Why Men Don't Chase Women Anymore

Why do so many women complain about men not chasing them anymore?

Why Men Don't Chase Women AnymoreI don't know if anyone else has ever noticed but women many times contradict themselves. My theory was always that they just really don't know what they want, they want to ‘have their cake and eat it too’, or they have no hard set of rules that apply across the board making things for men very confusing because there's always a million exceptions.

Some examples: (these are all ‘stereotypical’. I know not all women do all these things. However, a majority do.)

Why Men Don't Chase Women Anymore

Women say, “Be honest. Does this dress make me look fat?” Say yes, you're screwed. Say no, she might take a look at herself in the mirror of the restaurant bathroom, decide she does look fat, and get angry you lied.

Why Men Don't Chase Women Anymore

Women say they want a sweet, romantic guy. But if a man shows up unannounced at their house (being spontaneous) with roses it's creepy and they're a stalker.

Why Men Don't Chase Women Anymore

A woman says she's hungry. Boyfriend asks what she'd like, she says doesn't matter you pick. He says pasta. She says no. He says pizza. She says no. He says what do you want then. She says doesn't matter, anything.

Why Men Don't Chase Women Anymore

Women say they don't want to be sexualized, don't want to be stared at. Then spend hours making themselves look ‘perfect’ with makeup, wear clothes barely covering private areas, take forever doing their hair. Many times they do this to impress a certain male but get upset when he makes no comment.

Why Men Don't Chase Women Anymore

Women want to be treated equally. But then get upset saying chivalry is dead because men don't make exceptions for women like holding doors just for them or always paying for their meals/drinks.

Why Men Don't Chase Women Anymore

Women want bad boys/tough guys/delinquents. But just the illusion of it, not the reality. So they either really are those things and are dumped (or get dumped by them, followed by wailing and crying about how bad and evil men are); or they aren't bad enough, are "boring", and get dumped (or cheated on).

Why Men Don't Chase Women Anymore

So, these women all want men to chase them. But not at work 'cause "that's sexual harassment!" And not at a bar 'cause "they probably just want sex or to slip drugs in our drinks!" And don't even think of cold-approaching them on the street because that's "creepy!" and "stalkerish!" plus it makes them scared because "men are rapists!" Also, don't invite them to your house because "you might take advantage of them" and it'd be unsafe. But men can't go to women's houses, because they don't know you and it'd be unsafe.

Why Men Don't Chase Women Anymore

Don't offer them your number, because that makes you a desperate loser and a creep. But definitely don't ask for their number either, because that's even creepier and scarier. Don't you go approach a woman on social media either, because even though there's no threat of physical harm, it's even more creepy and stalkerish. And that goes double for approaching a woman through online dating- how do they know you're really who you say you are, and not a rape-murdering serial killer like all of these guys online supposedly are?

Why Men Don't Chase Women Anymore

Basically, women want normal (but exceptional), successful (but reckless), good looking men to chase them. Not creepy, dangerous stalkers & rapists. How can any men let them know they aren't those things? They can't. Because all men are automatically assumed to be creepy, dangerous stalkers & rapists. Except for the actual thugs, bad boys and delinquents, who aren't. And then they wonder why we aren't chasing them any more.


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  • With all due respect, are you single? Because I wouldn't be surprised if you are. You're putting women under one umbrella (even saying most of them are like that is generalising). Now, I'm going to break down each point one by one.

    The "does this dress make me look fat?" thing is a meme. Nothing else. I've never heard ANY of my GF's ask me that.

    Showing up at anyone's house unannounced with flowers is creepy. Unless, of course, you two are in a relationship. Only then is it romantic.

    The going out to eat bit. Now, I haven't ever experienced that with a woman, but I find every guy complaining about it on the internet. Again, a meme in my opinion.

    Women dress themselves up to look pretty FOR THEIR OWN SELF! Wouldn't you want to be viewed as a well-dressed, well-mannered person rather than wearing rags and cussing at people?

    Women want to be treated with respect, just like every other person. Most women don't want "special" treatment.

    Mostly, women who have never had a "bad boy" are the ones who want one. After one bad experience, they learn their lesson. But everybody has at least one bad experience with dating, I'm sure many people on here can relate.

    I don't understand the sexual harassment point, so I can't comment on that.

    This part is funny. I have never come across a woman who felt threatened by me approaching her on social media or asking for her number. Perhaps you approached someone abruptly? Because if you have even one good conversation with a female, she'd be okay with giving you her number, or taking yours. Maybe the social media bit is true, but it's understandable to be weary of people on the internet.

    The last point is just false, plain and simple. If women only wanted exceptional men, there won't be many men in the dating scene. When was the last time you dated a person you found unattractive?

    All in all, hypocritical points, backed up by little to no facts.

    • Thank you!! No one had could say it better

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    • Whether he is single or not is besides the point he is right in what he says in my opinion and in many men's opinion but you are entitled to disagree.

    • I get what you tried to do here, but you do come off as a bit of a white knight. Not that it's important or anything, it's just a bit of a Victorian thing to rush to the defense of girls, as though they needed a savior. Let them articulate their own arguments and maybe grow up a bit in the process of defending themselves.

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  • The biggest reasons behind this issue are:
    a. All women are different and want different things, and
    b. Every statement is specific to a certain situation or context

    When women say they want certain things, they don't mean that they want that thing indiscriminately from every single person and in every situation. And that's a human trait, not a female one. It's natural. It's not something you can entirely blame women for. We're all responsible for using our own brains a little bit and not blindly following every piece of advice we hear without thinking about whether it's right for the situation.

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    • @AllThatSweetJazz It seems to me that you're accusing women of not wanting romantic attention from guys that they're not attracted to. What I'm confused by is how you could possibly have a problem with that. And yes, there are some contradictions, but women deal with that too. If I listened to society too much about what men wanted from me, I'd think I'd never find love at all.

    • Just wear your QOS tatoo

  • Gonna get dowvoted for this. lol I have to agree with you. I have a few single friends always complaining about being single, but when a guy approaches them, they immediately call him a creep. I think women are doing this to themselves by shitting on guys then upset that no one wants to date them. Thank God I have a boyfriend and don't have to deal with this. Hahaha

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    • Quite the reverse... you got upvoted & 1 from me !! Years back , worked as a doorman & a very large percentage of young women had competitions to be the most vicious & nasty to any approaching man !! Recognized one , she aged terribly & men treat her as invisible !! Karma or what !!

    • @Asker I'm actually surprised :)

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  • These are exactly the type of women men always chase after lol. The airheaded annoying ones. It's those guy's fault for having bad taste, but there's plenty of women who aren't like this. I think guy's like you just think women don't know what they want, not everyone contradicts themselves like this, if they do then they're immature and not ready for a relationship. And fyi, being catcalled is not the type of chasing anybody wants ever. I'll get catcalled when I'm wearing the baggiest clothes and no makeup by 40y/o men in the ghetto, oh should I respond well to their flirting you say? These men who just wanna shove it in any woman with legs? Thanks, my problems are solved now.
    And also, I'm not a woman who needs to be chased, actually I enjoy chasing men myself, and have more often than not. But it's not creepy to show up on someones door unless they don't know you and you refuse to go away. I would gladly accept this at anytime myself from a secret admirer whose my friend/acquaintance.

    • No offense, you seem nice but look to the responses and you see the problem.

      "it's not creepy to show up on someones door unless they don't know you and you refuse to go away. I would gladly accept this at anytime myself from a secret admirer whose my friend/acquaintance."

      "Um the only time you can show up at my door unexpected is when we've been together for at LEAST a year"

      Neither is necessarily wrong in itself, yet for me I can't really know how things I do will be interpreted by individuals until the action is done and it's too late. There's little forgiveness for being wrong. If i try to find learn what women expect more generally, say, in settings like this site. I get a list of advice that is little more than confusing when taken in aggregate. So I can't know exactly what I should do or even close, what if I try the safest option all the time? Sometimes there's no safe option and we have to guess, but I could not turn up at your door - that seems safe...

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    • All around the media men are getting heat and even if you're a guy like me who *feels secure* that this is BS and that fundamentally I'm a good person - and men are going to know their own intent best - then still, if people around them take this BS on board then that's going to cause friction.. not the good kind.

    • @AllThatSweetJazz The responses are exactly how I expected them to look, I didn't expect women to fully agree with me. But my points are valid as I've been a victim and many of my friends, from all backgrounds and good jobs and bad jobs. A variety of looks and ways of coming across to women. So my points are not just made up of thought, they are from real life situations. But I have I think found out that it's just places I've visited maybe in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • I don't mind being approached or looked at, and I don't mind a guy offering me his number or asking for mine. I would only meet in a public place for the first date and wouldn't get in his car, but that's just safety. I wouldn't want any guy who had feelings for me to be afraid to approach me in whatever way he was comfortable with. All this feminist/equality crap is ruining relationships.

    • A lot of women are not like you, it's them you need to convince convince, not the guys. :)

  • My question is why the fuck men even are tolerating the sort of bitchy behavior y'all so often talk about? Like not being able to pick a restaurant or complaining about being fat. When literally not even that many women do that type of shit. Makes me wonder why you guys have been chasing after them for so long and why you're just realizing NOW that "hey, that sort of behavior is pretty dumb". Lol.

  • I can acknowledge that a lot of women fall into this. Bo Burnham has a great song about the contradictions guys and girls have when it comes to the other gender.

  • okay, that phone number thing actually helps keep women safe. Could you imagine how scary it is to have a guy not leave you alone in a club until he gets your number, especially because you don't know what he'll do? I hear about guys murdering girls on tinder dates if they say they don;t want to go out again. women/people have a valid reason to give out fake numbers.
    having tattoos doesn't mean you can't be nice to people. You can be kind of a bad boy/bad girl and be nice. being kinda tough doesn't mean you have to be a dick.
    you seem to be having dating issues and your reasoning for that is to blame women instead of looking inwardly.

    • Agreed. It's all a huge risk (for girls in your scenarios and both in the bigger picture) since in your case, you have to essentially judge the guy you've only known for about 10 minutes. Which is plenty of time for him to fake being a genuine dude. Whereas the genuine guys feel hurt because they don't feel like they are trusted when they know they are trustworthy. It's just a loss genuine guys have to accept.

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    • @WildStarMagic it's normal for guys to ask for your number the first time they meet you once you get older. people do it a lot at clubs and parties. but that doesn't mean it can be less creepy. you're right, it makes guys seem a bit shady sometimes and they have to make a decision and most women choose caution which is a good thing.

    • No excuses with social media and email.

  • People are different. All men aren't the same. All women aren't the same. Not sure why people think that one set of rules should apply to literally billions of people.

  • Wow! A good majority of this is pretty much why I don't talk to women whom I'm interested in anymore. I know I can be confident & approach them all I want to, but after reading this & agreeing to most of this,... my thoughts are based upon,"What the hell is the point of approaching them just to attempt to talk to them if they're going to respond and be like this?"

    • Same here brother, i realized i was miserable when i wanted to be with that ideal girl and do anything and everything to try to get her. When i finally realized its time to concentrate on other things in life that dont have to do with women... thats when i started to be happy again.

    • @Robertinho For sure brother, for sure. It's exactly what you just said, focus on other things, do your own thing & don't focus on women. It does come to that point where they make the standards too high & complex it's like,"Fuck this! What's the point of pleasing them & striving to making them happy when they don't seem to appreciate the damn effort we do for them?"

      I'm not talking about being in a relationship mind you because I know it goes both ways for both of the genders so that's clearly different. Just the part of approaching them & hoping to say something to them without them being extremely easily creeped out by the guy or just being frickin' rude & just completely ignoring the guy who is being confident & approaching the girl... but I'm sure if it's a guy they like,.. oh I'm sure that's completely different for them now isn't is? LOL

    • I can handle the rejection, what i can't handle is how you grow a pair to talk to the one that caught your eye and they completely ignore you as if you were'nt even there. I could handle a no, and move on because im a mature man, what i can't stand is the bitchy attitude they give you as if you were some monster and bugging the hell out of them!!! I dont need that no more, i got better things in life to accomplish, take care man.

  • You're gonna be called a "creep" when approaching women, except if you're Brad Pitt and/or are rich.

    No wonder guys don't give a shit about women anymore. Who in their right mind would approach women anymore? You're just putting yourself at a risk doing that.

  • Yup. Cuz they're just not worth it anymore.

    The truth is they still do, and there are still girls worth chasing, but you have to be more selective. So date a LOT, and you'll have enough experience to actually be able to discern whether they're worth your time and effort to pursue.

    They're out there, you just have to sift through all the dregs to find them.

    • And how many dregs of raw sewage can you sift through before deciding that it's not worth the hassle of dredging through all that shit?

    • LOL. Made me laugh. I know, it's a mine field out there. Ya gotta be just AWESOME!
      And always remember, YOU ARE THE PRIZE!

  • This is a HUGE problem! The fact that women don't get it and continue blaming and criticizing men proves the problem won't get fixed until women are completely ostracized like they were in the Middle Ages! Things will come full circle and they will be the losers cuz men create everything. It just seems that women themselves are obsolete evolutionary artifacts that don't function in the modern world in a way that gives them a role in men's lives. They don't yet realize what life without men will be like, but they are beginning to find out. I have 3 sisters I don't speak to cuz of their bad attitude. They no longer have a brother. I boycott women who can't figure out how to be flexible enough to carry on a real relationship with a real man, not a pretend mannequin. All I want to know is why they behave like this? "Treat 'em mean to keep 'em keen" was a quote I read in a book for women "how to get a man". Who writes this "advice"? Why do women follow it so blindly? Even when it is backfiring, they continue same behavior, only with distressed look on their face. It's comical sometimes.

    • what women want is they only want the really hot guys approaching lol
      good luck with that

  • You're not going to get many girls replying to this question. Girls hate being called on their B. S.

    • oh fuck yes! So true! Dare say anything like this and even GUYS assume you are just MGTOW, MRA, red pill, bitter, lonely, incel, etc and dismiss you as a loser. At the very least MGTOW has some good points and so does this take. Just look at the roaring number of guys agreeing with it wholeheartedly. Impossible we are ALL one of those things people dismiss us as.

  • Most girls are not looking for a husband, or if they are, they don't portray that through their actions and outward appearance, so men looking for a wife pass them by.





  • I think there is an exception to that.

    Men aren't chasing AVERAGE WOMEN. Bad bitches/HB 8+/pretty girls/beauties/dime pieces whatever term you wanna use will always be chased by men and get first pick

    my advise to women is if you wanna be chased and get that star treatment do a few things:
    1) make yourself as hot as you can
    2) dont be a hoe. dont be out here sleeping with every 3rd guy who gets in your inbox. be exclusive

    • You're wrong I attracted to average women more than the hot ones. Hot women can be total cunts. I used to live with an ex model when I rented a room down stairs.

    • "my advise to women is if you wanna be chased and get that star treatment do a few things:
      1) make yourself as hot as you can"

      Yup. Cause if you are a complete idiot, it doesn't matter as long as you are hot right? Give me a break. You think guys are all idiots who will wag their tails just at the sight of a boob? Grow up. Not all men are like this. Either offer something like smarts, personality etc. or don't expect men other than trash. Not hard to figure out.

  • Oh yes , this topic is right up my street. I've been waiting so long for the world to catch up to what I have known for 15 years. The reason why and complimenting the above statements, why men don't chase women.
    Because women are always playing Psychological games, judging and wasting potential partners time. By leading him on, telling him or gesturing that she wants him. Then telling him to F*ck off when he takes the bait. Men are sick of been used in the sense that, he's interested and willing to get to know you, and yes some do just want sex. But that's nature, if this is unacceptable to the lady, then she should say. If he can't accept this decision then get rid of him, the lady has the right to choose her mate, but he has the right to want to move to the next level. If this turns out to be him using her, then again get rid and lesson learnt.

    But women have to be more forgiving and acceptance of what a man is, she wants him to be perfect, clean, nice, chivalrous, respectful, loaded, good job, away from parents. But she also wants him to be tough and voice opinionated, rugged, bad boy, let her wear the trousers, or she wants you to think you can't do it without her. You can't have perfect-tough, clean-voice opinionated, nice-rugged, chivalrous-bad boy, respectful-let her be boss, loaded, good job, away from parents-she wants you to think you can't do without her. Each one of these counter personalities just do not co-exist, they can't, it's like been in the same place at the same time. It just can't be done, you can't have multiple personality types. If I'm honest I think it makes women look very needy and immature, because of all these silly requirements. Men are not like the latest gadget, you want it because it's new and you have to be seen having the latest gizmo.

    If a women can't honestly see a man and come over and tell him she is attracted to him and can we go out, I doubt many men will make the first move, out of fear of been accused of rape, touching them, or looking at them. What's to stop a girl playing mind games, gives him the come on he moves in, and makes sexual advances, then she has him in the police station and court for sexual assault. Men just don't want that hassle, and all the craziness that goes with it. Women need to grow up and realise what men are, stop the mind games and the ewww if something doesn't go their way. Grown ups as well, they are so full of them self's, and uninterested in hurting peoples feelings. Change!!!

    • Reminds me of the smart Spanish Woman... she has the the provider... Hose and Hose B, the black lover. Then women will be truly happy.

  • Um the only time you can show up at my door unexpected is when we've been together for at LEAST a year... but if we are just dating don't be creepy. Don't blame us because you don't know basic shit lmao


    Look, coming from a millenial who considers himself a "manly man", something of a throwback, someone who often makes a political cry about how millenial men are (generally) emasculated cucks... I never the less agree not with the sentiments of this take, but most definitely the analytical part (how many women exhibit said behaviours)...

    But coming from a fella with quite a decent amount of experience with women (or "girls" dependant on maturity levels), listen to this: be you a "bad boy" or "stable normie", you wanna know why these types of gals STILL end up continuing the date-happy-unhappy-breakup cycle?


    Women, as much as men are culturally thought the latter is the making of a good citizen, chivalrous and keeps himself out fictitious debt created by a usurious banking cartel/industry (another topic). Therefore some of them float to the bad boy, who is really a sheep in wolves clothing - this doesn't keep them satisfied neither... Why? Because both ways of life are ultimately geared to impressing the vagina...

    Now take a man who fits neither description, many consider him to be a maverick character - somewhat "odd" in an intangible way, mysterious, surrounded by women and friends alike, yet nobody knows too much about him or his origin.. He doesn't give a fuck about no validating shit tests like am I fat or not... He'll respond by saying something like "maybe you do look fat girl, thing is I wanna jump your bones either way..."... Watch how he seduces her...

    I say all this not to defend what is the undeniably piss poor, wank behavior that has infected most modern women!!! But I see a society in which men have lost their balls, and fuels much (though not discounting women's' responsibility either!) of the mental-behavioural dysfunctionality in women these days! Men need to rediscover their balls, and teach these women that it doesn't work no more!

    • Kick me in the balls once, call me wiser, kick me in the balls twice call me stupid. Do that three times, call me crazy. You can be a Shaolin martial arts Alpha dude if you like.

    • @Margillard
      Oooohhh grasshopper! Haha.

    • Every (or nearly every) western societal problem almost directly leads back to gigantic swaths of white men either embracing an effeminate and non-leader role in society and then becoming an alt-leftist man-hating socialist, and the continued unfettered importation of millions of non-cucked 'minority' men who are far too low in IQ and impulsivity control to lead society.

  • Well, yes, you did cover a lot of it.
    For me personally I'd like to add, that men can be taken advantage of by paying for the bill and then being ghosted on. And that "chasing" is not worth my time wasted. It's either a yes, no or maybe - just maybe - some other time later but my clock keeps ticking and my tasks keep getting done and created.
    I hate mind games.

  • I believe we both have flaws and should work out with them.

    Nobody's perfect anyway, let's try to find someone who's imperfect but makes you happy.

  • The catcall one is gold..
    Society isn't making you miss anything lady. You miss it cause you miss it. It's that simple xD.
    But yeah, I've given this advice before and I'll do it again. Just because women SAY you're a creep/stalker/abuser/rapist etc doesn't mean you are any of those things. Hell, most of the time it means they lost all sight of basic English and can't be bothered to find the words they're actually looking for (which is usually "you're not hot or high status enough to get away with this particular thing").

    So it's really in your best interests to ignore what they call you. They have no idea what the fuck they're talking about, and at this point I dare say we as guys know how things work better than they themselves do. So do whatever you want. If you want to hit on a girl, do it. If you want to call a girl out for being a bitch, do it. If you want to initiate sex in an aggressive and persistent way, do it. If she goes off the rails because of it, take everything she says with a grain of salt. She knows nothing.

  • People shouldn't be chasing anything but their dreams :-)

    • Indeed... still work in progress for me , but I don't quit !!

    • And if their dream is to find love?

    • @SinghSong I guess in that case, it just comes with the territory. I was always told if something is meant to be, it would be.

  • I can't stop laughing when men criticize chivalry.

    Also, no woman says it's sexism when a man carries heavy things for her. If she's strong enough, then she just says thanks and moves on. No one gets angry. I myself can carry very heavy objects and when in our classroom we do arrangements, boys do offer me to help carry the heavier stuff, I just smile and say "thank you so much but I can manage! Can you rather help me with that? *shows heavier object*" Why would someone be rude when people offer help?

    And for money, like I always say it's always gonna be a fight with me in dates. Either you offer to pay first and I fight with you to let me pay instead, or you sit there like an asshole expecting me to pay and get dumped.

    It's not the with you do for us, but rather the manner you show that we love. Even if we don't need the help, we will appreciate it.

    • It's not with what you do for us*** sorry typo :(

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    • After all, you did claim that you fed off men's hate, and that you were laughing out loud. So I'm doing exactly what you implicitly stated that you wanted from men- to be the focal point of their hatred, giving you the attention which you so crave, and providing you with your preferred form of comedic entertainment. For instance, I could go off on a rant and deride you as a deceitful, two-faced, fickle, shallow bitch who's unfit to be a human being, and whose only value is as a glorified glory hole. And according what you've said about yourself in your responses, you should enjoy that. So, if what you say is true, you should thank me for spewing hatred at you. If you take offence at any hate speech which a man uses against you, then it again proves that you were either being a hypocrite or a bare-faced liar.

    • My God do people even respond to this expired thread anymore? Get a life man 😂😂😂

  • I'm 28 and I have a girlfriend, but I am still going to speak on this.

    To be 100% honest, I feel women between the ages of 18 to at least 27 aren't mature enough for a real relationship, or they gripe too much about men.

    When I was younger and I used to try to talk to women, there was NEVER an appropriate time to talk to them.

    -I used to get shunned for approaching in the gym.

    -I used to get shunned for approaching at the bars/clubs.

    -I used to get shunned for approaching at the bookstore.

    -I used to get shunned for approaching at the coffee shop.

    Since, apparently, it wasn't appropriate for me to talk/approach women in public, I tried online dating.

    I would rack up 300 matches in 1-2 weeks and I would go on dates, but women would ghost me after the date or it wouldn't go anywhere.

    Then, you would see these same women get on social media and say, "where are all the good, down-to-earth men at?" Which was very annoying because I came correct, was polite and always came nicely dressed.

    Then again, these were also the same women that would ghost me, but they would eventually date guys who smoked a lot of weed or sold drugs, get cheated on and then gripe about men again.

    To cut this message short... I feel that women... younger women have no idea what they are doing and they like to complain about men and blame men for their dating choices.

    It's not a man's fault that you decided to date a loser with no ambition and you sit up here wondering why he cheats on you. That's your fault.

    This is why I prefer to date women my age or older, because they genuinely want good men and know what a good man looks like. However.. that's not all older women. I have met older women who are still single because they suck at dating... but that's a different story.

    • you are blue pilled as fuck

      I could fuck your girl easy lol

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    • @kitty71

      meaning if you want to find a guy that actually cares about you lol
      good luck

      if you are looking for sex you can still find it
      people like sex

      but dating cause of love and care nope
      only the lost without eyes can still love without worry

    • Nailed it like Jesus. High five my dude :)

  • My boyfriend chased me. Then again, I do do any of the shit above. Lol.

  • That was a whole lot of words, when you could have simply said "The juice isn't worth the squeeze".

    • Preach it brother!

    • Don't think so. That comment would sound far more like you're making a statement about masturbation than about sexual relationships with females...

  • Women don't know what they want, plain and simple. They change their minds or can't make up their mind. They are really choosy in the types of guys that they will date and marry. I think guys should do a better job and not fall for the wrong type of women and play it safe when it comes to dating women.

  • Chasing a woman is nonsense, because if she doesn't show interest back, she either isn't interested, or is an idiot that plays that "hard to get" bullshit (which in that case a guy shouldn't want her anyway)

  • Damned if you do, damned if you don't. And we're all creeps by default. Sounds about right...

  • Most men don't have the social intuition to be able to read body language and facial expressions to determine her emotions at that specific time you master those three and approaching women it's not difficult at all. It's usually the fear of rejection the stops most men because they thought themselves, if you approach a girl doubting yourself she's going to feel that doubt with her intuition and it's going to creep her out.

  • All of the approaches that you've listed here won't work for the average guy, so don't even waste your time trying. FYI, the best way is still the old fashioned way. If you can't meet decent women at church, or through friends, than you're just shit out of luck...

  • Probably because women make it complicated as shit and a pain in the ass.

    I mean that's not gonna stop me being there's bound to be a diamond among the coal, but damn do they make it really excruciating process sometimes.

    • Once I stopped thinking with my groin and started thinking with my brain, I learned that hanging out with friends, pickup game of basketball, spending my money on me and not chasing and impressing, my life improved. Frustrating at times? Yup! But once you look at it in a logical cost vs return on your time and money, it's a no brainier!

    • @Profiler O yeah I agree, I've found that when your not actively looking for someone you end up having more luck then if you were actively looking.

  • 1. #MeToo.
    2. Porn Addiction.
    3. THOTism

    I often challenge the MGTOW on here because of their tendency to broad brush ALL women, but what they say does sometimes hit the mark. Men need to be aware of the potential pitfalls of relationships.

    • agreed. I think many guys are at least partially agreeing with MGTOW including myself. It can go a bit too broad in putting all women in a basket, but some things thye do have good points on.

    • Though I must point out I think the list ya got isn't 100% accurate. The #MeToo movement wasn't meant to make women paranoid of guys and vice versa, it was just supposed to raise awareness of literal sexual harassment which does exist. Some people just take it over the top like any other movement, but ya gotta ignore that and recognize what it's supposed to be for. On #2, don't blame just porn, it's everything that can be sexualized besides live non stripper/prostitute women. It was a mistake mankind made long ago to ever allow such sexualization/trophy making of women in the first place. Should of just let them be like any other guy, making them work as hard, sign up for selective service, etc. Now they use just being born a woman to fuck guys over while also riding on the benefits of modern times. Stop making them out to be special for being a woman and that stuff is solved instantly. on #3, yah gals can be thots plenty. But remember every market needs a demand. Men can be sluts too. Just as annoying to see a instagram girl with 100000 pics of herself as it is a gym obsessed hulk guy to take a billion workout selfies and 1000s of health vids. Ofc, the thots are more common, but men can always get annoying too. Both can suck at times. Again tho, consider the market demand. If billions of guys didn't drool over a single bikini thot pic, it would die instantly. I don't see nearly as many gals loving the steroid looking gym buff pics. Js.

  • I agree with a lot of this but I also don't think it's right to blame women for all of it. there's still the man's part to get up and at least try (keeping in mind he could be turned down) and take a risk every now and then instead of blaming what SOME women do and classifying all women in that category.

    • Men are tired of the "get up and at least try" BS. That's so last century!

      If we approach, we're creeping, if we don't, we must be gay. No offense to gay men. That is what women say.

      Women are extremely confusing to men. Women want to be equal to men in every way yet want the guys to ask them out. And if the gal says ok, it's up to guys to make the arrangements, pay for everything, jump through fire hoops and whatever else. So not worth it for us guys.

      Men and Women look at each and everything differently. Once guys are able to stop looking at women through our groin, we start looking at women similarly to how we look at a lot of other things and aspects in life. A more logical, methodical approach. What is the needs/cost balance? What is my time worth in this attempt? How much money am I willing to spend on this and what will my money buy for me? (No, I'm not talking about sex). We guys look at the return on investment be it money, time, effort.

    • You're chalking it up to rejection anxiety, but it's not really that. I really don't think as many girls will understand the actual reality of rejection as it exist for men - but without getting into all that - yes, most manage to cope eventually, the problem here is even if you learn to deal with that the demands still feel impossible to manage.

      So picture a guy who's learned to handle rejection well enough, the issue now is that he's told he's too nice when he tries to chat to a girl, the impression he gets from individual girls and from society at large is always that *men* are doing something wrong and if they complain then they're 'just bitter' and must definitely be doing something wrong. So he tries to be better. He tries being less nice and a bit more cocky, they say he's being too arrogant. He focuses on being more flirty, he's called a creep. He tries being honest and vulnerable and they say he's weak or desperate. Get it? I could go on but I'm running out of space here.

  • Lol you just sound angry and bitter, I know so many people in loving relationship.. If this were true there would be no loving and successful relationships. Maybe you're just doing something wrong when it comes to women and it's most likely your negative attitude that is getting you nowhere.

    • It's not like people can't or don't ever end up in loving relationships, it's about the excessive difficulty that men are facing these days when it comes to their part in making this happen.

      The issue is that men aren't feeling like it's worth it. When they compare effort, risk and reward a lot of guys aren't seeing it as worth it to bother. The images give you an impression of what men must be feeling; all answers are wrong. Not only it seem like everything they say is wrong, but it's always made out to be their fault that things go wrong, even though if a right answer can be achieved it can only be done with a lucky dice roll.

      If anything, it's getting nowhere that gives them a negative attitude. How many guys, how many articles does it take for you to recognize that there's actually a legitimate issue here? Don't you think that it would take formidable resistance to make men not interested in trying to gain women's affection? Try not being reflexively dismissive for a moment, hmm?

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    • Says the likely single 30 year old women. You seriously have no clue what many men are starting to think. You can dismiss this as angry, bitter, incel, whatever. It doesn't matter. Those are just words. Men are slowly rising up and saying make our time worth it or you are not worth it. You just "being a woman" is not worth anything anymore, you gotta show your worth now besides flashing a boob like it or not. Women are losing sexual power. It's a good thing. A great thing. They can finally start gaining power and worth the normal way through work, career, personality, smarts, and skill just like men, just as it should have been from the start.

    • How did you end up with guys that were so bad though? Did they manipulate you into being with them? Threaten you? Why did you ever give them a chance? Also, before they became a problem, did you enjoy the company the men gave you? Cause you realize even if it may have been hell in the end, any part of it you did enjoy when dating is something 60% of guys will never ever ever have. They won't go through the hell of rape and abuse, but they also have been alone since the beginning, have never dated despite being really good and decent, and never will be not alone. Despite you going through hell over abuse, rape etc., you must realize too it can be quite hell being so alone since the beginning and never recovering from it forever too.

  • Who needs women when you have pets, they don't complain, they don't whine, they just cutely nudge you and always want your attention in the most sincerest fashion.

    I don't give a shit about any of you (nor the males). Go fuck yourselves, you egotistical pricks.

  • Cause women are quick to reject u if u dont have a high paying stable job and slow to date. a lot of women are mean, unapproachable, or taken.

  • But guys are the same. As humans we all want the unattainable.

    • wrong, guys want a girl that likes them and wants them and not other guys, they dont want a queen who thinks she has no match

    • The only unrealistic want guys have is the Insanely Gorgeous girl that no other guy wants or the Gorgeous girl who will have sex with him, because he's an alpha male but she hasn't had sex with any other guys for being alpha males lol. That's the one that's really out there. Some guys like me don't care about the number of sex numbers, but i'd be lying that I want a girl that I don't have to be concerned about other guys always hitting on her. But that's just not realistic so I focus on being a good guy xD

    • Opinion owner... Thats not true. We are not at all the same. The unattainable... excuse me , that says more about you than about me.

  • This subject is close, however, I want to give my two cents.

    You are not wrong as such, however, bear in mind the reality of women today.

    Women test men all the time, nothing new, but they still do. Women in the west are privileged in regards to sexuality, many don't realize it but they are. some of them may cay check your male privileges but never check their own female privileges.
    Reality is we all have privileges in some ways and disadvantages/discriminated against in other ways.

    Most of what you describe is either tests or female privileges they don't even realize.

    Complaining about being single, yet being extremely picky and dismissive when approaches, is female privileges. Young attractive women can afford it, being in a supply and demand sexsual economy.

    Nevertheless, it's hard for any woman to find a good solid man, who is not a pussy, ugly, creepy or an asshole (bad boy).

    Good girls are as rarer as good guys are.

    Most women suck, but then again most men do too, so quality is rare for both genders.

  • You know what i find so stupid when you straight out mind your own business because you dont care no more, yet they get mad at you because your not giving them the attention they seek in public. But if you end up growing a pair and all of a sudden go talk to them, they act as if "hey like i was'nt really interested... typical guys" That is so stupid, thats why i learn to mind my own damn business and just be alone but at least i have my dignity. I tell you one thing my dogs are more sincere then any girl that i met, i can live with that, because im good with that, i dont want no hypocrisy from a woman!!!

  • Well I certainly don't measure up, I am swallowing the the "Red Pill" and goin MGTOW. A piece of tail vs peace of mind. Now that's a no brainer.

  • I think that you are exaggerating a lot, but that article by Jessica Valenti is of course unreasonable. At a certain point you need to stop blaming society if you don't feel good about yourself. Ultimately self-esteem comes from within.

  • TOO LONG to read it all, LOL... but YES

    Women lie and they say they want a good father... but fuck the asshole who probably slept with her sister/GF.

    es... they ALWAYS ask stupid questions that they don't want actual "TRUTHFUL" answers... so GUYS HAVE to lie.

    "A woman says she's hungry. Boyfriend asks what she'd like, she says doesn't matter you pick. He says pasta. She says no. He says pizza. She says no. He says what do you want then. She says doesn't matter, anything."... LOL... that's an INSTANT kick to the curb... get the FK out of the car.

  • People don't know how to be in a relationship these days. Everything seems to be more about sex rather than getting to know one another and building a relationship.

    Women want to be respected and fawned over, but then they want to argue and cry when things don't go their way. I think it speaks more about their maturity, happiness, and confidence in themselves than it does with men. They need a man to feel happy and validate their self worth. And men just don't want to deal with the "Kardashian" drama queens of the world.

    In a world of Kim and Kayne's, we need more Chip and Joanna's (Fixer Upper).

  • Being honest most girls are stupid as fuck and most guys are stupid as fuck
    U rarely see a girl that is intelligent and she values something else other then tatoos
    And u rarely see a guy that values something more in a girl then her ass and tits
    I know girls love intimidating guys that are tall and hot
    Same as i love girls that are little and petite

  • Yeah I see this type of stuff happening to each and every one of us guys & it's starting to become a relationship virus that will never be removed. That's one of the reason's on why I'm not going to worry about my love life now because I don't want to be called out for false accusations of trashy nonsense. It just sucks that this world has come to this with both men & women. Even there are some people who are so sensitive when it comes to approaching & will quickly cause a scene about sexual harassment between both those people and then usually the guy would get the boot & a free ride within prison doors with no escape. I hear stories about that all the time & it makes me furious when the villains always wins most of the time.

  • I love men still. I think guys just need to be more selective with who they invest their time in

    • so they need to invest their time in finding who to invest their time into...

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    • True , although , men don't invest in women anymore.( I do myself ) , but most all men are not being selective for marriage or relationship , just quickies and so on. There's two sides to every pancake. Investing in what , is the new question...

    • True, but a lot of men ruin it for the rest of us. A lot of them are just looking for a quick fuck, so many just chase whatever, giving women with a very skewed idea of what they are worth on the market. Men who are looking for relationship material are a lot more selective, but the women don't realize this because they don't separate the thirsty guy from the guy who is looking for a romantic relationship.

  • Wow. Your disclaimer at the beginning was like covering a pan of shit with saran wrap. It just didn't help.
    Find yourself quality women, and just don't worry about the leftovers. Maybe hope they breed less and that's it.

  • I am too busy stressed & tired normally to even think of women , as a FT working single dad , one positive side effect of this is I do not desire sex & women like I once did , I don't give a fuck about getting a fuck , just " meh " now. My situation rules out dating completely & I don't want to anyway. I feel sorry for younger guys , was glad I hit adulthood in the late 80's & into the 90's !! I believe nowadays , women do want men to stay away from them , a large part of this is " media " & feminist anti-male propaganda influencing women to view men negatively.

    • Also Jessica Valenti is a known man hating feminist ... I 'm confused by the second article.. she must be lying !!

  • main reason i dont approach is because i dont give a fuck. if a girl likes me she's gonna make the effort. she's going to be a burden to me so she's gotta prove she's not one for me to give effort.

  • If you have to chase her, that means she's running away

  • I will give you my reason for not chasing girls, i dont have to
    for every girl i approach who plays games or acts like a princess i find another 10 open to my approaches so whenever a girl acts like an ass for one reason or another i simply move on, plenty of options no need to be glued to one girl only and be her clingy bitch when you can meet others who are much more approachable and down to earth.

    P. S: ladies whoever calimed that men like the chase is one wrong motherfker , we dont

    • girls dont know what they want so dont treat them like they do, treat them like you do and they will not have a problem with it

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