Twerking is NOT "female empowerment" and it LOWERS the standard in which men perceive you!

Twerking isnt an act of social justice
Twerking isn't an act of social justice

"Don't objectify me."

"I'm not an object."

"Confidence is not consent."

Celebrities, social media influencers, and even Tiktokers consisting of underage girls quote this and believe strongly in it. The same women who want to stand for equality and have a desire to be seen as an intellectual and respectful human being also perform a degrading routine that is meant to sexualize the person doing it and entice the watchers (men).

The point of their "movement" is to empower themselves by doing away with sexual morale but is also gratifying men in the process. So, now their viewers, who this trend is specifically for, only see them as a rump shaker. Isn't this more harmful than good? This dance is meant to stimulate sexual feeling, so the person literally can not unsee and/or feel what they just witnessed of said person. Moreover images and videos like this are considered soft porn, which if you didn't know, have permanent effect on the brain, meaning those memories of dancing underage girls never go away.

Pornography literally changes the brain to desire more pornography. Repeated consumption of it, causes rewiring within itself, triggering it to pump out chemicals and form new nerve pathways that leads to profound and lasting changes. As a person watches porn, they are training their brain to respond sexually to images on a screen.

What comes to mind when anyone looks at this?
What comes to mind when anyone looks at this?

So, this "movement" totally defeats its purpose because men are hardwired to this act in a sexual way. These young women are blindly putting themselves in danger of exploitation, fetishism, humiliation and possibly worse in due time. It is merely blatant immaturity and idiotic rebellion that will lead nowhere...or to a place worse than where it was---an even more perverted world.

Refuting science due to feeling and emotion is unwise. You must research all the facts before experimenting with change.

If you wish to be taken seriously and seen as a woman worthy of title and high regard, then act like it. The same women will mock Donald Trump for inadequacy for the role of president because his behavior is childish. People also see you the same way.

Please, check your own hypocrisy.

Instead of following the crowd, stand out! Use your mind and intellect to show the world what you SHOULD be seen as because people can and will only judge what they see. So, if you're behaving like a stripper and look like one, too, believe or not, most people will conclude you are one. It's second nature for people to judge based upon looks. Even you do it yourself, but because it inconveniences you, it must change, right?

Ya can't change human nature, babe.

But you can trick them. Politicians have been doing it for centuries, hiding their messes behind expensive suits and nice smiles to win their way.

Lying politicians
Lying politicians

It's time to put down your barbie dolls and grow up. Not everyone will bend to your unrealistic and unreasonable demands for "justice", and until that is ingrained in your head, you will never get what you want, especially when you go about it in foolish and inappropriate mannerisms.

If no one will respect the President of the number one country in the world because he has Twitter wars in the middle of the night, then no one will respect an internet-addicted teenager who shakes her rear in a barely-there bikini, saying, "Please, don't sexualize me..."

They are preaching a message in unfitted robes. Don't be them.

Twerking is NOT "female empowerment" and it LOWERS the standard in which men perceive you!
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