Girls, why does she act this way with me?

there’s a girl ; I used to get the feeling she likes me but we don’t know each other. for a year she would sometimes 1) smile to herself but try and hide it 2) always stare or look at me all the time 3) tell her friend about me 4) listen in to my conversations. This happened first in a store she used to work at that I shopped at , then at my gym when she joined.

I didn’t see her around for 5 months , came across her social media. I did not add her but her profile is public. If I view her story on Instagram she deletes them if she sees I viewed them. She has done this numerous times. I added her , liked her picture. It’s not a coincidence because she it’s always after she sees I have viewed her story. It’s mainly pictures of herself that she delete
Girls, why does she act this way with me?
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