Being Ideal vs Wanting To Improve


Knowing everything Vs. Wanting to know more

Yes, some people just think they know it all, they have it all figured it out and they basially try to outshine every perspective of yours even if you state facts, JUST BECAUSE THAT PERSON HAS TO WIN.... or if you ask me, these people have an inflated sense of their own other words:

Narcissistic personality disorder

This is what happens a lot in this virtual community. G@G knows this, and it's challanging us, and admit it, we all like it don't we ... Wink Wink

Being Ideal vs Wanting To Improve

Some of you will say " but they are just trolling " well, yes, this phenomenon of Trolling deserves a whole MyTake of its own, because if you ask me, it's getting out of hand and it's getting embarrising... I love having fun and many times i'm sarcastic myself, but never on earth would i "TROLL" as in "writing something out of context just to look "cool" because again. It's freaking embarrising. STOPET !!!

So what are we supposed to do you ask?

Well, how about you try to admit that you don't know me, when people admit to their mistakes or lack of knowledge in something, that's the sexiest thing someone can do. Like , how about we stop GENERALIZING for starters...?

Being Ideal vs Wanting To Improve

This whole MyTake inspired me based on a little chit chat I had with BoobMan and this is what he said:

I guess rather than ideal you could replace that with "constantly improve" or "work to better yourself." I think where a lot of the perpetually offended people fall off the beam is a mistaken belief that everything is subjective and therefore nothing is any better or worse than anything else. And of course, that's completely wrong. There ARE things that are better and there ARE things that are worse. And we know that because we're not all equally drawn to everything.

Pretty deep huh? Well BoobMan (Yes he loves boobs no secret here) has a massive point here. When it comes to self-improvement it does not involve being overly hard on yourself though, in fact it's quite the opposite.

Trust me, the more self-kindness the more self-compassion you can foster, the more equipped you will be to treat those around you the same way.

Oh and another extra deep tip: Doing good for others through simple words can give your life a deeper sense of meaning. It might even help to improve your physical and mental health. YOU wouldn't know without trying si try.... Like, don't you feel AMAZING when people actually THANK YOU for opening their eyes? Or for just giving them hope?

Being Ideal vs Wanting To Improve

But rather than try to improve themselves and/or their situation by working at it, they find it easier to complain that the world isn't fair. - BoobMan

Sadly, complaining in well known situations such as different topics about "Gender Issues" especially on my last MyTakes when I tried to gather direct information of what Women really want or what Men really want. As much as I tried to PUMP the positivity in those Articles, many people yet decided to complain and also be 100% sure of their own facts.

(click on the blue letter - links to see yourself)

I think the best way to improve yourself is through the following:

Cultivate Gratitude - keep a gratitude journal of what you're thankful, it can have a big effect on your mindset. Incorporating gratitude daily, can helop ward off stress, improve sleep and so on.

Being Ideal vs Wanting To Improve

Digital Detox - UNPLUGGING, even if it's just for a small amount of time can be very beneficial to your well-being. The next time you are tented to check your messages or WHO replied to the last comment on G@G, try to step away from your phone for a few hours, and reflect, walk, distract yourself... you might even come back with more energy and have a bomb reply to some issue or debate.

Positive self-talk - You have to stop being overly harsh and critical of your perceived failings. HELL, WE ALL FAIL, some failed more than the other but this unproductive self-talk and self reminder can lower your overall motivation. YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE y'all HEAR ME?

Practice random acts of kindness - Being kind to others even virtually (without sounding like a creep of course -_-) can give you a sense of purpose and make you feel less isolated. In real life, you can just try to offer a coffee for your colleague, send a card to a friend or just a message on their phone, pay a compliment to a stranger why not?

Being Ideal vs Wanting To Improve

You will notice your mood lift when you do good for the sheer joy of it trust me. Do this for one week and you will boost happiness and gratitude..

CLEAN HOME - This might sound weird, but the way you feel about your home and surroundings can influence whether your time there is restorative or stressful. All you need is 30 minutes a day, set a timer and tackle some quick household chores.

FORGIVE YOURSELF AND OTHERS - This is a very important point, when you hold on regret, pain, resentment you can hurt others indirectly. But it also hurts you... When you feel any of these emotions, it will affect your mood and how you treat everyone, especially yourself.

I don't think you want to be the cause to "make someone feel bad" , HARBORING UNFORGIVNESS BREADS NEGATIVE THOUGHTS

Decide to let it go and make a plan to never go to bed angry.

Being Ideal vs Wanting To Improve

The bottom line - It's normal to get caught up in trying to become the best version of yourself... But being a better person starts with treating yourself with LOVE, when you treat yourself with LOVE you will be able to reason with people, you will be able to understand their perspective even if they are AGAINST YOUR OWN PERSONA AND YOUR NATURE...

BEWARE: You don't have to be sweet to people that highlight the fact of EXCUSING RAPE, MURDER, VIOLENCE AND SO ON ... ( I know you will come to me with this so I had to mention it )

Let me know if you think there is more to add here, if we can somehow improve ourselves and help others in different ways.

Oh and Ladies, don't be shy to slide in BoobMans Dms, also because he is a stunningly handsome, and an ideal man for any attractive woman! ( He said this not me, but see WHAT SELF LOVE ACTUALLY MEANS HE JUST GAVE US A DIRECT EXAMPLE LOL) ... Well thank you amigo, this MyTake was inspired by you and I hope it will reach people that need this, oh I also hope some nice Lady will actually slide in your DMs.

Ps. He's not a creep even though his Account name is idiotic.

Wish you all the best


Being Ideal vs Wanting To Improve


Being Ideal vs Wanting To Improve
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  • Lliam
    A most excellent MyTake, natured.

    Your intro about knowing everything vs. wanting to know more reminded me of something.

    Naturally, I, like every other adolescent, thought I knew everything. From the perspective of my 20s, I looked back and saw how wrong I many of my adolescent views had been. I thought, "Now I have things figured out." But that would repeat every few years. I would see that I had been wrong before, but was now wise.

    It took me a couple decades, but I finally realized that I'll never have everything figured out. Life is an ongoing process of learning.

    So I became less certain, which sounds like a bad thing but it's not. It's better to realize that you develop informed opinions based on available knowledge. But be eager to gain more and more information all the time and be capable of modifying or changing your opinions based on new information.

    That opens me up to hearing other perspectives and welcoming continual growth. I an not an ideologue. I don't have beliefs, I have opinions. I am not infallible. All I can hope to do is improve.

    I agree that that not everything is subjective. There are things that are better and things that are worse. There such a thing as truth and there ARE such things as facts.

    Boobman is wise, even for his passion for boobs. :-)
    Is this still revelant?
    • Lliam

      Thank you for the MHO, Natured.

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  • Medhat-M
    Amen.. That's what I think so too.. but practicing something is harder than just admiring it... I had an interaction with you that made me rethink stuff about using this forum for example... I had one of the moments that usually ends up with pushing my buttons and thinking only about the bad stuff and what I don't like here... You acted with me exactly like what you said here.. trying to improve, and don't be too harsh when it gets hard.. You were so nice afterwards that it made actually feel less bad about it... So, i think it also affects others hehe.. Going by this mindset, I think only good things can happen
    • natured

      Oh yes I remember our virtual altercation, and you know it doesn't work with everyone like it did with us. It usually takes two to tango and me and you came to a common ground really quick by understanding each others perspective and respecting each others thoughts and Ideas. It's easy, but as I said in the beginning a lot of people care only about winning a debate by reusing to make actual sense lol

      Thank you so much for reading and thank you for you being YOU

    • natured

      Refusing to make sense*

    • Medhat-M

      Thanks I appreciate it.. I think you're awesome too 😉... really

  • NYCQuestions1976
    Nice Take, but people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder have no ability to learn from their mistakes, because they don't ever believe that they're ever wrong and believe that anything negative that's going on is everyone else's fault. Unfortunately I know this from years of direct personal experience and interaction.
  • PoliteSpeaker
    Didn't read but no one has an inflated importance of themselves. I can assure you that. That statement can keep you thinking for 20 years. But it is true if you can not reject it and think about why I said it. Much smarter people than I would agree. In fact that is where the idea is from. No human is more important than another. That is not what I'm saying.
  • MisterTee
    Loved it! You have a beautiful mind. I don't trust anyone who claims to know it all or acts that way. You know I'm definitely not like that, but I've dealt with many people who are know it alls. Sadly.

  • Smegskull
    Knowing it all and having it all figured out are not similar.
    I have it all figured out so don't want to improve but that doesn't mean I know a lot just that it would cost me more to learn more than that knowledge would earn me.
    Once you are self sufficient improvement is for others' benefit not yours.
  • msc545
    All this wisdom from a guy named... Boobman? I don't think so.
    • natured

      He's smarter than his name might show.
      Got anything else to say? Or that's it?
      Thank you for reading

    • msc545

      I am the Champion of terse, truncated answers.

    • natured

      Congratulations hun

  • BubbaTech
    Ideally you should always strive for improvement. Perfection dosent exist.
  • Supernormal
    I know that I can perceive your aura through your witty words and conceiving n mixing it with your appearance makes me never want to lose you. weird, like I have you already
  • MasterfullyX
    All of my goodness online can go on empty when someone uses me without thinking how it will affect me 😟
  • najekim
    I do my best to go by "Learn something new everyday. Otherwise you'll grow stagnant."
  • Abdulwahh
    Ideal is when you are happy improvement is every step big or small
  • innerman
    just for my own peace of mind... do you teach any group of people at any sort of institute or organization...
    • natured

      No, I don't really teach. But I have a large number of people that reach out to me asking for little guidance.
      Not because I'm special but I'm just a good listener ☺️❤️ thank you for reading I appreciate it

    • innerman

      I dnt know if you smell like a therapist or lecture but the scent is familiar.
      you should turn it into a career

    • natured

      Aw man I'm really honored but you know I'm don't have that capacity or knowledge to do so. I'd rather freelance lol

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  • DeltaCharlieEcho
    Advice to everyone, don’t take advice of any sort from women.
  • Hans222
    A nice take 😀
  • Joker_
    Interesting matchup