Signs a shy girl you don't know likes you? The stranger in the morning.

Signs a shy girl you dont know likes you? The stranger in the morning.

Of course this was MY personal experience and what I found to happen. This may or may not be relevant and - I'll mention this again- PLEASE make sure to consider your own circumstances and what's going on around you!

OK, now this was happening most day's of going to the office and she going to school. She has just graduated now as well. I had time to take this in and again, we didn't know each other.

Of course you need to take this in the right spirit and consider your own circumstance and what's going on around you.

I've had help from the girl I am now kind of seeing. A bit of her own input. She just graduated from an all girl's school so overall her exposure to guy's she wasn't related to or already knew really put her behind the eight ball. I've had a similar situation in the past so yes, lightning can strike twice! Lastly, my personal experience is girl's with Asian background's can be really shy at first.

1. Is she the only one of her friends that looks at you , even quickly?

Sometimes, her and her friends might all be standing around together and I would walk past. Yet, only she looked at me. I remember one time I kicked a coke lid along the ground. Guess who was the only girl who watched that cap slide right by? Sure it was just a plastic lid going by but only she noticed. She looked up at me then back to get conversation.

She watches anything you do. As I walked by her , she says she forgot to breathe and is pretty sure her heart stopped! LOL

2. Playing with clothes.

A lot is said about this one. But hers was subtle and kind of weird. It got my attention though but not enough to convince me of anything at the time. On the train, pre-pandemic, I would often have to stand going into work. On this occasion, my crush and her friends parked themselves just opposite me. My crush had her back to me but I noticed something odd. Her hand often reach around behind her and she would be rubbing the fabric of her skirt. She was in pantyhose and her skirt was mid-length but there she was , standing there rubbing the base of her skirt between her legs just below her butt.

She said she was nervous, but also hoped I'd look at her butt! LOL

3. Walking next to or behind you.

Sometimes it can't be helped. But sometimes, if there's a whole footpath space and she's still walking next to or just behind you.....

She said she would dream of grabbing my ass or just pretend we where having a conversation. Also, I smelled nice!

4. Walking or trying to walk at the same speed.

I am 184cm (6'2") and she is 152cm( 5'1"). While height doesn't necessarily determine how quick or slow one might walk, but I am a quick walker. Yet, often she was able to keep pace with me and not seem unnatural doing it. Sometimes her friends are either ditched or struggling to keep up.

She said " You walk way to quickly but I wanted you to notice me."

5. Laughing or giggling with friends loudly.

This one is spoken of often. But how do you know if she's smiling at you or about you? Is she just laughing about something random with her friends or is it she's happy to see or be around you? Sometimes the laugh was just a giggle sometime's big and bold. Sometimes I thought she or her friends where laughing at me. Might of had something on my face or my fly stuck down.

She said, it's something she couldn't control but again, she just wanted me to notice her. She's friendly, happy and hope's you will see something good in her while she's having a laugh with her friends.

6. Appearing or comes across as a bit goofy or clumsy.

A hard one to pick up but it exists. Like walking behind my crush and she was she walked didn't notice a random gentleman stop walking right in front of her! Of course she walked right into him. Not noticing a friend she was texting was right next to her. Granted her friend was seated and had her back to my girl.

She said she would get nervous, and kind of scattered around me while still trying to play it cool.

7. Sometimes on PT, she will stand near you even when she could sit.

Another big one. Pre-covid , you probably wouldn't think too much of this. However, as people stopped going to the office there where options to sit on train's, buses or trams. Yet, when she opts to stand just because I was, little lone come and hold the same support post rather than sit....

She said, it was great to just be near!

8. She will look anywhere but at you , but still at you. You will be in her line of sight.

Another one which delayed me approaching her. Ever had a girl look in your direction but she's not looking at you? Yet each time you look she's looking back at you? Maybe she's checking this or that?

She said, I could see you easily without needing to look at you. Of course Sometime's I might of been looking out the window , but I wanted to see you.

9. Sometimes she seems annoyed, frustrated or unhappy to see you.

Does she seem off today? Is her body language or closed? Is the laughter absent and does she seem to stand further away than usual?
She might be getting frustrated. She might be DYING for an approach but she's shy. Kind of not really giving you anything concrete that makes you think she is actually interested. But to a shy girl, she thinks she's servered herself on a platter.

She says that she did think she made it quiet obvious but now knows it wasn't really. She used to get annoyed at the situation. She used to get sad. She started to get angry. She started to get scared because her end of year exam's and graduation where looking and she wouldn't see me anymore! Cute right?

10. Following on the last point is about what is perceived as negative body language: crossed arms!

Sure, folded crossed arm's probably DO mean to stay away or that it's not a good time to approach or anything. But the one she used to do a lot is what I call a self hug. The one where you cross your arms but instead your hand sits on the opposite elbow instead of tucked in. Also, it might be a cold morning!

It's part, beware the fragility and sensitivity of a shy girl. Especially a younger one. One thing that almost blew us out of the water, one day I was standing and talking to a girl, my cousin. For her, this was automatically my girlfriend and she went on a avoiding spree between that and covid lockdown it almost didn't happen.

This is probably useless for a lot of you reading but it's more of a guide into the mind of a shy girl.

Signs a shy girl you don't know likes you? The stranger in the morning.
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  • Shizuoko
    Except for number 5, they are all correct !! that's insane haha.
    PS: the height difference between you two is so CUTE !😍

    I still don't know why we shy girls put on the frustrated face when we see our crush instead of smiling with a welcoming body language lol
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    • naraku

      I guess you get frustrated because as a shy girl, you don't feel that you're acknowledged or anything. If like her , she thought things are going nowhere so she was getting angry/sad.

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  • Secret6620
    Love this mytake! Thanks for the invite.

    If you didn't send an invite adjust your settings so you don't automatically invite people to your questions 😊
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  • wellyourenotfunny
    Aside from 9 (because I'm mainly on and off with that one, it depends on present factors), I agree as a shy person.
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    • naraku

      Thanks for your feedback!

      I am kind of proud I worked some things out. It might make it easier for me and shy girls in the future!