Twerking is NOT "female empowerment" and it LOWERS the standard in which men perceive you!

Twerking isnt an act of social justice
Twerking isn't an act of social justice

"Don't objectify me."

"I'm not an object."

"Confidence is not consent."

Celebrities, social media influencers, and even Tiktokers consisting of underage girls quote this and believe strongly in it. The same women who want to stand for equality and have a desire to be seen as an intellectual and respectful human being also perform a degrading routine that is meant to sexualize the person doing it and entice the watchers (men).

The point of their "movement" is to empower themselves by doing away with sexual morale but is also gratifying men in the process. So, now their viewers, who this trend is specifically for, only see them as a rump shaker. Isn't this more harmful than good? This dance is meant to stimulate sexual feeling, so the person literally can not unsee and/or feel what they just witnessed of said person. Moreover images and videos like this are considered soft porn, which if you didn't know, have permanent effect on the brain, meaning those memories of dancing underage girls never go away.

Pornography literally changes the brain to desire more pornography. Repeated consumption of it, causes rewiring within itself, triggering it to pump out chemicals and form new nerve pathways that leads to profound and lasting changes. As a person watches porn, they are training their brain to respond sexually to images on a screen.

What comes to mind when anyone looks at this?
What comes to mind when anyone looks at this?

So, this "movement" totally defeats its purpose because men are hardwired to this act in a sexual way. These young women are blindly putting themselves in danger of exploitation, fetishism, humiliation and possibly worse in due time. It is merely blatant immaturity and idiotic rebellion that will lead nowhere...or to a place worse than where it was---an even more perverted world.

Refuting science due to feeling and emotion is unwise. You must research all the facts before experimenting with change.

If you wish to be taken seriously and seen as a woman worthy of title and high regard, then act like it. The same women will mock Donald Trump for inadequacy for the role of president because his behavior is childish. People also see you the same way.

Please, check your own hypocrisy.

Instead of following the crowd, stand out! Use your mind and intellect to show the world what you SHOULD be seen as because people can and will only judge what they see. So, if you're behaving like a stripper and look like one, too, believe or not, most people will conclude you are one. It's second nature for people to judge based upon looks. Even you do it yourself, but because it inconveniences you, it must change, right?

Ya can't change human nature, babe.

But you can trick them. Politicians have been doing it for centuries, hiding their messes behind expensive suits and nice smiles to win their way.

Lying politicians
Lying politicians

It's time to put down your barbie dolls and grow up. Not everyone will bend to your unrealistic and unreasonable demands for "justice", and until that is ingrained in your head, you will never get what you want, especially when you go about it in foolish and inappropriate mannerisms.

If no one will respect the President of the number one country in the world because he has Twitter wars in the middle of the night, then no one will respect an internet-addicted teenager who shakes her rear in a barely-there bikini, saying, "Please, don't sexualize me..."

They are preaching a message in unfitted robes. Don't be them.

Twerking is NOT "female empowerment" and it LOWERS the standard in which men perceive you!
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  • RohitLakra
    Oh gosh! Finally someone makes sense. One of my female friends was like how WAP song empowers women to express their sexuality. I had no idea how to react to her, but I realized that day if I stick around her I will go nuts. I don't even know where people get such stupid ideas that there's some need to express sexuality. Moreover, the song didn't even drive that point to home. Anyway it's just an example of people are consuming music of hooker like music artists. I just wanted to rant about it because it's not been a long time since I had that conversation with my ex friend.
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    • Ruenella_

      Right! I'm glad you agree.

    • RohitLakra

      Thank you for MHO! :)

    • RohitLakra

      @LejaGoldiga No one tells me what to do except my employer and professors. I'm sorry. I can't even imagine ourselves together. I'm not good for you. You deserve someone better.

  • In general, turn the TV off, find people who project class, dignity, and style and values you want. Model them. you might only find them in books or your imagination.

    Turn off Hollywood... it's nothing but garbage from garbage minds. I'd rather people spend time with other animals in real life than watch these deranged animals on tv selling you their vomit culture.
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    • Ruenella_

      Amazing advice, actually.

    • Thank you, I turned it off years ago.

    • FatherJack

      And me , over 12 years ago , I call it Tell-Lie-Vision for the amount of agenda driven BS and Cultural Marxist propaganda it spews out. Other species of animals are indeed far more of a pleasure to be around than people , give me ferrets & dogs anytime.

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  • Tiffany_Taylor_Made
    I wholeheartedly disagree. Twerking is simply a dance to show off a part of your body that many men love, which is booty. It's not meant to "empower" anyone, but rather to show off some sex appeal. Absolutely nothing is wrong with a woman showing off some sex appeal, just as nothing is wrong with a man showing off some sex appeal. If a man's sex appeal is based on his, for example, muscular body and big penis, then he is likely to show off his sex appeal by flexing his muscles and wearing pants that show a bulge. If men can do that without issue, then women should be able to use their booty to show off their own sex appeal without issue. Making it an issue actually degrades women because it creates a negative double standard that can be considered socially oppressive to women. When you're restricting women's freedoms, you're degrading them. Thus, the best solution to this issue is to allow women to do what they wish as long as they're not causing harm. We women do want to be taken seriously, but we ensure that happens by showing that we are capable of supporting ourselves like adults do and thinking rationally. However, at the same time, we also want to feel sexy in the process and attract the men we like, which nothing is wrong with.

    Being sexy doesn't mean we shouldn't be taken seriously. Simply because a man notices a woman's sex appeal doesn't mean that she's being objectified. The truth is, just as much as we humans are social creatures, we are also sexual creatures. We're ALL hardwired to act in a sexual way, regardless of our gender. If we weren't sexual creatures, then no human population would exist. Just because you think it's "degrading" doesn't make it so for everybody else. A woman twerking does not harm anybody or society, and gratifying men's sexual desires is not a crime, just as a man gratifying a woman's sexual desires is not a crime. That's what our sex drives and genitals are literally made for. Instead of going after things like dances and porn that cause no harm, attack things that actually do harm and objectify women and girls such as rape, domestic abuse, sex trafficking, and pedophilia. Also, all that stuff about our brains "releasing chemicals" and changing our brains when watching porn isn't proven by any hard cogent evidence. Sure, some people do develop addictions to certain things, but we are never slaves to our brains. In fact, our brains give us the ability to work hard to overcome any addiction that we might have. Thus, addiction is the true villain here, not porn.
    • Ruenella_

      "It's not meant to empower anyone"

      "Thus, the best solution to this issue is to allow women to do what they wish as long as they're not causing harm."

      That is the thing, though. They are causing harm... to themselves by all the aftereffects I listed in my take.
      This is just advice to people who use this dance as a means of empowerment.

      "Instead of going after things like dances and porn that cause no harm, attack things that actually do harm and objectify women and girls such as rape, domestic abuse, sex trafficking, and pedophilia."

      What do you think causes stuff like that, besides domestic abuse? Porn does harm to the brain and is addictive to many people. It makes you want more and more, even going as far as raping, and trafficking to satiate the hunger of their addiction. And the cycle repeats over and over.

      Tiny "innocent" videos like that can set people off, and I'm not justifying the perpetrator's actions in any way, I only want those women to realize that the world is bigger and badder and they can't change it by adding to the original problem with using more nudity. It's easier to protect yourself and prevent those tragedies from happening by not getting involved in something that is dangerous in the first place, than to tell a criminal to stop his ways.

    • @Ruenella_
      Your heart is definitely in the right place with your myTake, but I feel you're attacking the wrong thing. Addiction is the real culprit here, not twerking or porn. Something is harmful if it kills people, threatens their health, freedom, or property. Twerking simply a dance that, alone, can't do any of those things. Therefore, twerking is, by definition, harmless. Rape, sex trafficking, and pedophilia are harmful though and they're caused by some people in our world unfortunately being heartless psychopaths. Porn and twerking is not a cause of these things. These things existed long before them and even if they were to stop, they would still exist. Simply because people can become addicted to porn doesn't make it bad. As I said, it's the addiction itself that's bad. Porn doesn't cause addiction. Addiction is caused by one's own lack of discipline and willpower. By your logic, food is bad because people can become addicted to it. See, check this out:

      "FOOD does harm to the brain and is addictive to many people. It makes you want more and more, even going as far as COMMITTING VIOLENT CRIME to satiate the hunger of their addiction. And the cycle repeats over and over."

    • When you replace the word "porn" with harmless things that people can become addicted to, it sounds silly because it highlights the fact that what a person becomes addicted to isn't always the problem. Instead, the addiction itself is the problem. There are plenty of people in the world that aren't addicted to porn and it could even be useful for some people. You also have people that aren't addicted to porn that still commit those atrocities against women.

      "I only want those women to realize that the world is bigger and badder and they can't change it by adding to the original problem with using more nudity. "

      I'm not convinced that twerking or porn is attempting to "change" anything. Even if some young women thought that, it still wouldn't do anything because it's not capable of it. Twerking is just simply a way of showing sex appeal and porn is simply a form of entertainment that shouldn't be taken seriously.

  • lovelyhoneybones
    Who the fuck cares how men see us though. It's been installed in us from very early ages that how men perceive us is one of the most important things when it actually isn't. If a woman wants to twerk, how does that effect you? It doesn't. You're pick me attitude is showing.
    • Ruenella_

      Those women wish for men to see them as something other than a sex object, and that is why they chat those phrases. It's why the whole matter began because they do, in fact, care how the world views them. And we all do care to some extent. It's silly to deny that.

      Perception is exercised when establishing trust, building friendships/relationships, starting careers, and so forth. It matters a great deal.

      If those women are unbothered by any of what I stated, then please, do proceed! But it is maddening to have to witness them living in idiotic deception when the solution to it is so simple.

    • Of course everyone cares to an extent how people view us BUT nobody puts pressure on men the same way they do females. If I want to twerk, it isn't fair to judge me based off of that solely. Someone can twerk their ass off by night and be a business woman by day. How someone choices to dance doesn't make them trashy. It means they do what they want in life. I promise these women that YOU look down on still get married, still have loyal boyfriend/husbands. Have children. Have good paying jobs. Have friends. Are overall happy. Probably happier than you because they don't spend their life caring about how men with low self esteem and sexism view them.

    • TraceyByrd

      Twerking whores gtfo , lames ya snag rags she ain't valuable she still a hoe though no difference like the hoes up in here too 💯😂

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  • genericname85
    yeah i don't understand feminazis thes days. first they complain about "poor girls" are being "subjectified" by dancing half naked in the backround of some rapper... and then women go ahead and shake their asses and titts in any possible occasion calling the same thing "empowerment"? wtf. get real. i mean if you like being a whore for others, good for you. not my business... but don't give me this "i'm not doing it for the attention" crap. of course you are.
    • Ruenella_

      So backwards.

    • my theory, it's "less attracitve women" complaining about female subjectification. that's what you see in those raging feminists. they're ugly as fuck and sore that they don't get the sexual attention those girls get.

      if they were pretty, they'd do the same shit. if you're ugly, don't compete with "beauty" xD that's just moronic. and why would you complain about men only seeing her for her body? you obviously don't want that type of guy. i just don't get the fuzz. if you got something to show and you like showing it, good for you xD if you don't have that or don't like doing that, just don't. to each their own, as they say.

    • marish01

      More absurdly some feminists say men who have casual sex with women disrespect women because they objectify them yet those same feminists say women who have casual sex with men are empowering and strong women.
      If we combine this two what we will get is casual sex objectifies and empowers women. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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  • nerdybutlazy
    It's literally just a dance, if someone wants to do something with their bodies let them
    • Ruenella_

      Just some enlightening advice. I literally can not control them, so don't worry, Lazy.

    • It's because what many females don't understand is that men fetishize and sexualize as. They see us as sex objects sometimes.

    • __inkRat

      @Cupcakes_No_Flakes my fetishes, what I find sexual and fantasies are none of you business. So how about stop blaming man for there fantasies and things they find attractive? If you do something that they find sexual and they act towards you in sexual way, only then you can call them out, rest of it is there own business. Same for woman you can sexualize man the fuck you want, but keep it to yourself, you should know where the deam line and how not to put your hands on man ass. If man have ok idea where that line is, then there is no line for woman since so many have this idea that they can do prety much anything they want.

  • art_hoe
    bitch look.
    idgaf what people will think what people think about me if i twerk. honestly its my butt and i can do wtf i want. it is not an invitation. all i know is that it makes me confident as shit in what i have.
    let women do whatever they want with their body. or anyone for that matter. no matter the gender, unless it is not endangering anyone's safety or consent, it is valid and okay. so what fi someone dances to WAP? oh nooo, its sExUaL, aw come on, like, it does empower women to feel sexual, why not. if it doe snot empower you as a woman, that's okay, find something that does empower you. if you're a guy, you might just be saying this out of hypocrisy and your own insecurities or some shit, just make sure you don't project it on others and ffs don't post it on a website.
    why would you want to stop someone from expressing their sexuality? it has nothing to do with consent nor being a "hooker" and the fact you think that makes you the exact problem of this whole thing. YOU are the one who portrays this as if it is something bad and oh no sLuTtY just stfu and let people feel demselves, if it gives them confidence let it be, it's amazing to see people feel good about themselves and you do not have a saying in anyone's happiness unless it is harming you personally which i cannot understand how someone throwing it back could possibly anyhow harm you.
    • Tiger288

      U should be in school instead stupid twerk u got lot to learn sweetheart

    • TraceyByrd

      Gtfo lame rag

  • Lmao at anyone who twerks and thinks it doesn't make you look like a total slut.

    Don't take that the wrong way, you can do it and not be one but it's such a far cry from being empowering lol. It's literally the move strippers do to let you know it's time to put dollars in their underwear
    • Ruenella_

      Glad to see there's still some sensible people in the world.

  • MCheetah
    I 100% agree and HATE that we're living in a world where your post would be considered "controversial."
    • Ruenella_

      RIGHT 😂😂 the fact that people disagree is scary.

    • OmNomaly

      People want to return to monkey. x'D

  • Molly37
    Your word are fact! Unfortunately today we aren’t allowed to have opinions so I’m sure you will get a lot of hate! I hate when I see women lowering them self to such a level. Just do porn if that what they want. How many young girls are looking up to them or their parents/themselves are listening to the degrading music and learning it okay to be disrespected. Makes me sad and worries for the world my kids will see
    • Ruenella_

      Same here. They can do so much better but they just choose to follow the crowd.

  • RingOfFire
    Is there actually anybody who actually thinks it's female empowerment?

    Oh wait... yeah! That's it! It's female empowerment! I get it! ;)

    Twerk away girls... empower yourselves! Stand up for your rights!!! Girl power!!! The hell with those sexist men!!! TWERK 'em into submission!
  • AutophileAngel
    Oh here’s an amazing idea. How about everyone minds their own business?
    • Ruenella_

      How 'bout not putting it online for the world to see then it won't be everyone's business.

    • How about not being pressed about something that it is not harmful to you and doesn’t affect you at all?

    • Ruenella_

      Obviously didn't read the myTake.

  • Maraneva
    Finally. A proper mature person actually making some sense. Good write-up and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that you've put good amounts of thought into this.
    If women are actually thinking that acting like an idiot on camera is going to earn them respect, I actually feel bad for the wasted space in their heads where the brain is supposed to be.
    Here's my advice to any young woman, old woman, teen or child thinking of showing themselves off to earn respect.
    1. Learn new things about the universe. Science is never ending for example. Literature can be very intriguing. Music can speak to you in unimaginable ways. Learn stuff like this.
    2. Establish a satisfying career without blaming family inheritance and crap like that. I said satisfying, not something that'll make you filthy rich. Working as a waitress or even simply cleaning tables in a diner can be a satisfying job if you look at the money, pat yourself on the back and think, "I earned that shit. Beat that!"
    3. Work hard for whatever you have passion for. Deep down, no girl has a passion for shaking her butt or boobs on camera. She might actually want to become a successful teacher for instance. Pursue such passions and work your ass instead of shaking it.
    4. Earn your own money, pay your own bills and dues once you finish college without getting into debts and subsequent fights.
    5. Engage in sports and keep yourself fit and healthy.
    Do all these and that will make you what everyone calls, "A strong independent woman"
    I don't need to rant more. The idiot males drool at the twerkers while people with brains find the real independent females more than attractive.
    Remember twerking can only get you as far as your ass stays in shape. After that if you don't possess the intellect, you're done.
  • Ozanne
    While I don't get twerking, I'm not going to tell someone what to do. If twerking causes her no harm, fine. If she ends up getting attention, even unwanted attention, well, then we'll talk. Until that happens, it's just young people with good bodies and the ability to do it having fun.

    I came from a generation where us girls wore skin-tight jeans and leather halter tops, and that's if we chose not to wear our bras as it's own outer garment. Back then, THAT was an issue. ;)

    Twerking is one of those things where I think being classy and a bit of a mystery is entirely removed and you can't get it back when you do something like this. But in the moment when a young girl wants to advertise, she doesn't know that. She just wants to show off and be seen as a sexual being. Nothing wrong with that, but women forget that some men like their girls to be a mystery and when you give it all away, the fun goes away pretty fast.

    But hey, on the other side, you're only young once, and if it's something you can look back on your twerking days, and one day tell the grandchildren "Grammy used to be able to twerk" and they see a video of it and scream laughing: "THAT'S NOT GRANDPA!", then hey, it may actually provide a lot of fun in fifty years. Who knows? ;)
    • Tiger288

      I agree with the mystery theory not give away

  • 1truekhaleesi
    Twerking causes harm? That gave me a good laugh. The power of the twerking booty compels you!!! Hahahahahahaha

    Stop the victim blaming bullshit. It minimizes the actual problem and it silences male victims. And please explain to me how we're the number one country in the world when we have homeless veterans and bread lines?
  • No offence but tldr. Twerking is a bizarre thing. It certainly isn’t female empowerment, but to each their own.
  • Unit1
    Totally. You got the right message across.
    Filth is filth.
    Twerking isn't even cool. Here's exactly how twerking girls make themselves look like.
  • ChurchOfSteel
    Great writing for a 19 year old, I gotta say, though. However, here, I would break down the specifics, instead of leaving it vague like, "Profound and lasting 'changes' ". What changes? "Permanent effects on the brain." Such as? Literally everything causes profound and lasting changes to the brain. It's a constantly evolving structure via neuroplasticity. The reader needs to know the weight of what you're talking about.

    Err. Wait. So let me get this straight. Your issue is with women gratifying men?

    I would also add in a defense for women whom are anti-porn or anti-twerking. This is something that gratifies men, so on some level, in attacking it, you're also attacking men's desire for women. I. e., it can come off sounding like insecurity or jealousy, rather than reason. Especially considering how prevalent this is among women: the desire to bring hotter or otherwise more desirable women down. I'd throw in a pre-emptive defense for that, if your main concern is "women should be perceived more seriously."

    I appreciate your rational breakdown of the hypocrisy, but at the same time, logic is so not sexy. You know what is sexy? Twerking. I'll also point out that dance has always been a form of self-sexualization. It is, quite plainly, a demonstration of sexual prowess. Movement, seduction, balance, strength, grace, etc. It's always been about a mating dance. Twerking is simply another example of that. Bouncing on a metaphorical dick isn't much different from. One is considered an art form, because it is more subtle in its solicitation of sexual desire. That is all.

    That said, I absolutely agree on the porn thing. Messed with my ability to get and stay in a certain state. We weren't meant to see HD porn videos, bouncing across such perpetual novelty. It's unnatural to the point of being a drug. And damn I loved porn. But, the spikes of dopamine and serotonin negatively impacted my life. I'm much more driven without porn.

    Anyways, great writing. Keep fleshing it out, and I could see you making some cash.
  • TheorionMage
    Every human being is like a Sentience 'equestrian' atop an engendered primate lifeform which shares 98.9% THE SAME evolutionary DNA as the Bonobo chimpanzee... the RANDIEST of ALL primates. LOOK IT UP!

    NOW... there are but TWO paradoxical choices... Puritanically-grounded 'Pollyanna's wallow in failed neutered Feminist idealistic cognizant dissonance that by sheer 'enlightenment' those equestrian 'Souls' can CONSTANTLY 'over-rule' the innate natural appetites of that primate animal which they ride, trying to break its reproductively driven inclinations, turning it to some kid's docile birthday party pony. Cloistered convents and monasteries are full of repentant 'sinners' of concupiscence. OR...

    WISE female Sentience's, CAN elect to EXPLOIT the natural fact, that those human primate lifeforms are EVERY BIT as 'in the moment' appetite-driven as someone riding parallel to another, and proffering that OTHER horse a carrot or sugar cube in affect, providing a conundrum of WHOM to be obedient to. 'Seduction' of the Other's 'mount's natural appetites has LONG been the MORE 'pragmatic' tactic. THIS is the underpinnings of human rationalization and "The devil made me DO it."

    BOTH the ENTIRE COUNTRIES of Egypt and Troy have gone to war over the allure of ONE singular Feminist.
  • Ellie-V
    Highly disagree with most of what you said but I enjoyed reading and encourage you to write more. I haven’t written a take in so long. This makes me want to write another one, maybe as an indirect response.
  • 2twisted4you
    Twerking does not lower your standards or class. Its a dance. How you treat others and how you allow others to treat you determine character. Doing what's right when no one is looking... stuff like that.

    This is a dance. If anything, its another free tool women have to manipulate and control men.
  • mistixs
    I suspect that the women twerking and the women asking not to be sexualized aren't the same people, but I agree if some of them are the same people, then it's pretty weird.
    • Ruenella_

      Tiktok will change your mind about that.

    • OceanMelon

      There's a lot of shitty things on Tiktok

  • Stoner710
    Yea I would say that’s accurate, If women don’t want to be sexualized and seen as objects then cover up, If you want guys to respect you want treat you like an angle then stop going around acting like a slut or someone we just want to have she’s with, Marriage is the true female empowerment if you get divorced that you take half the guys stuff, Not encouraging divorce but aleast you haven’t lost your self respect by trying to be in a committed relationship. This sexual liberation is more beneficial to men then it is to women, we get our dick wet leave and you have just become the object of our sexual desires and a place to deposit our sperm. Where if you hold out for marriage you get a guy trying to make it work and spend his life with you rather then just be a one night stand, And guys get there dick wet with there wife, It’s a win win for both men and women.
    • Ruenella_

      That's basically it 😂😂 in a very explicit way.

  • gamergoddess98
    Interesting... twerking is a form of dance, along with many other forms of dancing that can be perceived as sexual. I think you're overthinking it. I don't think the comparison between these two, "If no one will respect the President of the number one country in the world because he has Twitter wars in the middle of the night, then no one will respect an internet-addicted teenager who shakes her rear in a barely-there bikini, saying, "Please, don't sexualize me..."" makes any sense at all, but I'll humor it for a second. I don't really follow teenagers who twerk in "barely-there bikinis" who also state that they "don't want to be sexualized" BUT I am a sex worker, with a college degree, so I guess I can provide some accurate input from real life experience. When you're young, like.. teenager young, you don't know better. You don't know that people will actually pay to see that twerking. It's unfortunate that attractive women are taught that men should do all these things; pay for dinner, buy you things, "treat you right" you could say, in exchange for attention/sexual favors, but when a woman wants to get compensated for it, it becomes something that shunned upon. And to that I say, F*CK the patriarchy! OWN YOUR BODY. If you got it, monetize it.
  • RolandCuthbert

    I have never met a woman twerking who claims that a man should not see her in a sexual way. Folks at GaG are weird.

    So you are supposed to be a woman poster, but you don't get that women need to be sexy?

    My fiancee has never twerked, but she has gone commando. She has worn clothes and done things to be sexy. And it is important to her that I am turned on by her sexiness, which I am.

    That has nothing to do with her command of logistics or her expertise when it comes to animal care and the things she does professionally.

    But you are supposed to be a woman poster. . . again. . right?

    You think that if you dance seductively to feel sexy and to attract male attention, people can hold that against you when it comes to your ability to be professional and to work a job?

    Get the hell out of here.
    • Ruenella_

      I don't understand your point. Are you talking to me?

    • Oh, I get it. You are so dull, you don't know the person responding to your thread is talking to you.

      Wow, that's why you posted such drivel.

    • Ruenella_


  • Aguysopinion4799
    I am actually so glad that I am seeing this post come from a girl.

    I personally dislike seeing twerking, it has never been a thing I find attractive but the act itself is a thing that is as you said NOT empowering to women and does indeed lower the standards that men see in women, likely because it makes guys see that this is what women are now willing to do just for likes on social media and even at a young age.

    I prefer seeing girls in nice clothes in photos that they post, not being grossed out by seeing someone bouncing their butt up and down.

    I am all for people having freedom to do things and so on, I am not saying that we should ban it, I am simply saying that we should not categorise it as empowering and in my opinion not even categorise it as sexy, you could categorise it in OTHER because there is really no point to doing it, it serves no point whatsoever.
    • While the person in your profile picture is naked, it does not show any obscene parts and is photographed artistically to capture the body naked in parts but not in a way that will cause problems, art has used naked people for ages, it is not a new thing.

      So I see nothing wrong with your profile picture, is it objectifying? hmm... I would say no after checking it, there isn't the intention to use this photo for that purpose at the least.

    • Ruenella_

      You're sweet. Thank you.

    • No problem :)

  • Guffrus
    Sorry but this is a lot of bollocks.

    Firstly a person, regardless of what sort of genitals they have can be sexy and smart, either one at a time or together.

    Secondly you are raging at a percieved inequality while simultaneously failing to realise that you are not acting as an equal, you are presuming to tell others what they must and must not do based on your wishes.

    That isn't how equality works and evidently you are not a proponent of it.

    So i suggest that if equality really is something that you care about and want to see in the world you need look no further than your own self.
  • Guanfei
    Twerk is probably one of the ugliest, unsexiest and most vulgar dance ever made. Who the fuck, with a sane mind and a bit of taste, could ever find that shit sexy?
    And how could it be empowering? It's basically the lowest trash stuff ever.
  • Twinrova
    You mean to tell me that submitting yourself to the sexual appetites of lonely old men at the super bowl, isn't empowerment? You're a Nazi/bigot.
  • Cherokeehp
    I don’t think it’s empowering and I don’t think it damages how people perceive me. Twerking is just fun. It’s just a dance and I like dancing. I know it looks sexy, I just don’t care.
  • Roxy12345d
    Nope bish this is not true... females are allowed to do whatever the fuck they want with their bodies and it should not lower their standards... it’s like we can’t do anything these days... calm tf down internet!!
  • FatherJack
    More toxic " media " promoted BS and hypocrisy , @Ruenella_ well put , these types are so full of shit , they would make a large sewer network explode !!
  • jshm2
    You've used a lot of words to say nothing, kiddo.

    You're preaching on something you know even less about than your perceived audience.

    So called "twerking" isn't something you do to gain "respect" ; any more than you smoke pot to have deep philosophical conversations with your parents.

    Any person who judges another based on one solitary action isn't really a judge of much. No idea why you think twerking is purely sexualising. It's basically a right of passage based on African cultural dance and something a woman would learn growing up. In terms of Western cultures it's basically a "dance move".

    Perhaps you're a closet lesbian, if you're seeing something "sexual" in it. Personally I see it as not easy to do right, unless you have the right "shape". Hence more of a "flex" to show fitness and potential.
    • Ruenella_

      You did not read.

    • ManaX

      "It's basically a right of passage based on African cultural dance and something a woman would learn growing up" - I am African, no it's not. Tribal dance that involves hip movement it totally different from twerking. You look stupid.

  • Maxilicious
    Yeah. I never got twerking. It's degradation not much better than flashing your boobs. Just because a Z list celeb does it on a music video that means you've got to do it in public?
  • hi_it_is_me123
    Let women have the choice wtf they want. It is empowerment to get the choice to dance like this. Also men should stfu, if they are the consumer of porn/sexwok etc. I swear people hate sex workerd but they also can't live without them.
    • Dancing sexual, does not mean you shouod be disrespected. The same as to submissive traditional women. You also dont get disrespected for submiting to your men aka being his slave.

    • Ruenella_

      No one should disrespect them but the dancer can not control how their audience responds.

  • JackSmy
    I think it is disgusting, and they are demeaning themselves, and 'advertising' that they want sex, even the under-age ones, not really even knowing, which is MORE DISGUSTING!!
    One of the women, at work, was showing a video of her 12 year old daughter, doing that, in super-tight yoga pants, and they were all saying she has some 'Talent' or 'Dance Skills'!! WTF?
    Skills, yeah, like on a Stripper Pole!! Disgusting!!!
  • NickAdy9405
    Honestly all this new social media trend where girls show off their body in my opinion is a big bullshit. Nothing is natural anymore, everywhere I go on the internet I see some girl showing off her body from the best angles or whatever.

    Girls we man understand you are beautiful, good looking but I honestly am so fucking tired of seeing everyday the same boring shit where a girl shows her ass.
    Is not sexy, not interesting and not fun anymore when most of you do the same thing.

    Was thinking yesterday about something that is going on in my mind.
    This world became so cruel that in my opinion is almost impossible to meet a girl wich respect the relationship as it should, and doesn't get bored if she doesn't show her ass or talk to another 15 guys when I work or when I'm busy.

    These days women especially in my country believe that being beautiful, fit and dressing nice is all that matters. Those same girls are the one crying that their boyfriend cheat on them, or they never experienced an orgasm, or they are ignored.
    People do not appreciate anymore, those people who have a normal job, who buy a flower, who care, who appreciate them, every fucking girl now care of being in a rich place or a rich car or somewhere where she can share a photo.
    Nobody fucking care of living the moment anymore, all that matters is what other people see

    We are a fucking sad generation that always smile in photos.

    Twerking is something sluts do in my opinion.
  • Dalisay
    I hate everything about it. And it's not even sexy. If you want to make yourself look like a stupid attention seeker, twerk. God, even the name for it is annoying.
  • xenaknight
    just because a girl is twerking it doesn’t mean she is inviting people to sexualise her, and twerking started off as a traditional dance until it was sexualised by the west
    • Ruenella_

      People can't just ignore a woman who's dancing while naked. She ought to know that by know.

    • Jamie05rhs

      What was the meaning of the tradition, though?

    • Cherokeehp

      You realize people can twerk with clothes on?

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  • Lone_wolf122
    I find twerking really trashy and somewhat cringe... I don't even understand how it can be a " power " move.. It's like the opposite
  • ret04
    Right? I always thought it looks like a baboon is having some kind of seizure, or trying to scratch it's butt on something that isn't there. It's the lowest common denominator of dance. It's the move that girls who can't really dance do for attention. Anyone who says that making their ass cheeks giggle around is "fun" must have never actually experienced fun in their life.

    Not surprised a lot of girls respond saying "nuh-uh, ain't no man gonna tell me", but actually defending the twerk? I would think most would consider it an embarrassment to their own gender. How does it not make you cringe just to see it? It's so damn stupid they made the guys on Impractical Jokers do it. Being a woman doesn't make it less absurd.
  • OpenWine
    twerking just makes you look cheap and has nothing to do with talent.
    anyone who knows how to dance will feel ashamed this is called dancing.

    I have a slight disgust for it tho you just outed yourself as a sex hungry bitch and I know how to throw a rod. maybe next year I'm rusty as a german car
  • Bee-Hatch
    Wasn't this figured out in 2011-12 when twerking was still a thing? Are we going to discuss the problematic nature of hand jiving or the charlston next?
  • DarkFashionBeauty
    well, I don't have much boobs to shake so I'll shake my ass if requested. "shrug" Also soca is big in the Caribbean's and ass shaking. Can't stop me from loving it.
  • Rosie0987
    Twerking was never a sexual dance, it dates back to the 1800’s and it’s actually really fun to do. I literally do it alone in my room while listening to music because it’s like any other dancing. People need to stop sexualising dancing, where I am from we dance a lot with our bodies it’s seen as beautiful and over here when I done it I was “asking for it”.
  • markml
    Twerking is just NOT classy...

    I don't think I've ever actually been turned on by a girl twerking. It's more of a distraction than anything, because it looks so ridiculous.

    Admittedly, I am more of a boob guy than a butt buy, but I can still admire when a girl has a nice butt. The girls with the nicest butts tend not to twerk, as far as I can tell.

    If you've got the goods, why do you need to flaunt it?

    Totally agree that it's not "female empowerment", but I also wonder how many guys who aren't drunk even find it that sexy?

    Being feminine is attractive, and that involves acting graceful and sophisticated. Pretty much the opposite of twerking. Learn ballet instead.
  • I don't twerk unless its as a joke but I honestly couldn't care for what makes think. If they have a problem with what another person harmlessly does with their body then there the problem not the person whose twerking. If they don't like it they have the option to walk away instead of being a snowflake, Karen and thinking it's there place to tell others to love there life
  • ramchandra9971
    Wow... u explain well... ur agenda is clear yet more efforts required to explore it... good going😇😊😉
  • oddwaffle
    Women can do whatever they want and men can think about that however they want.

    It's a choice. Since when did it matter what the men think about women? It doesn't unless the women are weak and can not control their own lives.
  • Yes thank you. This generation thinks everything a woman does is empowering and that's just not how it is.
    • Ruenella_

      Too true, sir!

    • blondfrog

      Yep its also like with the whole classy thing. I've met women doing something so trashy and slutty then posting a selfie saying keep it classy. Usually they will be posting a selfie drinking beers with a caption saying keep it classy. Like seriously? lol

    • Ruenella_

      Their way of saying "F. U." to gender norms.

  • cherieday
    I wish people would start dancing again. Like with their whole body.
  • IlluminatiExposed0
    Twerking is not porn. It can be loosely described as a form of dance. Girls are empowered by doing what they want to do. If they want to twerk, then twerk they shall.