How do you kindly reject a girl?

I know that most of the time, it's vice versa. But there's a particular girl at my school who admitted that she likes me. She's not really my type, though. Her personality is very bold and spunky ( not to mention that she's very tall), while I like girls who are a little bit more demure and submissive. Most of the boys are intimidated by her, too. She's not afraid to yell or fight them. Anyways, she treats me completely different. She's nicer and always tries to touch or hug me. It can get annoying at times, like when she constantly shouts my name or waves at me. I think my teachers know that she likes me. I also think they despise her because she doesn't do well in class and is defiant. Still, I only like her as a friend. My friends see me as an "intellectual" and introverted, so being around her can tarnish my image. I already told her this, but knowing how tenacious she is, she'll just keep insisting me to date her. We're both very young (and immature), only 15.
How do you kindly reject a girl?
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