What does it mean when a girl says she was worried about me? and is she trying to make me jealous?

This girl has been texting me everyday for 4 months. We have been out together just one on one time. Anyway she sent me text and I read the message but didn't reply, she then sent me another text 2 hours later asking me how was my day and asked me aswell if i was coming down the coast to see her for a night or two. I didn't open the message for 3 hours. I replied with a very short answer and then she asked if I was ok. I wasn't actually alright but i lied and said I was. She said '' I was really worried! :( ''

The reason why I wasn't alright was because I was jealous. She made a random statment that she has been asked out by other guys. I then asked out of curiosity if she went on those dates. She replied ''yeah of course and then others I just didn't want to go, I'm acutally going on one tomorrow''. That was the message that I read but didn't reply.

What didn't make sense was the day before she said that she was going a date, she said she was free everyday until Thursday. Then today on her date in the morning she sent me a text saying '' I'm really sad today''

When I went quiet she suddenly started giving me all this attention and was worried about me. She has said other things to me such as...

- You mean a lot to me with a red love heart
- Keeps on saying i'm the best
- I feel safe with you
- I love you I'll do anything for you, I mean it! ( She was sober)
- Andrew. I love you you're the best (she was drunk)
- So much love you face blowing a kiss and red love heart (she was drunk)

She has done things such as...

- Text me everyday
- Talked to me when something as gone wrong
- Kicked my leg twice in like 7 seconds and looked at me while doing it but didn't say sorry. We were sitting at the table
- She has sent me texts at 3 am
- I read one of her texts at 1am and didn't reply she then sends one again at 11am saying '' Woah what were you doing up so late''
- She asks me to come to night clubs and parties
- She keeps saying we should go to a football game and that I should come down to the beach to see her.
What does it mean when a girl says she was worried about me? and is she trying to make me jealous?
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