Shocking cases of women doing fraud on social media


I am here to share some shocking cases of fraud on social media.

Case one:

One Aunt used the picture of her niece on Facebook to impress 60 boys and she had a 7 year relationship with one guy using the picture of her niece. She would ask them for mobile top-ups and gifts. Those boys didn't know they were talking with a 60 year old woman.

Her niece wanted to know who was using her picture on Facebook and she realised it was her own aunt, her 60 year old aunt. Aunt as in mom's sister.

(This happened in Pakistan)

Case two:

A 21 year old girl called Gemma Watts lived in North London. She lived in an area called Enfield. She posed as a 16 year old boy on Facebook to groom teenage girls.

She didn't only lie about her age and gender but she even lied about her mother being dead to gain sympathy.

She began grooming them by talking to them, asking for provocative pictures and she used words like "babes" to flatter them.

She then began talking to them on the phone and eventually convinced them into meeting her in person.

She slept with 50 girls by pretending to be a 16 year old boy.

In one case, she even sent pictures of a knife to threaten a girl using her pictures.

Those 50 girls realised now that they slept with a 21 year old girl and for many of them it was their first relationship. One girl was only 13 years old.

She has now being jailed for eight years.

Her real photo
Her real photo
Her fake photo
Her fake photo

Case three:

Many girls are posing as boys on Facebook to blackmail girls using their pictures for money.

(This happened in Pakistan, in Sindh to be specific)

Shocking cases of women doing fraud on social media
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Jjpayne
    I think it's sad, yet refreshing to see this not tied to the male gender... But catfishing or posing as another gender or person most of time and unless a rare chance is a rarely good thing. It could always lead to trouble and the longer you do it the greater the chances that you will get into trouble. Whatever your motivation, if it's for good, there are other ways if it's for bad seek help
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  • alance99
    This took place because people are too desperate and they dont use their brain
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Most Helpful Girls

  • grayi
    Cat fishing and what she did was wrong, society tend to assume men are dangerous and etc but this... this is another level of fucked up.
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  • Lauren-green
    Wow this was so interesting!
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  • Daniela1982
    If the girls are that dumb then maybe they deserved it andShocking cases of women doing fraud on social media they have learned a lesson. How do you sleep with someone and not realize it's a woman?
  • Sevenpointfive
    is a guys fault that girls can't tell that's a dyke?
    • Shezadi

      what are you saying?

    • if they thought she was a guy that's strange. she looks like a woman and while it's not their fault she should know better

  • motownplayer2000
    It's not shocking to me. I can believe it. Women are vindictive, they hold on to stuff and will fraud anyone for anything. They can be that clever. So I'm not surprised.
    • AniKai

      Guys are no better in that regard.

    • No, but I have done business with motr guys that have been more honest than women. In relationships, I've had friendships with guys who genuinely want to help you more than women, cause women just want free stuff and most don't want to work (not all women, but most in my experience).

  • AniKai
    Frauds are despicable, but for them to actually work tells something about mental capacity of the victims who fall for such.
  • 7Roses
    I dont care so I'm not going to read but she looks so much like the crazy frog in the 2nd picture
  • Iamagoodguy
    And people don't get how some women can do bad things and think all bad things are men
  • Shyguy206
    How tf did they think she was 16? She looks like a freaking toddler XD
  • Avicenna
    Yet more reasons to avoid social media
  • Good take.
  • eron5p62
    Why is this shocking in today's day and age