My "Phases" Through The 2010s🤣🤣


Fun little MyTake here which you can all laugh at- because some of my little "phases" throughout this decade are SO embarrassing/cringeworthy now I look back at them. I've never internally gone:


When I think about them.

Anyway enough said, let's get on with this🤣Don't smack yourself too hard when facepalming and please, try not to judge me🤣

Trying my best to Spidey reference
Trying my best to Spidey reference

#1 - 2010-2013 "I'm gonna be a famous YouTuber!!🤩🤩"

Okay, so my dad got me this little phone when I was younger:


And that had a YouTube app on it, and on that YouTube app it had a little "upload" icon. As you can imagine I was completely stoked about this and my logic as an 8-year-old was:

"Ooh I'm gonna upload a video and I'll be famous"

Yeah, that isn't how it worked.

The videos were bad, pointless- and before you come at me, for having a YouTube account even though I was under 13, it was my dad's account and he monitored everything I did- and I will never forgive him for allowing me to upload that TRASH😂😂

Oh and just an insight to how bad they were- I tried to make a show called "froggy news" and the main character was my frog rubber I won at school😂

It didn't work and at when I reached Year 6, I finally realised what trash my videos really were and deleted them all😂😂

And as for the phone, I still have it upstairs somewhere but it doesn't work.

#2 - 2014 - "I Have A REALLY Bad Temper"😡🤦🏾‍♀️🤣

Mad Spoody🤣
Mad Spoody🤣

So when I was 11, I went around thinking I was this dark, angry, hot-tempered person who you DID NOT want to make angry.............🤣🤣🤣

Like "Oh yeah, you better step back the 11-year-old who isn't even 5 foot tall yet is mad... Ahhh!😂"

I realise how ridiculous it is now- but back then, I thought I was definitely not a force to be messed with😂

And do you wanna what I did to show how hot-tempered I was?

I made a loomband bracelet which was red and orange- it was "firey" colours so it represented my temper😂


#3 - 2013-2015 - "I hate dresses, I'm not girly girl! I HATE girly stuff!"

I was a... TOM BOY!!😂😂
I was a... TOM BOY!!😂😂

Firstly- the image^^ Get it? Because his name is "Tom" and he was a "boy" there so I guess you could call him a... TOM BOY!!!😂😂😂

(You can hate me now😂)

Anyway, I went through this phase where I acted like I despised dresses, and anything girly- I always wore my hair in a ponytail- and like I said I wouldn't have been caught dead in a dress😂

I remember once my mum bought me a dress and I was like:

"MuM!! I hAtE dReSsEs ThEy'Re ToO GiRlY I'm NoT GiRlY!!"

Oh and the colour pink was out. of. the. question.

#4 - 2015 - "I wanna be popular"

Popular like Spidey
Popular like Spidey

Here's the deal, in 2014-2015 was my first year of secondary school, and all my primary school friends had been put in different classes to me. It's like, all of them had the same classes and stuff, and there was just me- by myself with complete strangers😂

So I tried to be "popular"...

Firstly by uploading pictures of myself and social media- and getting "likes" from kids at school!! Yeah........ I realise now that's a load of BS but back then, it seemed like that's all that mattered. I even offered to "edit" people's photos- and I did, but now I look back at it, and realised they were probably just using me- but you live and you learn🤷🏾‍♀️

Then I noticed all the rebellious kids were getting popularity so I made this plan in my head to become rebellious... But that was a plan which stayed... In my head😂😂Because oh, you would NOT wanna feel the wrath of my parents, trust me😂

That phase lasted until the end of 2015, when I realised- I didn't have to "act" to make friends and being "popular" wasn't everything- as long as I had friends which were true, and were my friends because they liked me as a person- not because I edited their photos, or liked their photos, or did something rebellious - that's all that really mattered.

#5 - 2015-2016 - "I love everything! I love dresses, I love bright colours and I'm SO HAPPY!"

Bay window!
Bay window!

So here is when I switched from my tomboy whatever phase to a phase where I loved dresses, bright colours, and being overly excited and happy.

And this was partly (okay mostly) because I discovered the show "Girl Meets World" and here's the thing when watching this show when you my age back then:

You were a Riley or a Maya.

Riley was a happy bubbly ray of sunshine who wore brightly coloured dresses.

Maya was a chilled, laid back, sarcastic, lowkey dark and had a more rebellious streak and dress sense.


And for some reason, Riley appealed more to me, than Maya did. So I decided I was a Riley.

I remember rushing to watch the show every Friday after school, and the whole intense "love triangle" thing...

"WhO wILl LuCaS cHoOsE? RiLeY oR mAyA??"😂😂

I was team Rucas😂

#6 - 2015-2016 - "I love Makeup!"

Never spidey themed tho
Never spidey themed tho

There was a time... When I liked makeup😂

This was something my friends got me into- and it was on and off really.

It started in 2015, when I discovered Zoella's YouTube channel because everyone at school was talking about it- but I didn't actually get any makeup until 2016, when one day I was at the shop with my mum and I finally built up the courage to ask her: "Mum? Can I get makeup?"

And I soon became one of those girls who didn't leave the house without makeup...

And if you're wondering what I wore- concealer, clear mascara and brown sparkly eyeshadow😂😂

I hid it from my dad at first, because I didn't think he would approve- until one day... I came home from school... With the brown sparkly eyeshadow on my friend put on me in the girls toilets.

I thought I was going to get shouted at and screamed at... But I was really surprised.

I didn't get shouted at. Or screamed at. Or even told off.

I remember he asked me:

"Why do you think you need that? You're 13."

Then he started to tell me, how it'd mess up my skin, and that someone as young as me doesn't need it, and how I should be focusing on other things rather than my appearence because there's so much more to a person than the way they look.

And the way he put it to me, made absolute sense. I didn't need to focus on being "pretty" there was so much more to life than that. I'm glad I was taught that whilst I was young.

#7 - 2017 - "I can't wait for this school year to be over/Binge watching everything..."

My Phases Through The 2010s🤣🤣

So January 2017... I just really wanted the school year to be over. For some reason, I can't think why- honestly, I can't. I just wanted it to end.

Then there was my huge binge watching phase where all I would do is sit in my room and just watch random shows for hours on end. Kinda sad, but then my dad was like:

"You can't sit in your room all day watching stuff! You'll become a bum! Don't fill your head with mush!"

And he was right- because if I just stayed in my room all that time, I wouldn't have gotten ambition or anything like that. So thanks for that dad😂😂

#8 - 2017 - My fandom phase

My Phases Through The 2010s🤣🤣

So I discovered fanfiction. Not the dirty kind, or the "x reader" kind, but just the kind where like- people would create their own characters and merge them with MCU characters, or Disney characters or something.

And I loved it. Plus Girl Meets World ended that year, and there was loads of like Girl Meets World stuff I read from carrying on from the series finale.

And then I gave that up because I grew up and got bored😂😂

From 2018 onwards... I didn't really have any more "phases" I was just me.

So in 2018 I was settled. I had my friends, I was cool with school, and then I left school and me and my friends went our separate ways.

This sounds so corny, but I guess I finally found out "who I am"🙄🙄

It took a lot of phases, a lot cringe, but I finally got here- and I don't really know what else to say lol.

Writing it all down, just makes me realise all the different shit I went through- I think it's kinda good I went through each different thing though- because I learned something new from each from each different thing.

And I'm leaving this whole decade behind- sure of myself and cool with myself😂

Anyways, I hope you didn't cringe too much- or slap yourself too hard from facepalming😂

I hope you enjoyed this read :)

Thank you for reading :) <3

My "Phases" Through The 2010s🤣🤣
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  • Hurlyburly

    Nice take! ☺️ Makes me feel kind of bad since I'm still kind of cycling trough the same 3-4 phases since childhood 🙈

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  • WhiteShoulder

    U r amazing girl ❤️

    I never watched Girl Meets World. Did he make out with both of them?

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  • ryudomasters

    This Tom Holland spiderman phase is not worth it... do you like the Toby Maguire spiderman movies at all?

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