The Things That Keep Me Up At Night...

As a child I would go to bed, and I use to be scared so I would keep the lamplight on.

Of course as an adult that fear went away, and now I think that being scared of the dark is completely silly.The things that keep me up at night

I moved into my uncle's country home and it was quite different from the city, it was quiet, it was peaceful, and the best part is it was quiet at night, except for the occasional wolf howl.

Then, one night I began to hear breathing. I thought it was my own, I have bad allergies after all.So one day I was taking a shower and I was getting ready for bed, and the breathing became louder.

I could hear it coming from the closet. As I walked near the closet the breathing became heavier and heavier. I was scared to open the closet, but when I did the breathing disappeared.

So I told myself, "you are just imagining things, of course it is you." So I went to sleep and I could hear breathing on the ceiling. I held my breath and the breathing became louder and the covers were immediately pulled off of me.

This time I knew that someone was in my room. Someone had to be in my room, I had no doubt this time. That definitely was not me breathing!

At night I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and I saw a woman walk down the hall and I slammed the door shut in fear. The woman screamed.

"Its time to go, did you really think that you could haunt this house forever?" a man said to me while I was taking out the trash. "You can see me?" I asked in surprise.

"Yes, only a few humans can see ghosts. I am one of them why don't you go to the afterlife?"

"After I died, I just sat and looked in my coffin. I had no idea the afterlife would be so dark and cold. If I would have known there was no higher power to lead me to hell or heaven, I would have fought to stay alive as long as I could."

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  • From since I was a pre-teen I have been obsessed with aliens and flying saucers. Not a mild interest and a fan of Star Trek, I am talking obsessed. I still am. I have motion sensor LED lights in my bedroom. I often do not go to sleep till daylight. Have had four instances that I am aware of with the missing time thing. I did three college term papers on this topic. I could go on and on. Not sure if I have been abducted as I have an analytical brain which prevents hypnosis from working on me. I have most all the symptoms of it with no memory of it ever happening. This has been going on for around fifty years. Never get used to it. In fact, I would do most anything to make it stop.

    • i do not believe in the supernatural but growing up i use to get scratches all over my body and in places i couldn't reach

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    • If you were of same age you could have dated

    • Sky kisser I will like to hear you accidents.. I got some crazy ass theory which might evolve from your info.

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  • I was scared of the dark and still am. I lived on my grandpa ranch when I was 7 and was always scared to go to the bathroom at night down that hall. I thought that the hallway was haunted. His house was in the countryside and was older than me at the time. I believed in ghost then so I was afraid the undead were going to get me.