Girls, why do you want to be skinny?

Many guys love slim girls. Many guys, like me, love curvy girls. But only a small minority, a minority comparable to the amount of guys who are attracted to fat and bodybuilder girls, actually like skinny girls.

So why on earth do so many women want to be super skinny? Isn't the whole point of having a nice body to look attractive? So why do these girls want so badly to look like those disgustingly thin Victoria's Secret models?

Honestly, girls that skinny are a complete turn off. It's not only unattractive but its really unhealthy. I just wanna give them a hotdog. Why would girls put themselves through that to be even less attractive?

Why do girls still let themselves be brainwashed by the media? Why do they want to be super skinny when they are constantly told, guys like curves or a slim body. Why don't they listen to the the very people they're doing all this dieting for, instead of some bullsh*t in a magazine thats completely false?
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People are taking this the wrong way. I want girls to be happy and healthy. It's perfectly fine to be naturally skinny, but forcing yourself to look like some super skinny model because the media says so isn't good. I know not all girls want to be skinny and its fine as long as you're healthy. Super skinny is neither hot nor healthy so why would any girl want to look that way?
Girls, why do you want to be skinny?
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