on women who are just repeat offender versions of one night stands. shy men don't like to feel weak emotionally, but when you find her, she'll fill teh cracks where you need healing and you'll make each other stronger! thanks xx

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    poseidon17: and shymen don't wait for women to fall on their lap, they give hints, it's just some women are just too scared to actually act on those subtle signals. thank you for ya input I appreciate it!

    mids09: well I hope you find her soon! smile more :) and be open with your expressions. sometimes all it takes is to hold her gaze and a big welcoming smile!

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    -0x0-: oath to that! mine are huge. and think a few chickybabes should sprout em.

    poseidon17: women are becoming more openminded to approaching. plus the ones that approach the shy guys are likely to be outgoing ones with soft kind hearts so it is a win win. if you wanna change yourself then go for gold, the thing is not to make yourself into another, be uncomfortable - and get a chick to fall in love with a version of yourself that isn't who you are on the inside. if you truly can then defs!

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    hartmut: there are ones out there, just shy :) hopefully this article helps motivate a few! every bit counts! xx

    onekindofgurl1: congrats :) he will treat you well! I'm so happy that you told him! he'd be over the moon! hope it works out! nervs are natrual, its the fun part of the relationship :P plus you'd relaly be one of a kind to him! xx

    nessaa12: let him know :) you have nothing to lose, only a man you love to gain! xx

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    house-MD: unless all women you've met are made out of rock or the insenstive wrong ones for you, people change - for the right person and when they want to only. when you meet a woman do you relaly show her your trueself or your detached self to avoid possibe heartbreak. part of a true bond, is being vulnerable. nice guys - I'm not asking them to have balls. I'm asking chicks to sprout some for a fairytale love we've dreamed about since we were little.

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    teapot1985: hahah, cheers gorge :) definitely firework-esque sex. so intimate. because it isn't just physical, it's our hearts too.

    dylan1989: thank you and I am very happy ot hear that :D yeh, girls are too shy but I can assure you that well, we're not all cute & shy in our minds. thus, it is really learning to take that extra step and breaking away from our ivory tower to getting prince charming to notice and save us.

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    miki94: you gotta be a man and just say 'i like you' feel the words when you say it. he sounds like he is just getting comfortable w you, he realized that ya a catch and a beautiful woman, likes you (cause come'on those are obvious flirting signals) just be a bit more forward. he is probably dreaming of holding hands w you. just before you go next time give him a LONGER hug (2-3 seconds longer) touch him more subtly :) and a kiss on the cheek is better than sex to em :) good luck. he is keen! xx

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    excel: thank you :) yeh it is a shame, but really takes a jerk to know a gem :) hang in there! she's coming!

    chrsschb: thank you :D keep doing what you're doing sunshine!

    curtisc83: cheers :) women are subtle, sometimes it is just a subtle double take. a smile. so flash a smile back :) you have nothing to lose but only her smile and maybe a new lady to gain :)

    probabilist: thank you! emotional intelligence can be applied anywhere. human society is just a massive web of relationships :)

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    realdeal: I've dated a lot of the media projected confident guys - they are all emotionall weak. shy men are all emotional mountains that we can lean on. so it's not wanting what you can't get. it is getting it & then realising that it's not as advertised. it's crap but sometimes it takes a jerk for a girl to realise. the nice guy was never a back up, but the one. the prince who saves the princess from the ogre. I trust you think the same.

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    thank you for all the feedback :)

    merry Christmas all!

    realdeal: I appreciate your view. it is realistic. I'm describing shy guys as men who understand emotions, part of any health relationship is the want to put another in front of oneself. when you love someone, it goes both ways :) I asked females to be active & to notice these beautiful men, not to take advantage, but to offer their unconditional love to those who deserve it. p.s. - we don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    Belly - let it me. all saints are just past sinners - rebranded. there are more of us thank you realize - takes a girl to date and like a jerk and actually get hurt to appreciate the right men :)

    talon - thank you :) haha, I fell for one. but not without reason ;)

  • Meedo

    This article is very informative . I consider myself mildly shy. No article is going to 100% describe a category of men... but this article is balanced and good. It is for women who don't want a lot of adventure ( shy guys are adventurous too but not too much ) . But I would like to warn that among shy guys there are also creeps and jerks who are immature. So while you can certainly find really really great gems among shy guys.. you need , as in any other man , gradually risk. No sudden risk.

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    Cheers esahc88. yeh definitely :) think women should give em a rest and accept them. you're pretty much there when you're flirting so obviously, why can't we take it to the next level by a tad :) literally one little bit of courage away from true happiness. x

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    Weapon - it doesn't. it is dependent on what the lady wants. this is an article just about shy men. they're different to many other men. people who want shy men are looking for a relationship. people who want 'the chase' are looking for a challenge and the thrill of a short term :) I just decided to settle down :) but thank you. x

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    FOR SHY MEN: Honestly, shy men don't have to do much. Your eyes, you, are already mysterious. Just listen when we yabber and HUG US LIKE NO TOMORROW. She'll melt in no time. No joke. My best friend and I are both dating shy men. All they did was reply and HUG. HUG. HUG. All the best :) x

  • AnonymousDude

    Best. Thing. Ever.

    100% accurate

    i know it's a guide for women but I couldn't help but read with shy in the title

    i don't exactly like the "only way he going to get a girl is to be approached" this isn't exactly true, it's just harder for us to make the move. but as you said we'll make small moves

    i feed on love and give it right back, no strings =)

  • citychick

    I love this; I could have written it. I don't like aggressive men at all. I'm chasing a shy guy right now. While figuring him out requires a lot of subtlety (which is not my strong suit), he is not like any other man I've ever met. He appreciates my compliments more than he'll admit, but I so love giving them. He did say the other day in a roundabout way that he wants me to shower him with affection...sooo not a problem, darlin'. :)

  • asdaven

    Your a smart woman. I'm not exactly shy. I open up after getting to know a girl. And I can be extremely outgoing and confident. But still many times shy, especially around a group of girls I don't know. Its know fair. I actually appreciate the women I talk to and respect them. And all these crazy, aggressive guys who are jerks and gonna hurt them get the girl. Then they get what they want and throw them out like an used toy like its nothing. I would never do that.

  • macgeniusnw

    As a shy guy, I too think this is 100% true, but I do want to add if a girl is persistent in talking to me, and I eventually warm up to her and we become friends, it doesn't always mean I like her. If she told me that she likes me but I didn't feel the same way about her, I'd gently let her know that, without any hard feelings, and I'd really hope we could still be friends and hang out. Losing a friend is one of the last things I would ever want to happen.

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    Snackeyg - cheers, ha ha well - here is a good start!

    tech - thank you! and definitely! they are worth it - as I'm dating one atm.

    cali - fab :) I'm happy for you! honestly, just be straight up - since you've known him for a while - do something cute, like a cd of all his fav songs. tell him in a creative way - cause I can tell you - 'i like you' will not scare him - he'd probably do a little happy dance in his head! mail me. x

  • itssimplekeepitreal

    Nashton - girls who will take from this article are ones who are looking to settle down - hang in there bbs :) she'll save you soon! x

    jbird - cheers mate :) hah, you mean a huge shove :P it's really a small step but it is absolutely petrifying but DEFINITELY worth it! x

  • Gopnik

    i'm shy and withheld for a reason, i've had too much to deal with throughout my life not necessarily in the dating scene but more as a whole, i find it hard to come by someone who can relate to me, it's why i'm so specific with the personality of my "ideal" girlfriend.