Non Black Women: Are Black men the least desirable or attractive?

I went on Craigslist and visited the Casual Encounters page. I check the profiles posted by women who looking for a date or sex and their dating preferences is usually tall, dark and handsome and it apply to White or Hispanic. I also discovered that they always put no black men on their profiles as well. Why is it that women are so prejudices against black men? Why? It's funny that women would rather fuck a poor Hispanic or white man than a guy who's black. Is being Black such a bad thing or am I a terrible creature because of skin color. Why do Attractive looking female have a major hatred black guys so much? I feel I'm less attractive and human because of the fact I'm black. I want to commit suicide by slitting my throat because most of you don't respect us a human beings. Everyone wants a white guy but on wants to fuck or be in a relationship with anyone who is black. What have we done to you for us to get treat the way do physically and sexually? I don't fit the stereotype that most black guys do and still get treated the same. Why? Please state your ethnicity and your opinion.
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Please state your ethnicity. I'm seeing a lot of opinions with without anyone fulfulling the requirements.
Non Black Women: Are Black men the least desirable or attractive?
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