Do "nice girls" understand their true powers?

I've noticed something about nice girls: they often get hurt, or feel pressured to "outgrow" their kindly disposition in life, coming to view their kindness and gentleness as demons to be exorcised.

Maybe the workplace does it. Or a shitty boyfriend. Or an unrequited crush. Or just... life. Maybe they want their fathers to think of them as more "mature". Or whatever else it might be.

It happened with my ex. She described it (long after we split) as feeling like "I had to portray this badass bitch image to get respect from people". But I just wish she stayed true to her sweet, caring nature.

Are you a nice girl fighting the pressure to "go bad"? Are you a recovering "bad bitch"? Or have you embraced the dark side headfirst after being taken advantage of one time too many?

How would you describe your experiences in this matter? Why do spme nice girls stay kind and sweet, whereas others grow cynical and jaded and aggressive?

Nice girls are a treasure to be protected in my opinion. Maybe that's a stereptypically masculine view of female nature, perhaps even oversimplistic. But it breaks my heart to see today's sweetheart become tomorrow's "bad bitch".

Nice girls: your kindness is a superpower! Not a weakness. Don't let sour hearted people turn your kind hearts sour. Do you agree or disagree?
Do "nice girls" understand their true powers?
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