Can girls be intimidated by a guy's looks? Why does she acts weird around me?

Well, there's this girl at work which is very outgoing with everyone else and always laughing/talking, a very open person. I sort of know her, spoke with her a few times but it's been over a month now and she still seems nervous when talking to me and cold/distant even.

When we are in a group she doesn't even look at me and ignores me when I say something. I'm attracted to her but haven't really made any move (unless I have done any sort of gesture subconsciously) and she... well sometimes asks me a question regarding work or just some random thing she saw but every time I answer anything she cuts the conversation quickly or walks away so it's beginning to feel very awkward.

Her body gestures don't seem overly open to be honest when we interact but also they don't seem close or like she wants to run away either. Sometimes she starts talking with other people in front of me but stands VERY close giving me her back and just the other day she bend over a bit so it was very sexy but I'm not sure if this means the opposite. I'm not extremely confident but I can hold normal eye contact.

Sometimes I catch her looking at me from a distant and just the other day she was walking towards me with a friend of hers and she looked to a side avoiding eye contact until I asked them something. I'm leaving work next week because I'm starting somewhere else and she began talking to one of my friends for the day and then asked me a couple of questions of my new job and such but then again cut the conversation and left, I just acted normal and cool. Then for the first time she came and said goodbye with a cheek kiss and I was going to give her my number but she just said "oh, I'll just ask XXXX for your number gotta go, bye" and left. I just don't get it.

Guys/girls what do you think was that all about? I've been told I'm very attractive and my female close friends say I look serious but cool but every time I approach any girl something like this happens.
Can girls be intimidated by a guy's looks? Why does she acts weird around me?
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