This girl 'Brother Zoned' Me, I got upset?

I met this girl and we became good friends for about a few months or so. Eventually I told her I liked her and she told me that she only liked me "like a brother"

I got upset and told her why I was upset.

MY main reason for being upset because is not because she rejected me. AGAIN it's not because she rejected me. I can understand someone not being into me, finding me attractive or compatible. However, this notion of seeing me as her "brother", thats what offends me and these are my reasons.

#1 - There has been at least 5 other guys that she has rejected and she has told them that she sees them as a brother. So this "brother" card is something she hands out a lot?

#2 - We only know each other for 4 months and suddenly she sees me as a sibling? I'm suddenly on the same level as her 4 other sisters who she has 19 years of experience with?

#3 - Its insulting to me because I don't want any part of her gene pool or family tree or whatever, I have my own family and siblings. Not only do I find it insulting towards her own sisters to put me on the same level as them, she thinks she can claim some position as her sister to me. I already have a sister. I'm not about to put someone on the same level as my sister and if I were to consider a friend a sister, TRUST ME, it would take a lot of experience and trust.

#4 and even if she didn't mean the "brother" thing and its just some excuse then its still offensive because its dishonest and she's hiding behind the "brother" thing and not being honest.

Imagine having a sister and your sister suddenly calls someone else a brother/sister, like you can easily be replaced or someone can easily share this special title.

I explained to her the reasons for me getting upset and basically just left. I will say this again because I know some of you aren't going to believe me and assume you know more about how I feel then I do myself. I CAN UNDERSTAND REJECTION, The brother this is what mostly and mainly got me upset.

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Obviously rejection hurts and I'm not saying rejection does not hurt.

All I'm saying is the "brother" thing goes far beyond what I can find acceptable and its either bullcrap/dishonest or weird or whatever.

Especially when I consider I've only known her for a few months, she's said it to other guys, she's has other sisters of her own. Etc.

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Also its not even like were that close, I mean were good friends and everything but its not like we can talk about our deepest darkest secrets.

Someone who is a brother or a sister to me other then my literal ones, are friends I can count on, friends that I have a long time of experience with. Someone I can share a lot with.

This in no way discribes my relationship to this girl.

This girl 'Brother Zoned' Me, I got upset?
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