Why do some younger girls like much older men?

I am almost ashamed asking this question but I found this site just by typing about this subject I am about to ask.
I had a 19 year old girl catch me off guard when she quickly wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in hard for a kiss on the lips. She wanted more but I panicked as I am 50. I felt embarrassed as everyone witnessed it. My co-workers had fun with it and started calling me "Herbert the Pervert." When I grocery shop is when I have 2 young cashiers flirting with me and even saying, "I was wondering when I was going to see you again." I come through their line and they start smiling at me and one giggles like crazy even if I don't crack a joke.
Now before anyone says, "You probably flirted with them" is to know the answer is NO! The girl that kissed me on the lips only saw me walking through her job a number of times but I never talked to her or looked at her flirtatiously. I couldn't anyways as she doesn't speak English.
Now is there something about MUCH older men that girls around 19-25 like?
I personally am not understanding this as I think of Adam Sandler in the movie 'Big Daddy' when he accused his ex of being with "OLD BALLS" as a reason to be disgusted by him.
Usually ladies around my age show interest but lately this has been happening and I am scratching my head.
Any ladies know why this is?
Why do some younger girls like much older men?
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