Ladies, Avoid These First Date Questions Faux Pas To Prevent Turning Him Off!


When you are out on a date with a guy, these are sure fire ways to turn him off to ever wanting to be with you again

Ladies, Avoid These First Date Questions Faux Pas To Prevent Turning Him Off!

Turn Off Question 1.)

"Are you seeing or talking to any other girl from (OkCupid, Tinder, POF, Match, eHarmony or any other site you met him on)?"

Why? Because it's none of your bloody business who else I'm seeing, dating, fucking, or talking to. If we say we are seeing someone else, this raises red flags in you, if we say we aren't, it doesn't help raise our value in your eyes. So don't ask. And especially don't ask if you are not willing to reciprocate and share your private life details as well.

Turn Off Question 2.)

"What do you look for in a woman?"

Why? Answering this question can either make us look like we lower our standards (Just looking for a nice girl) Or like we are too petty or picky about who we will date (A long list of requirements) Just enjoy the moment and the date.

Ladies, Avoid These First Date Questions Faux Pas To Prevent Turning Him Off!

Turn Off Question 3.)

"How much money do you make/earn?"

Why? Asking what we do for a living is one thing, but actually going into details of what our paycheck is like just paints you as a possible gold digger or someone with no social tact whatsoever.

Turn Off Question 4.)

"Would you be willing to relocate to where I live?"

Why? Because you are getting too deep on the first date. First off, this isn't a fucking job interview and second, let's see if there is a connection first between us before we start discussing moving to another city or state.

Turn Off Question 5.)

"Can you tell me about your past girlfriends and former relationships?"

Why? If I start telling you about my ex girlfriends, if I say bad things, it makes me look bad. If I say good things, it makes it look like I'm still hung up on them. The past is the past and that's where it should be, no need to bring up sore topics and a Pandora's box of shit topics.

Ladies, Avoid These First Date Questions Faux Pas To Prevent Turning Him Off!

Turn Off Question 6.)

"Have you ever had a one night stand?"

Why? Because if we say we have, it makes us look superficial and like man whores and if we say we haven't you'll suspect we are lying or whatever. As mentioned earlier, don't discuss private details, especially if you won't share yourself.

Turn Off Question 7.)

"Will you be willing to convert to (Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Ba'haism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, Paganism, Satanism, Scientology, or any other ism) and/or, if we ever had kids, what religion will we raise them as?"

Why? Again, too heavy on the first date, and asking these questions will paint you as a potentially domineering woman that wants to keep a collection of testicles in your purse. Who cares what religion someone is, you shouldn't try to change someone's belief systems anyways.

Turn Off Question 8.)

"What do you think about me?" And/or "How do I look in the dress/shoes/makeup, etc.?"

Why? Fucking really? You are going to ask this? This makes you look insecure and no matter what we say it will backfire. If we say we like you, it makes it look like we are desperate to like someone quickly without fully knowing them first. And if we say anything else, it will make us look too critical. Also, don't go fishing for compliments, dress nice and take a compliment only if we give one.

Turn Off Question 9.)

"Can you buy me these (shoes, watch, sunglasses, etc.)?"

Why? First dates are reserved for - generally speaking - the guy buying food and drinks or paying for an outing like bowling or a comedy show. If we go window shopping afterwards, asking me to buy you shit just makes you look like a gold digger and like a cheap bitch who tries to use guys to get free stuff. Buying things for you should be reserved for after we are already in a relationship, and you've exerted effort in the relationship like paying for a date or two yourself.

Turn Off Question 10.)

"What are your political views/family ailments and illnesses/flaws and bad habits? Have you ever been in trouble with the law, DUI? etc."

Why? Because these are all awkward motherfucking questions that focus on negativity or touchy subjects. I don't want to get into heated debates on Trump and Hillary, my family history of lactose intolerance or my occasional road rage or the time I got caught in college drinking in the dorms.

Ladies, Avoid These First Date Questions Faux Pas To Prevent Turning Him Off!

There you have it, avoid this shit and set out to be the elegant woman you know you are on the inside. Did I miss a question? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you for reading.

Ladies, Avoid These First Date Questions Faux Pas To Prevent Turning Him Off!
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  • MusicMayhem
    Awesome take. You'd think most here are obvious yet time and time again I get asked about past relationships on a first date lol.

    As an aside thought, just because she asks a question doesn't mean you have to answer it. Girls are emotional not logical remember. Make her laugh and she'll forget what she asked 5 mins earlier.
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  • btbc92
    I don't understand how this is an issue except for 1 of them. Most of the guys who would find most of this an issue are somebody who likes to hide and is only dating for the wrong reasons. That is a major red flag. It doesn't matter if it's a turn off to him. Dating is about process and elimination. You don't have to talk about it right away, but I say with the crazy sex on the first date people to look out for, you need to ask those important questions. What matters is that you're willing to be open to talk about it. Look I say it like this: If you sleep around, you slept around. I don't want anybody who slept around. If it's a turn off for many, then why put yourself in a dangerous position knowing you won't be considered seriously for any kind of relationship? Why? This is why I would never date in this life. Ever.

    #1: It is my business to at least know if I'm not considered 1st or not. Nobody wants to be strung along on a date not knowing if that person is looking to date seriously or not. This is why you become friends first before ever attempting at potential romance. To feel them out. So you wouldn't waste your time. Anybody who does this not qualifiable.

    #2: And how is this a turn-off? People will judge you regardless if you ask such questions or not. And you want to know why you don't get a 2nd date. I would rather know what he is interested in rather than wait and regret ever saying yes to a 1st date.

    #3: This is the only question I can say I understand on the 1st date. But if you're talking about other serious matters, eventually this will have to be brought up depending on the pacing and the dating couple.

    #4: Again, dating IS an interview. Whether you like it or not. It's not just about fun and a good time. Your looking fo a perspective PARTNER. If somebody is asking this question, it is a test of loyalty and commitment, and perhaps for marriage purposes. It doesn't have to be the real thing unless they tell you what their intentions are for a relationship if it was to go that far. Better now, than wait till the last minute AFTER you become official.

    #5: What your talking about is once again, on somebody else's personal opinion. A mature woman would access the details and determine what could have happened that made that relationship fail in the first place, to determine how to handle future issues IF you were to become official. Again, this has to do with pacing. If you are the slow type, you just say that your not comfortable.
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    • btbc92

      .. to discuss that right now. Your past will decide if you're worth a future with, especially if it's proven you haven't changed your ways and your doing the same thing. Don't hide anything. You don't need to go into details, but if it's important to her, understand that you've already lost out because you're not honest with her now. You will bever be honest with her later. A woman can't put trust in somebody who gives only 'half-truth's' and is omitting things. We'll read right through you, and already lost attraction to you. Your 'interview' would already be over.

      #6: Absolutely false. You're interested in me, you say? Your business is my business. No exceptions. I need to know that. Because I don't like guys who does that and is still doing that. I don't believe in premarital sex. I will not become official with anybody who hides that information. I will sense it even if your lying or don't tell me about it. If I feel uncomfortable even once, I'm out.

    • btbc92

      You don't have to explain yourself? Good, neither do I when I walk. I'll find somebody else who will. I will judge you based on your actions, not your words alone. I'm the type of person who's willing to give 2nd chances at doing better in life. But not somebody who wants to mess around. And if the women you're interested in is not about that, they have every right to make good judgments. I lost my mom to cervical cancer, she ended up with an STD that affected her life. You think I want somebody like that and who NEVER got tested? Call me whatever you want, I'm waiting for marriage and that's that.

      7: I agree with this one to an extent. Yes, you shouldn't force them to change. But once again, if you chose her, you mean to tell me you asked out a girl and you don't even know what her beliefs are? You can't blame a girl for this when you should have asked her these things before even asking her out. Besides, I wanna know. I don't want to get stuck with crazy.

    • btbc92

      #8: This is not an issue for us women if a Guy asks us this, but it's an issue for guys? I', sorry. But don't agree with you with this. It sounds like all of these complaints are YOUR complaints and not other men. This is not an insecurity issue. People want to feel attracted too. Especially women. Many women want to feel appreciated on dates. They dress up for YOU, not just for themselves. She wants to feel valued, not somebody you toss aside once your done.

      You know what, I'm almost done explaining. And I can see why you wrote this mainly. Because you're insecure. You've had failed dates and your blaming this on the women you've dated. Stop it. These women are not the problem. It's you. If you don't want to change your ways and bad habits, then be stuck. You chose to date women your either lusting after or don't know anything about. You're entitled to your opinion and women are entitled to theirs. If your views conflict, end the date. Find someone else until your satisfied.

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  • lyannamormont
    I agree with all except 10. I think it is important to know whether your values match with the potential suitor. If political beliefs for example are totally opposite, or if the person belongs to a religious group, I wouldn't want to waste my time having a second date, tbh.
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    • TBH, I don't know a single couple that ever had problems if the husband was Democratic and the wife was Republican

    • Then they are probably center left or right and their opinions do not differ too much. I do not believe a couple with an obvious stand on immigrants or abortion or gay rights would stay together

    • zagor

      Then you don't know many couples. I know some of my parents friends who have been together for centuries have very different views on those things.

  • nevermoregirl7
    Lol. Questions not to ask a girl when she is just trying to get to know you: Why? Some questions I do agree with. But dude, no wonder you have shitty luck. When you say why as much as you do, you sound like a kid.
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    • I felt my cock move, it turns me on how butt hurt people get over a fucking MyTake, go sulk in a corner because you know I'm right

    • Talkalot

      I didn't read anywhere in the article that he has bad luck with women.

    • @Talkalot Thanks for backing me up bro, you are best

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  • AriadneSky
    some of these are annoying regardless of what point in the relationship, however dating is to get to know someone. whether date 1 or 100 . i think people should ask what they ant to know. life is short. its a persons right to know who they may be getting involved with. if you're worried answers to questions will make you look bad you're assuming to know the other persons mind, which you do not. which is why questions are good. also if you worry you'll loo bad by being honest, maybe reevaluate your behavior. and if thequestion is just anoying to you ell thats an indication the person isannying to you ad viceversa. i now if iaskedaquestion iwiould notwant to be judged for it. if isaw nothing wrpng with it, and if the guy found it annotying itdindicate we are nota good match.

    you seem like you're looking forways toavoiodexposing incompatabiliy, ad i dont see the point. maybe try relaxing and enjoying the moment by not getting hung up on questions, as apposed to trying to make things perfect by acting artificial and shallow.

    No way id go through a date without discussing politics or expectations of human behavior, . not going to happen. questions are how we get information to draw inferences about the condition of things... i ask questions on a need to know basis. these questions are up there with will this person rape me.
  • BrighteyedAsh
    Honestly, based on the title I was pretty ready to tell you to shove it because a date goes two ways and it's not an interview to for the chick to prove she has any value and might be worth a f*** or two... but your points are all legit. It's not even about being a turn off but being focused on the wrong things going in. The date isn't supposed to be sizing HIM up for whether he's worth a f*** or two... it's to examine your overall compatibility and not make it any more awkward than it has to be.
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  • Nyx_85
    Do people actually ask these questions on first date?
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    • Nyx_85

      *on a first date

    • Yes, it has happened to me, needless to say I never followed up with any girl after the first date that seemed bat shit crazy

    • Nyx_85

      Yeah that's probably a good call haha.

  • Browneye57
    Hmmm... seems you got all the shit-tests in on one date. You better learn how to deal with them or you'll never get past her qualifying.
    Rollo covers a lot of this, would be worth your while to read at least his first two year's blogs:

    Popular ways to address a shit-test:
    Ignore it
    Amused mastery
    Agree and amplify

    Being able to laugh can go a long way.
    They all do this - it's built in. A feature, not a bug.
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    • Bro, these are shit tests, they're just shit questions, shit tests are something completely different

    • Bro, these are not* shit tests, sorry, typo

    • Browneye57

      Uh, no, you're showing your noobishness. These are SHIT TESTS. She's trying you on to see if you can handle her shit-show.

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  • Robin48
    The reason why female ask these type of question is so they can decide if you are a benefit for them in be able to you for their needs. This money business is neither partner business. When you get marriage it both partner business. I would drop a girl quickly got into my money business. My money does not belong to her.
  • Kuraj
    "Don't ask any questions that would give away that I'm totally not a dating material."
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    • Pretty much the headline of this whole fucking MyTake, congrats on your deductive reasoning, something tells me you ain't much of a fucking newspaper reader are you now

    • Talkalot

      Again, Kuraj, we're talking about a FIRST date. Are you reading this for what it is? The girl will get to know you over TIME.

    • Kuraj

      @Talkalot Yes I'm reading this for what it is.
      An insecure dude getting butthurt when people ask them questions that he knows they won't like the answers to.

      Many of these questions are completely legitimate and there is no point in wasting people's time by delaying them, unless of course you know you don't have much going for yourself and try to avoid them in hopes that "easing" people into it is going to give you more time to make a better impression.
      Don't do that - respect people's time, and if your are embarrassed about your shitty job, trashy sexual life or questionable life decisions then do something about them and stop reflecting on others as if it is their fault for asking.

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  • Blonde401
    Can safetly say I've never asked these questions on a first date. This stuff usually comes out later on in the dating game. Weird questions to ask someone you just met.
    • Believe me, I've been asked

    • admles

      As have I.

      I thought they were unusual to be asked so early on.

    • Blonde401

      So strange. Maybe it's US girls that ask these questions.

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  • Clock-Yom-Kipperloo
    I think number 7 and 10 are important but the rest I agree with. Having mismatched religions can't be healthy in growing with your mate and potentially producing children and knowing if somebody has a criminal past is important because your past is a good predictor of your future.
    • Fuck religion, it's the number one cause of all of society's problems.

  • Barrabus_the_Free
    Asking what he does for a living is the exact same as asking how much he makes.
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    • Kkaos

      Exactly, you can guarantee that she'll need to go to the bathroom to get out her phone and search "XXX average salary"

    • @Kkaos

      Shit, the ones that have their shit together pretty well (for a woman) don't even need to Google it to know if he makes enough for her to stick around.

    • Kkaos

      True, I usually tell them I work in waste collection or some shit to see how they react.

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  • tetris
    actually question #2 is perfectly fine to ask especially if she wants to get to know him. but the rest especially would make her look bad
  • samhradh_leannan
    I strongly agree with most of these, but I think a few of them are actually pretty reasonable things to ask (at least to ask in a more subtle and tactful way than how you stated them). After all, a first date is your chance to start getting to know someone, and start discovering where they stand on relationships and whether or not you're interested in seeing them again. Asking what they look for in an SO or what their priorities are in a relationship is a good way to start learning about how compatible you might be. And stuff like political views and religious beliefs can be REALLY important to some people, so if it's going to be an issue, you may as well find out right away. No reason to beat around the bush with that stuff.
  • starbucksjr69
    Most of these I don't really care much about. Me and my girlfriend can talk about anything, cause our relationship isn't built off of "Don't do this shit."
  • John_Doesnt
    You forgot "So what are you thinking about?"
    Women should never ask that question.
    • I would 100% likely to ask this lol thanks!

    • Wow, I completely agree with you

    • ticktock61

      ... Why not? Not that I have or would, but now I'm dying of curiosity.

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  • Unit1
    ~Half of these questions are actually perfectly okay to ask. These are 1, 2, 4, 8
  • Iraqveteran666
    Good take
  • scooogy
    I can only agree to this
  • Anonymous
    1# for me, men like you.
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