10 Things In My Mind When I'm Late

10 things in my mind when I'm late

Before I start off, this picture perfectly portrays the amount of guilt I have accumulated throughout the years particularly due to this one captivating habit of mine.

If I had to be honest, one of my significant traits would definitely be lateness. Ah, what else can I say? That it's one hell of a mesmerising feeling. I certainly love grinning to myself at the thought of how many people I have successfully brainwashed into thinking that I must be an incapable and unreliable princess. Halo effect also works wonders for me.

Speaking of which, where's the red carpet? Roll it out right away. For the late princess is finally here...

10 Things In My Mind When I'm Late

Alternatively, if you've had people pull off this annoying bullshit on you, just know that from the bottom of our hearts, we aren't exactly proud of it. Right, I can't speak for all. But hey, I'm really fucking sorry. As ridiculous as I may sound, I do try. 😅

Sometimes I just want to give myself a good kick in the ass. A dramatic 'sky uppercut' perhaps. Anything to traumatise my lazy ass and revolutionise it into a highly disciplined fucker overnight. Sheez, if only it was that easy.

Punctuality... her secret name's actually Puncturella. Shh, don't tell anyone. For the life of me, I can never get this bitch to favour me. It's like the opposite - Puncturella has held me in captivity and officially made me her Cinderella instead. Tragic. In her world, I scrub a thousand floors and condoms while sobbing non stop waiting for that one glass slipper to fall from the sky which never happens.

If I rebel against Puncturella, something always has to go wrong. It's like I always find myself spending money on this gold digger brat somehow. Taxi cabs, breakfasts because my desperate ass couldn't afford to spend some time making my own breakfast or even spare a few seconds grabbing some munchies off the shelves. It's like a curse.

Alright I'm being too dramatic and stupid. I shan't make any more excuses. Puncturella doesn't exist. Wait, why am I even stating the obvious? Duh @ me.

Lord knows how many times I've been late.

The amount of times I've vowed to myself that I'll NEVER be late again and to NEVER snooze my rows of alarm... only to later set myself up for a mega disappointment in which I kiss myself a loving touched "Bye felicia" for having kid myself with a dash of false hopes.


Anyway, here are some things that run through my mind as a habitually late person:

"I hate myself"

10 Things In My Mind When I'm Late

"I think everyone hates me. They seem quiet. Better not talk to people today, I'll only get on their nerves."

10 Things In My Mind When I'm Late

"Good lord. Whatever happened to me promising myself to wake up early everyday so I will never be late? Congrats, I played myself!"

10 Things In My Mind When I'm Late

4. "Dumb bitch, when will I ever learn? Priorities, girl!"

10 Things In My Mind When I'm Late


10 Things In My Mind When I'm Late

6. "Surprise princess, I'm still late. Shoulda keep on pampering my lazy ass and snoozing the fuck away."

10 Things In My Mind When I'm Late

7. "Could've walked peacefully and all. Now I have to run. Sikes, run faster. Fuck my sweaty and sleepy ass, Imm just deal with it."

10 Things In My Mind When I'm Late

8. "I have no hope. I've been cursed for life; why am I always late. Maybe I should see a doctor."

10 Things In My Mind When I'm Late

9. "Why is there fucking heavy traffic? Great, just when I'm running late."

10 Things In My Mind When I'm Late

(as if I didn't know there is always a long jam early morning; again, my stupid ass fault!)

Alternatively, when I do make an effort to a punctual...

10. "Wake up at 6 everyday. No more being late. Be on top of the world, be disciplined, chase success! Prove people wrong. Turn over a new leaf, sweetheart. Don't give up!"

(And all that sort of motivational crap)

10 Things In My Mind When I'm Late
10 Things In My Mind When I'm Late
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Loveherbut
    I hate when im late when two things happened
    first when I don't hear the alarm because im extremely tired.
    second when I can't decide if walking is faster than the train that just showed up. so I would walk thinking im faster then we would end up together at my work im like fuk!!
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    • Richareens

      Yeah first one happens to me but I'm most guilty of SNOOZING the crap away. For instance, I'm late as hell again. For the life of me I can't seem to discipline my ass. I feel your pain lmfao

Most Helpful Girl

  • BaileyisDarcy
    Was late to my doctors just now.

    Doctors is too busy to be on time anyway.

    Bout the only thing I'm rarely late for these days is work.
    I even show up on those days where I'm more likely to break down crying or faint than I am to be actually productive.
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  • Commander_Courtney
    In the Canadian Forces, if you’re not 5 minuets early - your late.
    I know others have posted the same principle, but it’s a good rule to follow. 10 Things In My Mind When I'm Late
  • SarahsSummer
    Fix it. I shows a complete lack of respect for everyone, including yourself.
    • Richareens

      True that. Thank you.

    • I am prone to lateness myself but that is just because I am one lazy MF. lol!

      But as @SarahsSummer said, it "shows a complete lack of respect for everyone". I believe that is true for the people that we are late to. That is how they feel when we are late. We make them feel bad because of our tardiness. So, we owe it to them, to be on a time.

      But I hear you, @Richareens. I have been late to work more times than I can count. They even name being late to work, "pulling a Liz" after me. lol!

  • Vmm90
    Normally I'm way early to things but if I'm late I tend to get anxiety.
  • foolishsunset
    I agree with that 😂You plan to do it better now and then you find yourself in the same situation tomorrow. Or even if you get up earlier, something always comes up
  • deraz24
    The dog 😂 but yea I try not to be late to things but my mom is known for being late and slow as hell lol
  • bubbles328
    My late thoughts are fuck it i'll stop and get breakfast and a coffee what's the difference between 30 mons and an hour?
  • Mr_Jolly
    Puncturella and I have to work on our relationship.
  • Omar5881
    I'm never late that's what I learned from the Germans
    • Richareens

      That's a good trait to have. I'm envious.

  • happyhippo
    I'm always at least 15 minutes early, even when I know the people I'm meeting with are always late.
  • TripleAce
    I never know I'm late until I'm on my way late lol... always seems there is enough time
  • lovelyhoneybones
    I was late for the first time the other day. I'm never late, always on time but I hardy cared.
  • My 10 thoughts when I'm late are usually "Oh fuck, I'm late!"
  • Jimbob995
    Better late then dead before time.
  • stellamartini
    I feel #7 very hard.
  • disgustingweebtrash
    I'm sometimes late
  • CT_CD
    I'm never late
  • ArabianPwincess197
    I prefer being early than late
  • kostas25
    I'm always 10 min earlier
  • Tohru
    I'm always on time
  • idgafabouturfeelings
    Don't be late then
  • Anonymous
    the reason you are late is because you are too far away from Rendezvous point
  • Anonymous
    I'm never late. I ain't Latino.
  • Anonymous
    the dog was clearly click bate
  • Anonymous
    The struggle continues...
  • Anonymous
    Eh it happens. No point beating yourself up about it
  • Anonymous
    Sorry, didn't read your take-I fell in love with the dog pic
    Makes me want to hug and pet him :)
  • Anonymous