Girls, Why does she keep looking at me and acting different all the time?

There’s this girl who started staring at me all the time and smiling. At first it seemed friendly but after he keep doing it I decided to approach. When the gym was quieter I spoke to her. She was kinda shy and nervous but we had a good conversation and invited her out she said yeah. I also asked if she had a boyfriend. She said no. she she gave me her Instagram.

a few days later on Instagram I start a convo commenting how great her holiday looked. And compared to us talking in person she seemed a little off with me. And took along time to respond. Until eventually she didn’t even respond.

I moved on , blanked her , didn’t even look at her. And for a few weeks after she started to stare at me when I’m not looking and smiling to herself which I ignore. Then everytime I see her she keeps smiling to herself and looking away real fast if I spot her. This went on for weeks at university and in the gym sometimes she try and smile but I ignored.

So so after a while of her keep acting shy and smiling to herself all of the time and looking away when caught one time she smiled at me and walk off smiling to herself so i I went and invited her out to a party. She said yes then after a while I walked off and I saw her again when I was with my friend and she was trying not to smile seen I noticed and stopped. Then everytime I see her on university campus she going out of her way to keep saying hi. Like it was kinda forced. Even if I see her twenty times in one day she always say hi. Which before she wouldn’t do she was really shy.

But she didn't come to the party and I heard she was with another guy. So I asked why she didn’t come and she said she was in a different city. And still didn’t really seem to be making any kind of effort.

so I decided to not respond and just move on because it’s waste of time. But she keeps walking past me in the gym and training right beside me and I just blank her and don’t even look at her or say hi and she keeps staring
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Then I saw her looking all kinda sad but I don’t get why she acts so interested like when I backed off she staring , smiling to herself acting all shy and then when I make a move she was always saying hi and seemed to be warming up but then didn’t come to the party and was standofish again and now when I moved on she acting all
Butt her if I blank her and pretend she don’t exist
Girls, Why does she keep looking at me and acting different all the time?
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