Femcels and the Pill

Not my video, but it does raise some interesting points.

Femcels, sort of the counter part to incels(involuntary celibate men), but with a caveat that these women are not incapable of finding sex, but rather incapable of finding a lasting partner. Almost all of these self proclaimed femcels have had sex and relationships before, but they have all been bitter disappointments to the point where they believe finding a lasting partner isn't possible.

The TLDR on the video is:

Women on the pill have a very different hormonal makeup of women off the pill who are naturally cycling.

Women naturally cycling are perceived as more attractive than women on the pill by men.

Women naturally cycling favor men with similar MHC(a series of genes linked to our immune system) levels, which has a scientific correlation with genetic compatibility. Women on the pill prefer men with very different MHC levels than their own.

Women on the pill view masculine faces as less attractive than women naturally cycling did.

Women naturally cycling found men with softer faces more attractive, while women on the pill only preferred men with very masculine features.

The conclusion is that the pill, while useful for many things, has a detrimental effect on a woman's ability to both find a mate and make a lasting relationship with one. They are both seen as less attractive to men and are less attracted to men overall, and the men they do find attractive are arguably less compatible with them. The creator of the video did a good job at taking the time to find and highlight sources for her conclusions.

So what is everyone else's thoughts on the subjects? Does this change anyone's opinion about using the pill one way or the other?

Femcels and the Pill
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  • GuidoThePizzaMaker

    All these women who use contraception are intelligent. Which is bad! they dont realize by not having kids, that less and less intelligent people are being born.

    Only dumb people have lots of kids. They are too stupid to control themselves or their urges, so they have 3+ kids.
    The intelligent and educated women are damning the future of humanity by using contraceptives.

    Men are also to blame. I will never use a condom. I suggest all guys do the same. Our ancestors would be laughing at us sliding rubber on our penis'

    Abstinence and chastity is the best birth control method! Post-marital sex leads to healthier happier lives , families, and less mental illness.

  • SkipStop

    I read about this too somewhere. It was a few years so I will have search for it. But it does make sense to some extent. Any type of drug changes your natural self. For the good or for the bad. Here are a few things I found:



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  • MzAsh

    I’ve been on the pill for 13 years and I LOVE it. For one, very light periods. No cramps. No pms. And no worrying about pregnancy. I would NEVER have sex at all if not for the pill.

    I’ve never had a problem keeping my man.

    Now I will say that I do find softer men way more attractive than masculine men, but that has been the case since puberty.

    • Ok? This video isn't about you. It's specifically correlating the pill with a group of women who self proclaim to be femcels. Did you miss that part?

    • MzAsh

      No I didn’t miss that.

  • Isten

    I knew most of these things. I never intend to use the pill or any form of hormonal contraception, because as seen in the facts, it messes up the hormonal balance.

    They are cool and everything, but not from me. Better just block the sperm from reaching the egg (condom, IUD, etc).

    • Aren't IUDs just another form of hormonal birth control? I can understand preferring condoms over the pill, but last I checked IUDs are just a slow release version of the pill that gets shoved up your hoo ha.

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    • Not entirely, they are a hybrid being a partial hormonal and partially physical (it prevents the egg from implanting (though its not 100% hence the hormonal aspect).

    • Isten

      Thanks, I seriously need to look it up in depth!

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  • yasii

    Basically all of my friends who are in a long term relationship are on the pill. It's what most people use when they are in a relationship besides condoms. I don't think it makes men less attracted to them. I'm sure if men had to guess which women is taking the pill, and which doesn't, they had no idea who to choose. It's impossible to tell who does cause the pill has very different effects on different women

    • What we think it does isn't the topic of discussion. It's what the findings have shown. I can't tell you if the pill makes my girlfriend less attractive to me because that's not really a measurable metric I can quantify. I don't even know when she started it, so I wouldn't know what periods of time to compare to others. What someone could measure, however, is how attractive I find a set of women at this very moment while some are on the pill and some aren't, which is what the researchers did.

  • maiave

    What is the object of this post? To ban birth control? That’d just be utterly ridiculous. The information is in no way trustworthy either. Video loved to show different graphs and statistics without any apprise of where they came from. It’s contradicting as well, says women on the pill view masculine faces as less attractive while it also said women on the pill only preferred men with very masculine features. My opinion on birth controls is indifferent.

    • It's not contradicting. Women on the pill view men in general as less attractive, but if they had to choose then they would pick men with more masculine features over men with more feminine faces. Just because I didn't do the best job wording it doesn't make it contradictory. And your claims are utterly ridiculous. Who said anything about banning birth control? Who said anything about your personal feelings? Statistics are statistics. They don't represent your personal feelings on men anymore than statistics on men represent my personal feelings on women.

    • Its pointing out that manipulating hormones is probably not the healthiest thing to do. Its not saying we should ban birth control, in order to do that it would have to claim that we need to get rid of all non hormonal birth control which its not reffering to. Its pointing out that their seems to be some serious problems growing in our society and we can link it to hormone manipulation that is throwing off how each gender interacts. That's completely different.

  • MlleCake

    You're male? Talking about the Pill? Stay in your own lane.

    • Could you please post an elaborate opinion? : P

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    • Sovrin

      The person who made the video is female.

    • MlleCake

      I'm not talking to her, am I? I think men should mind their own fertility and quit trying to push some agenda on women and tell us how we should handle our own.

      Especially this pile of nonsense this MyTake is presenting.

  • BluesheepOwl

    I cannot believe any of this until I see the statistics. This could all be fake if it wasn't tested. I need the facts. I want to know what kind of experiment this was. Was it a cross-sectional experiment?

    • All of the sources are linked in the video description on youtube, so knock yourself out. Aydin always does a great job making her findings available for all to see.

  • MackToday

    This has not been lost on the Marxists. Cucking whites is a top priority to them.

  • up_64

    I think I saw this vid ( sry I'm on data not watching now) . Is it by a girl called aydinpaladin or something?

  • BirdFan360

    Drugs. They affect people and people. Good and bad, its up to the person if they use them. I won't say if someone can or can't use it. They can decide themselves and live with the consequences. (I avoid drugs whenever possible. Personal choice. You can choose your choice.)

  • Miss_missy77

    I don't personally believe in taking the pill, but I believe in planned parenthood, and that girls should have somewhere to go in case the situation arises, which usually does at some point in our life.

  • TheSpartan

    I've said for quite a while that "birth control" needs to be outlawed for recreational use; if a woman needs birth control to treat a medical condition, then she can get a doctor's prescription. However, we need to do away with this silly idea of unrestricted "freedom", especially when it's obviously damaging to society.

  • Alpha09

    This is an interesting take. I'm aware certain hormones can alter what we are attracted to and men subconsciously react to when a women is ovulating. But this certainly won't make me stop using birth control.

  • DDpsy

    Ha. I have seen that a couple of days ago. The amount of pink triggering this will cause on here will be epic.

  • 1truekhaleesi

    My birth control prevents me from getting migraines that can last up to days. My last bad migraine lasted 2 and a half days. Looking back, I should've gone to the urgent care because that could've bad neuro damage. The hormones from my natural cycle would make me go through drastic mood swings. I was a nasty bitch on my natural cycle. I don't get periods anymore so problem solved. I also haven't had a migraine in a long time. Without birth control, I was having one almost every other week. Does this change my mind about birth control? No the fuck it doesn't. If a man doesn't like me being on the pill, he should find someone else. As my mother always said, men are like trains. You'll find the next one in a half hour.

  • Bananaman177

    Kas19 blocked me, ha ha ha!

    Go ahead and keep taking synthetic hormones, you obviously deserve it.

  • Kas19

    Man you pulled all that crap out of your ass. Not a single source. Interesting.

    • Does Google not work on your computer, Sweetie?

      Femcels and the Pill

      Femcels and the Pill

      Femcels and the Pill

    • Kas19

      I like pulling biased sources out of my ass too!

  • DonCachondo

    A lifelong commitment from Mr. Right seems like a LOT more to ask than a measly lay LMAO

  • Number39

    There is no such thing as femcels.

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • TohhhruAi


  • No_Archons

    Femcels ahhaha nice.

    Shud just call em sluts

  • NellySweet

    Good take!

  • MoneyBeets

    So hot women can be femcel's?

  • Anonymous

    Oh be quiet