With women taking over more male roles. Why are women so hesitant to give up their power?

I have noticed it with basically every woman I talk to about the rise of feminism and "equality". This is not all women, but definitely the majority.

Now that gender roles are changing for so many women, in the home and the workplace. Why are they so hesitant to give up their power in dating and the home? And reinforce traditional male roles when it suites them. Why don't you approach men? Why don't you plan a date for us? Why don't you pay for it? Why don't you put up the Christmas lights, or cut the grass, or change the oil?

It never fails that I will be talking to a "progressive" woman who will agree that these changes needed to happen, but then when I bring up the subject of dating or home life, suddenly they are "traditional" and think the man should ask, plan, and pay. Or we should be the fixers. Because that is what men do and have always done. With no solid reasoning, other than they just like it that way.

I also notice that these same women complain about men not helping around the house, but the truth is most of these men do help, it's just not to the level that the woman expects or wants, so she counts it as him not helping and being useless instead of her just maybe needing to have things "her way".

My question is, if men are giving up the power they once held, why won't women give up theirs? If we are truly a team here, and looking for equality which I think is great. Why then do women defend "their world" so much from men to keep them from entering, but freely enter "ours"?

I think this is a big reason for so much tension between the sexes right now. Do you think this is a fair assessment? Do you think men aren't being given a fair shake, or is this treatment deserved?
With women taking over more male roles. Why are women so hesitant to give up their power?
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