Girls, Why do so many girls deny their attraction to muscular guys?

I've always heard girls say that they're not that into muscular guys, but I've learned the truth from experience. A muscular, outgoing guy will *always* succeed with women. He won't get all women, obviously, but those guys never lack female attention.

I was at a beach weekend when I was a freshman in college, and there were 5 guys and 5 girls in the house. We kept seeing this guy who was staying in a nearby house who was really muscular and lean. He wasn't bodybuilder freaky or anything, but he was physical enough to be in a magazine. All the girls went crazy when they saw him. They constantly looked for him and made a point to go down on the beach and talk to him. He ended up having sex with two of the girls in the house, and the rest of us got a total of no sex that weekend. Once the girls saw that guy they seemed to look at us differently, like he was a man and we were little boys. That was my lesson in how girls *really* feel about muscular guys.

I've worked to get more muscular over the years and have found that girls respond to me better the more muscle I gain. Girls I meet go out of their way to touch my arms and shoulders now, something they never did when I was a skinny guy. So why do y'all deny what most guys know is true, that y'all feel strong sexual attraction to muscular guys?
Girls, Why do so many girls deny their attraction to muscular guys?
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