Why girls ignore someone's message and how it affects other people?

WARNING: This is my personal opinion and my own experiences. Don't say I'm sexist or just plain heartless. It's my own opinion and I'm going to be straightforward about it. Read the warning before giving out your opinion.

On this app called "MeetMe" is a fairly good app. But, the thing about it that most of the girls are completely rude and don't even give anyone a time of day. I personally counted 68 girls who ignored my message and even block me for talking to them. I was even reported as a sexual predator just because I said "How you're doing?".

The girls who mainly block me is the ones that something that I like. When they don't talk back, I cuss them out and they finally say something. I wouldn't do that if they just said they don't want to talk. Being ignored on social network is like being ignored in real life.

The thing that's rude is when they view my profile then block me. A lot of girls are disinterested in me wheb it comes to social network. They be posting they want someone to talk to and I message them then get blocked.

Girls really ignore/block guys is because they just want to get rid of them as fast as possible. Some girls may be in a bad mood. Other girls ignore and wait for the "pretty boys" to talk to them. Some girls aren't even appreciated that the fact they have someone to talk to. They only pay attention to facial features and that's it.

Guys are affected by this too. They feel like that they're not good enough and it's hard to move on. I know girls have the same problem, but more girls are the one who ignores the guy than the guy to ignore them. Like this guy on YouTube named Kent, he actually thinks he's not good enough because girls don't even try. I actually believe that, it made him fall into depression.

American girls are mainly the ones who don't care for your feelings unless you got what they. I wonder if anyone else had the same experience and agrees. If not, state your reason.
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Disregard the American girls thing. I meant to say something else.
Why girls ignore someone's message and how it affects other people?
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