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Body hair has no gender!


Stop associating masculinity with hair! Nature has also given hair to women, and with that being said, hair cannot be masculine!


Surpise! A LOT of women have moustaches whether you like it or not!

Body hair has no gender!


Body hair has no gender!


Body hair has no gender!


Body hair has no gender!


Body hair has no gender!




Body hair has no gender!


Body hair has no gender!

None of theese are related to hirsutism or polycystic ovary syndrome. Being hairy is natural for all humans beings regardless of sex or gender.

Body hair has no gender!
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  • Hopelessromantic182
    Yup I agree and it’s so twisted when people think it’s gross on women but it’s natural. Femininity has been associated with having no body hair thanks to the media and shaving companies. As more women did it, it became the norm. Since it’s the norm, most men prefer it. I also prefer it because it’s what I got used to. I think the only way body hair can be normalized on women is if majority of women decide to keep their body hair or if all female celebrities started doing it.
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    • joeldalton

      You realize the Egyptian women removed body hair, right? What media were they watching?

    • @joeldalton There were social norms. In Ancient Egypt, body hair was a symbol of the uncivilized, depicted as dirty and unhygienic. That's the reason why women removed their hair, to become accepted. EGYPTIAN MEN ALSO, removed their body hair for the same reason.

    • Yes, you’re basically just taking it further back to history and it still supplements my point. Egyptians used hieroglyphics and drawings as their form of media (media is not limited to just TV/Internet), and they also had Cleopatra who set the norm. (Men during that time also shaved all their hair like women did). Bottomline is hair being associated with femininity/ masculinity is just socially constructed, made widespread by the current media and socially accepted by the masses. Who knows what trend will be in the future. This is kind of similar to the makeup trend. Back then Egyptian men wore makeup.

  • It depends on your race as to how much. American Indians don't have much body hair and women in India do. Some are more hairy than others. Even pubic hair varies by race.
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    • I don't have much body hair like my eyebrows. My taint has as much as my eyes.

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  • Jaumet
    I love it... Your name just like broadcast you total hate for men in general... like the Daughter of Lilith... like she would ever allow herself to get pregnant. A bit of a hypocritical statement in who you pretend to be. Considering, she is part of whom I consider the maiden in the triple goddess... but whatever.

    I remember seeing this chick who looked like she was fucking growing a damn chia pet under her arm... It freaked me out so bad I decided to get rid of that shit myself. I mean like what... she trying to please her vegan girlfriend with something to munch on at night or what? "Nom Nom Nom" - "Hey! That tickles!"

    I'm rather scared to even know just how hairy you must be that you felt you have to write about it. I mean damn, I don't (family trait) have hair on my legs... what the fuck do you do with it anyway... like fucking hold braiding parties and shit with... I can see it now... "Fuck it, I went with dreadlocks!"

    It's weird not realizing that people actually grow hair on their legs... and finding out that women actually shave their legs... cause it's a feminine thing to do... and I'm like suddenly all self-conscious and shit. Ignorance is bliss.
    • I do not hate men

    • Jaumet

      From everything I've seen you post... I would say that it would be debatable.

    • Such as?

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  • hi_it_is_me123
    I agree. Men say they want natural women but chase for women with makeup, plastic surgery and shaved body. Do they even know how natural female body look like?
    • That is not true. We live with women and we see them at their worst/most natural. We are fully aware of how a natural female body looks

    • Many American men have pedo preferences lol. I am done how they want a shaved woman although pubes and armbits are secondary sexual traits and only kids dont have such bodyhair and so you guys have some pedo preferences

    • Just admit you guys have some pedo preferences and i will shut up. Shaving pubes are actually not even healthy and pubes prevent any infections or so on. Sad that some women have to give up their healthy so insane men like you can find them attractive.

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  • NetSapien
    Personally, I've not known anyone complaining that hair is masculine. Most all cultures have grooming traditions that include shaving/removal of hair.

    Fact though: If the levels of testosterone, a male androgen produced in the ovaries, is too high in women can cause:

    - excess body hair/facial hair
    - hair thinning/balding
    - acne
    - enlarged clitoris
    - decreased breast size
    - deepening of the voice
    - increased muscle mass
    - low libido
    - mood swings
    - irregular menstrual cycles

    PCOS adds a few too:
    - infertility
    - miscarriage
    - type 2 diabetes
    - obesity
    - endometrial cancer

    ALL of these can be attributed Hirsutism and/or PCOS. And in the case of PCOS it's important to diagnose it as early as possible to have the best chance of treatment.

    Since you didn't mention congenital adrenal hyperplasia, I won't mention it.

    I can understand you point and perspective on what you were stating, but please, make sure you're aware of what it is you're stating in regards to Hersutism, and particularly PCOS.

    If you knew someone in your family w/ PCOS, they could explain to you the hell they're going through and tell you the same.
  • t-8900
    congrats! Still not getting in bed with a hairy ape. If that means I have to shave too, FINE. But I'm not getting in bed with a chimp! I shave my chest, pits, and my pubes for my woman. No complaints! But for the love of God, shave those goddamn legs and pits!
    • Most women does shave their pits and legs, and I do not like men with no pubic hair, I prefer pubes.

    • t-8900

      @Laciandmaci my woman doesn't and I do that for her.

  • TheUniqueOne96
    I agree, but us men are still entitled to have preferences, just like women do and personally, I don't find body hair attractive, as I even manage my own - I don't always just take it all clean off, as it's too much effort, even though I do just that for some areas at least once a week generally, but I do something.
  • HawkPerception
    You're free to have hair. No one's telling you not to grow it. But everyone is also free to have their preferences and body hair (in excess) on girls looks pretty unappealing to me. If a girl doesn't want to date a guy that's shorter than a certain height or has a pot belly, she's free to have that preference.
  • MysteriousDarkness
    Body hair on a woman does not bother me be it on her: chest, arms, armpits, abs/belly, legs, pussy, ass. From no body hairy to being hairy as me or hairy does not bother me when it comes to women.
  • Diversity_Hire
    You know what else is natural? Body odor, plaque buildup, nudity, dandruff, etc. Just because something is natural that doesn't make it good.

    Hair honestly doesn't bother me, but what is natural doesn't mean shit to a society driven by appearance.
  • Kaneki05
    Da that is all true, and freedom to have hair if ya want. still don't mean personally i would be attracted to that though heck i don't even like body hair on myself so yeah really not all the sudden gonna be attracted to just cause it's natural.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Sure you can say it has no gender but our preference doesn't change
  • VanillaSalt
    Yea and most women that don’t shave are ugly so what’s your point
  • JakeCopper
    Body hair on women doesn't bother me as I'm a man with beard, chest, armpit, butt hair and everything that I have to trim or shave.
  • Daniel_Dano
    Healthy women won't grow much hair because they have balanced hormones.

    Hairy girls have hormonal imbalances.
  • AllThatSweetJazz
    Okay... you're the one making that assertion, not everyone else. That's a strawman.
    I don't think anyone is saying that's masculine, they're saying that it's *ugly*.
  • Abtraction
    Hair-lips are an instant turn-off. Harry armpits or legs too.

    A man needs to have standards, sorry I don't want to date a woman who looks like a hairy ape...
  • Lauraa1309
    dont think its very cute or hygienic if a girl has a moustache or armpit hair. just looks gross
    • Not everyone wants to be cute

    • Lauraa1309

      lol true but i hate girls who are like yass i want to have body hair everywhere and then wonder why guys dont find them attractive. it just isn't attractive. its unhygienic but if thats how u wanna look sure.

  • MountAverage
    Here's the thing. I think everyone should be free to keep their body hair as they please, regardless of gender, without being shamed for it. But at the same time everyone should also be free to have preferences without being shamed for it. I dislike body hair on women. Both visually and how it feels. I'm not gonna demand any woman to shave if she doesn't want to, but it's also up to me to choose to be with a woman who shaves. Live and let live, you know?
    I also think the "nature" argument is irrelevant. Something being "natural" doesn't automatically make it good or bad. It just makes it - being. It's neutral. We humans are the ones ascribing worth to things.
  • blindedd
    hair comes to be cause of testosterone.
    testosterone = male characteristics
    we all have a little male in us but its customary that we associate serious body hair on men cause its just genetics. we produce *some* but not nearly enough as they do
    i have no issue with body hair, but i personally like to keep myself prim and proper and i generally dont like men with hairy chests its just it lol
    • Harleyguy

      And some girls have a lot of male in them at times!!!😉

    • blindedd

      @Harleyguy yup some girls just have higher amounts of testosterone which makes them grow facial hair

  • backdoorman
    Most men have to shave their facial hair shave it. Every day.

    Stop being a victim.
  • kingykringy
    I noticed the girl who was my first kiss had some whiskers on her chin. I brushed that off and everything was amazing. However I don’t think that I could be attracted to a woman who doesn’t take care of herself at all.
  • Sunnybabe23
    yeah, but unfortunately people are sexist and judgmental, so we have to conform
  • Radio4men
    Yah do it.. just make sure to start your cat collection.
  • randomusername321
    Yeah it doesn't. But I still don't like women with body or facial hair, obviously.
  • JamieLoves
    If you’re hairy and don’t alleviate it on your body, then I’m not going to go near you. Don’t like what I say? Too bad...
    That’s Life!
  • Dontaaa
    That's fine, but in return, I better not hear shit if I decide to shave off all of my body hair.
  • Justneedtokno
    That’s why we Trying not looking like wolves when you see us. Waxing shaving hair removal cream laser all of it
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    It was well known and accepted, but you guys only wanted to have smooth skin hairless things you people set the trend, now you fight against it
  • Nachowedgie
    Still doesn't change the fact that men have preferences
  • Pepsiman23
    Shaving your body hair is like cutting your hair to keep it looking nice
  • yofuknutz
    I think most people associate hair with smell and the easiest way to deal with that is to use hand sanitizer in your armpits only do not try this in your genitalia region nope don't do that they have a new thing out now for that particular area called lume deodorant back to the hand sanitizer it gets rid of the smell in under a minute for an unshaven armpit anything that is shave it's going to sting trying out this stunt. Body hair has no gender!
  • Dchrls78104
    Natural female body hair is no turnoff for me---unless she's got a beard or really, really hairy chest, arms, or legs.
  • Harleyguy
    I don’t I’m not stupid. I know women have hair some more then others. Funny you say that considering it’s most women that decide to remove all their except their hair on their head.
  • Massageman
    Why so surprised and emphatic? Anyone who passed high school biology should know that ALL mammals have hair. So, any animal with a spine, who bears live young, and nurses them through mammary glands is a mammal and will have hair, whether male or female. Don't take my word for it - - - - - -

    "Hair (and a coat of hairs, called fur or pelage) is uniquely mammalian. No other creature possesses true hair, and at least some hair is found on all mammals at some time during their lives." U of Mich. Zoology website
  • koolkapy
    EXACTLY! i hate when my friends call me ladyboy for having no hair on my body and long hair, men can have women's body too!
  • anylolone
    Nature is doing that, I'm sorry you dislike it.

    But there's a market for every product.
  • Slim57
    You can stay single if you want that's fine with us cave women
    • We do shave ! Body hair is natural I have very fine hair by my belly button (they call it a happy trail?) I shave it, along with my arm pits, and legs.

  • OK. I am responding because I am tired of seeing this.
  • Sweetener_
    This is ridiculous lol
    • Harleyguy

      Lol so is 99 % of the shit posted on gag

    • What is ridiculous these are true facts. LOL

  • Marine84
    Mustaches on women is disgusting.
  • dudeinohio
    I won't date a sasquatch
  • Coulis
    So now body hair can't escape this madness.
  • humanearth
    Right, and right again
  • Exterminatore
    Whatever you say pinko.
  • BButterfly
    Now what?
  • Cicero79
    Can you say feminine hygiene?
  • Steve1071
    If she starts to look like cousin it I’m gone.
  • Pattycakes765
    No mahn I don't want body hair
  • sixtyeightplusone
    no, just no
    • Its called "civilization". Just like men have to trim their nails even though it would be hella fun not to do it

  • HappyJon
    Yes it does.
  • TaeTaeTeaBTSSS