Twerking is NOT "female empowerment" and it LOWERS the standard in which men perceive you!

Twerking isnt an act of social justice
Twerking isn't an act of social justice

"Don't objectify me."

"I'm not an object."

"Confidence is not consent."

Celebrities, social media influencers, and even Tiktokers consisting of underage girls quote this and believe strongly in it. The same women who want to stand for equality and have a desire to be seen as an intellectual and respectful human being also perform a degrading routine that is meant to sexualize the person doing it and entice the watchers (men).

The point of their "movement" is to empower themselves by doing away with sexual morale but is also gratifying men in the process. So, now their viewers, who this trend is specifically for, only see them as a rump shaker. Isn't this more harmful than good? This dance is meant to stimulate sexual feeling, so the person literally can not unsee and/or feel what they just witnessed of said person. Moreover images and videos like this are considered soft porn, which if you didn't know, have permanent effect on the brain, meaning those memories of dancing underage girls never go away.

Pornography literally changes the brain to desire more pornography. Repeated consumption of it, causes rewiring within itself, triggering it to pump out chemicals and form new nerve pathways that leads to profound and lasting changes. As a person watches porn, they are training their brain to respond sexually to images on a screen.

What comes to mind when anyone looks at this?
What comes to mind when anyone looks at this?

So, this "movement" totally defeats its purpose because men are hardwired to this act in a sexual way. These young women are blindly putting themselves in danger of exploitation, fetishism, humiliation and possibly worse in due time. It is merely blatant immaturity and idiotic rebellion that will lead nowhere...or to a place worse than where it was---an even more perverted world.

Refuting science due to feeling and emotion is unwise. You must research all the facts before experimenting with change.

If you wish to be taken seriously and seen as a woman worthy of title and high regard, then act like it. The same women will mock Donald Trump for inadequacy for the role of president because his behavior is childish. People also see you the same way.

Please, check your own hypocrisy.

Instead of following the crowd, stand out! Use your mind and intellect to show the world what you SHOULD be seen as because people can and will only judge what they see. So, if you're behaving like a stripper and look like one, too, believe or not, most people will conclude you are one. It's second nature for people to judge based upon looks. Even you do it yourself, but because it inconveniences you, it must change, right?

Ya can't change human nature, babe.

But you can trick them. Politicians have been doing it for centuries, hiding their messes behind expensive suits and nice smiles to win their way.

Lying politicians
Lying politicians

It's time to put down your barbie dolls and grow up. Not everyone will bend to your unrealistic and unreasonable demands for "justice", and until that is ingrained in your head, you will never get what you want, especially when you go about it in foolish and inappropriate mannerisms.

If no one will respect the President of the number one country in the world because he has Twitter wars in the middle of the night, then no one will respect an internet-addicted teenager who shakes her rear in a barely-there bikini, saying, "Please, don't sexualize me..."

They are preaching a message in unfitted robes. Don't be them.

Twerking is NOT "female empowerment" and it LOWERS the standard in which men perceive you!
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  • RohitLakra
    Oh gosh! Finally someone makes sense. One of my female friends was like how WAP song empowers women to express their sexuality. I had no idea how to react to her, but I realized that day if I stick around her I will go nuts. I don't even know where people get such stupid ideas that there's some need to express sexuality. Moreover, the song didn't even drive that point to home. Anyway it's just an example of people are consuming music of hooker like music artists. I just wanted to rant about it because it's not been a long time since I had that conversation with my ex friend.
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    • Ruenella_

      Right! I'm glad you agree.

    • RohitLakra

      Thank you for MHO! :)

    • RohitLakra

      @LejaGoldiga No one tells me what to do except my employer and professors. I'm sorry. I can't even imagine ourselves together. I'm not good for you. You deserve someone better.

  • lightbulb27
    In general, turn the TV off, find people who project class, dignity, and style and values you want. Model them. you might only find them in books or your imagination.

    Turn off Hollywood... it's nothing but garbage from garbage minds. I'd rather people spend time with other animals in real life than watch these deranged animals on tv selling you their vomit culture.
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    • Ruenella_

      Amazing advice, actually.

    • Thank you, I turned it off years ago.

    • FatherJack

      And me , over 12 years ago , I call it Tell-Lie-Vision for the amount of agenda driven BS and Cultural Marxist propaganda it spews out. Other species of animals are indeed far more of a pleasure to be around than people , give me ferrets & dogs anytime.

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  • Chittychittybang
    Actually a lot of guys just want whores anymore. Some are even replacing women for porn. They find it easier then having to treat the opposite sex like human beings. I personally, love my girl. I’m not alone and I’m successful.
  • locutus9999
    Good... probably the best take I have read since I am here, love to read someone reasonable. Anyway for me twerking is a deal breaker.
  • thimmslicc
    Twerking doesn't make me feel powerful. It makes me feel fun and good. Which makes me powerful. I dont care if a girl twerks. I hate the song wap anyways. Lol many other songs to twerk to
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Women in general want to do what a man does and they call it equality well actually they are just copying the men they so fight we don't care for what men do or say but in true nature they adore men and follow them that's how it's designed.

    If you think it always have been the same what ever a men dan di we can do but why do you want to do what he does do you really like that or you just want to prove your worth I feel strange sometimes if I think at deeper levels of this I could be completely wrong or I could have a reasonable point.

    Also women hate being objectified but men like being objectified being a sex symbol he becomes proud of what he does even the sleasiest of things and this somehow makes women insecure and they try to justify there doings

    I know this is slightly different answer than the post but is still valid to some extent 🙃.
    • Ruenella_

      I agree with that as well. When you know and are proud of who you are, you don't have to prove yourself to anyone.

    • Exactly be better donot copy bring the change than expecting others to change

    • drop it like it's hot, don't twerk

  • Well, I think it's hot. I'd love to be sexually objectified
  • Stephie2369
    I think it is just fun to do. Men and women should not sexualize everything.
  • kate668
    ur just mad cuz ur not confident enough to do it.
    someone had to say it <3
  • MoonNieve
    You men can reject all the twerking women.. as a bisexual that doesn't twerk, i find it hot as f**k.. and ill take them all for myself =P x
  • slatyb
    Why should anyone worry about strangers disapproving of behavior that happens no one?
  • Alex57953
    Women should not be sexualized anyways. If a girl makes a dancing video, she probobly wanted her friend or boyfriend to see it. And if some people think so lowly of these girls for twerking, then they can block the user and be dissapointed jerks together.
  • Vetis
    Arguing to the women who think twerking is cool is impossible. There's not an objective bone in the average woman's body (which is what a twerker is) until she's 28-30.
    • I don’t know if you’ve noticed- men usually can’t be swayed either. Their opinions will not change despite what they hear. Stop targeting and generalizing.

    • Vetis

      @Shuttlebus78 I can show you the neuroscience if you want to be an obstinate rock.

  • TraceyByrd
    Half these scum whores talking about they can do whatever they want true , but ya ain't getting no type of respect gtfo whore asses 💯😂🚮
  • KittyMilk
    Twerking def not the answer it's good to look at but it doesn't make a female look good and majority of females know what their doing when their posing showing ass cause they know what men want, and when she does that daddy will cum
  • UncleJessieRabbit
    A lot of women are just as bad as men. The worst parts of either gender feed on the other.
    • Ruenella_

      The worst part is that some men pretend to think this is empowering while just getting off in the background. And she thinks he's such a hero.

  • Hermes-Paris
    If acting like an idiot is female empowerment than by all means, act empowered. I just think it looks stupid and I start to laugh when I see some woman twerk.
  • DiegoO
    It's a sexual dance that should be exclusive for adults. In no way it degrades since it wasn't made from a moralistic or anti moralistic standpoint.

    Twerking is an erotic expression in the artistic field of dancing, which has a strong western African influence.
  • FateSpeaking
    Novel thought - but what if women... don't live their lives worried about how they're going to be perceived by men
  • girlzruleboyzdrool
    Agreed! I'm tired of women being treated like objects
  • bamesjond0069
    Twerking is for hos or something you do in the privacy of your own home with your husband.
  • Ryfyle
    I wonder what chain of Events inspired this post. Did someones Jiggling ass ruin Christmas?
    • Ruenella_

      I was gonna write it as a question but I had too much to say about it, so I wrote a myTake.

    • Ryfyle

      @Ruenella_ Still be pretty Funny if Quaking Cheeks some how demolished a Christmas Tree.

  • scarlett774
    Girl it’s a simple dance move, not that deep
  • CertifiedHandsomity
    I think not only twerking but also OnlyFans and pornographic/prostitution/sex work crap also objectifies women, and men too
  • worldscolide
    Feminists scream "Stop objectifying me" While at the same time doing things that would make them do just that. Its why most feminists are hypocrites.
  • knowlgo
    Twerking is not sexy at all. I love a nice ass but twerking looks really stupid. That being said, you literally have a picture that is meant to be sexual and you're going to pontificate to other women about being sexual? check your hypocrisy. You need a little more wisdom.
  • loveslongnails
    I always thought twerking was the dumbest fad going. Turns out I was wrong - sending nudes is.
    • Will the girl who down voted kindly message me so she can send me her nudes. LOL :-D

  • Twerking is fun. It's not really so serious.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    @MzAsh For blocking me, You just proved me right. For the same reason you're calling overly demonizing cat callers. Also advocating for the cat calling law. Well guess what? Anyone can easily get accused of cat calling which is also why they get away with it easier. The stricter the law gets, the more the government is gonna burden themselves while you don't want to do your parts too. Perhaps you read properly so that you won't get lost? And sure go ahead and don't learn. No one is name calling you here. I'm saying it makes you entitled. If you want to prove me right, just block anyone who you think is "disrespectful" while you freely make your own opinion and posts.
    • Also I thought you like to "embarrass" cat callers so why you now anonymizing yourself?

  • Floppy2112
    Are you really digging in to the deep philosophical meaning behind twerking? It's a silly dance move done to music that is equally meaningless and disposable. In other words, who cares?
    If one chooses to twerk because they believe it will *empower them*, I will show you a person suffering a great delusion.
    Lets take things for what they are. Twerking is an essentially meaningless dance move done to primarily meaningless music for fun. If you are doing a twerk to somehow gain meaning or status, then you have a mental disorder. Hopefully people do it because its fun and not because there is some deep psychological gain for the individual in a group.
  • Yaaten
    That's not true. I love 'twerkers'! My opinion of a female goes up, not down, if they can perform this highly useful and talented act.
  • Aparyshn
    Also cover your ankles and cover your hair and cover your face Jesus Christ you're distracting men who are allowed to do whatever they want what the fuck is wrong with you
  • more_than_a_guy
    Now belly dancing is in a different league, much better!
    Now belly dancing is in a different league, much better!
    • Danny98

      I agree belly dancing is much much better. Belly dancing does take skills. I find twerking to just be gross.

  • Pete671
    I totally agree, so well written, it's condradictory to me for girls to attract attention by presenting themselves as sexual objects, then are uncomfortable by being viewed as a sexual object,,,
    Eg if I see a girl in a short skirt and skimpy top, I assume she wants to be looked at, with more modest clothing I assume not,,,
    Personally I find twerking boring and a turn-off, but that's just me, what would turn me on more is voluntary work helping the vulnerable, or just a random act of kindness,,,
  • JustinTheGreat
    It’s just a dance move, I don’t think it’s that serious...
  • Fempstnd
    That's true, and also empowering female sexuality is important too.
  • Tiger288
    If they twerk I would look at them as sex object as simple.
  • broken_heart_at_48
    I don't think it is going to ruin anyone's life. Also anyone that sees a woman twerking and then can't see her as anything other than a stripper is an idiot, and my profession is carpentry but I'm more than a carpenter. Plus who says your opinion is it? You do. There might be others that agree with you but there's going to be just as many that don't. So it sounds like a bunch of busy bodies that need to worry about their own yard. Sex isn't bad, dancing isn't bad. Maybe if you're getting up at church twerking it's a bad idea but in a club or at a party who cares and I watch porn and it doesn't make me an out of control sex fiend. You have the right to have your opinion but you shouldn't try and force it down anyone's throat or pass judgement on others. If I see you dancing provocatively one night and then see you in business attire the next day I'm not going to run up and make it rain. Get the plank out of your own eye
  • Coolmanxl
    I guess the only thing men think about for women who twerk is sex
  • Gabboo
  • Doflamingo1
    Well said
  • Shamalien
    You must have many female friends XD

    Srsly though... preach
  • Shuttlebus78
    Twerking is about as empowering as poll dancing. Only trashy people do it thinking they are cool.
  • Psychosocial
    Lol I don’t think people genuinely think it’s empowering. It’s just a sexual dance
  • Indiepop123
  • inquisitive173
    It draws attention to the parts I'm interested in pushing my cock deep into
  • hellohruu
    I agree
  • In that case so is the mash-potato dance.
  • AkshiJanjua
    This take is going to piss off feminists
  • you're not a female
  • Jamie05rhs
    Yes... But you're naked in your profile pic.
  • mk200195
    Last i remember twerking was just a dance move?
    • TraceyByrd

      You mean a hoe dance? Yup 😂😒

    • mk200195

      Explain what a 'hoe dance' is?

    • mk200195

      Nevermind you're so scared that you shat your pants and blocked me lol. Kids ffs

  • Wade8888
    Air and Mue Waveya seem pretty empowered.
  • bklynbadboy1
    Girl you better get your twerk on
  • Jmmmfi4
  • I agree completely
    • Nazgol

      What do you mean by this: Refuting science due to feeling and emotion is unwise. You must research all the facts before experimenting with change. ?

  • Ninjazzed
    Cool, let people live their life.
  • Texaskid1
    I disagree.

    More hot women should twerk.
  • John_Doesnt
    Twerk for feminism baby!
  • I think people know this they just don't care no
  • Slim57
    True any man with a brain and backbone knows this
  • That is so true! 100%
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