Do you think women are incapable of loving men?

I am going to be honest, I've recently became skeptical that women love men. There are many reasons why I feel like this. One of those reasons is because apparently women don't think men are physically attractive. The only way a woman can be attracted to a man, is if she gets to know the man personally. After that, if she likes his personality, she suddenly finds him attractive. I personally won't ever consider dating a woman like that. I've heard that women are attracted to powerful men, whether it be physical, social, economic or charismatic power, because women want protection. Apparently that's what attracts women to men not because of how men look. Women do seem to think other women are more visually attractive than men. What bothers me the most is that I think women view men like us straight men look at other men. I don't think women are in awe when they look at a man, like the way us men are in awe when we see a attractive woman. I've heard a lot of people say that women are biologically unable to find men physically attractive or even fall in love with men, they say that men are the ones that are suppose to fall in love with women. That's why women are naturally beautiful, to attract men. Men aren't designed to attract women. I feel that women only show "love" to men because it's a societal norm, not because women actually feel love for men. I know women can feel motherly love to their children and love their family, but I don't know if women are able to feel romantic love for men. So what does everyone think? Polite opinions only please.
Do you think women are incapable of loving men?
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