Why do girls run away when they see interest?

Iam just curious tbh , getting close to girls was never easy for me, sure i can be friends with them but becoming romantic was the hardest part, i know guys who do nothing and get dates i have to work much harder, iam tall, smart, go to college, pretty fun and social, lots of friends, iam pretty good looking according to most women and girls i know, i get stared at a lot, complimnted a lot i get signs from girls all the time, basically lots of dudes wish to be in my place, lots of attention from girls, good looks, smart, funny and have many friends , except that... girls throw themselves at me then they back off and run away...

Basically i see girls who give me lots of signs, stare at me a lot and honestly they seem like they want to marry me if they could right there and then... but when i make a move they either withdraw themselves or just ignore my efforts, i dont seem desperate iam fun and interesting , i make my intentions clear but not like " i want to date you " more like " it would nice to get to know you more" and they just disappear...

Shit some girls gave me their numbers !! yet they still act like that, iam talking to this girl right now who was soooo into me, we chatted for days then she just stopped replying after a simple normal question she flat out ignored me...

I know you have reputation and stuff but if iam interested, and you're interested and you show me that you are then i make a move, make an effort and try to keep things going why do you ignore it and dont reply or try to take it any further?
Why do girls run away when they see interest?
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