Setting boundaries

As I've gotten older I've realized that many of us women (including myself at one point or another) have low self-esteem which is caused by societies "norms". So we put ourselves in predicaments where we are, yet again set to lower our already low self-esteem.

What women need to realize is that we are so much more powerful than what we think we are. We hold so much power but give it away all to quickly. I say to all you women/ladies out there that as soon as we realize our worth, we become so resilient and resiliency which then makes us set boundaries is SEXY.

Don't let society tell you any different because it's no one's business what you think about yourself only what you think about yourself is what matters. Remember that.

Be Fearless...
Be Fearless...

- My rant for the day...

Setting boundaries
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  • GDG44

    What I always question is the following. If a person (like an actor or politician), religion, a company, or a state, create falsehoods onto women; why don't women use the power of the pocketbook? Most women control what products, goods, and services are used for their home. They at least are strong influencers. I don't think women realize how much power they have. The whole submissive to men mantra is such crap. Demand equal rights in the catholic church for example. Have more women leadership in major companies. Don't frequent these places or buy their products if they don't.
    Get rid of the male set boundaries I say. If they don't change them, CHANGE THEM yourself.

  • up_64

    No it's not societies fault. You see women get valued when they are young just for having a vagina while us men have to create our on value. So when you lose your looks and your sexual magnetism you feel void of purpose. and start regretting not having settled

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  • BasicGirl

    I’ve had and still am struggling with my body. Im not fat, but I’m also not skinny, I have an average build on the slimmer side, but I’m still considered fat by my chinese culture, which considers anyone without a thigh gap obese. I’ve been called fat by my schoolmates and it sucks, I hate my body so much, and I’m trying to lose weight.

    • Again, these are the "ideals" of our culture. We are all beautiful in our own way. You were not created for your school mates nor were you created to fulfill some sort of idea that you think you fit into. If you are unhappy within yourself you will find reasons externally that you will tell yourself you dislike but it's much more rooted than that. Find what makes you unhappy, because I can guarantee it's not your weight your truly unhappy with but something else. Look within yourself and learn about yourself. You will be surprised what you find out and things will only get better for you from there. I can't guarantee much, but that I can. You are blessed and you are perfect for more reasons than you give yourself credit for. Best wishes to you my dear.

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  • Argyro00

    No I made standards don’t let anyone to tell me otherwise no. I also taken what they say in Consideration.

  • Hawky_

    Setting boundaries can be tough. It's a learning process. I wish you well on your journey of growth.

  • BrianMerritt

    It sounds like a you problem, not a society problem.

  • DizzyDesii

    I really needed to hear this 😔

  • MrOracle

    Many men have the same problem...

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • paledude

    Off topic, but know that Mr. Rogers was cool af 😎

  • ChefCurry

    No1 cares

  • adika63

    Women run the world. They just have to know it.

  • AlexEfron

    That's it? So small? There was nothing to read

  • Iron_Man

    Ok I Recon

  • Twenty2

    Good rant

  • Anonymous

    This doesn't really seem like a question.

  • Anonymous

    What’s Mister Roger’s have to do with it? I guess with feminism things have changed