Why do young girls like older men?

im talking about high school girls going with older guys. what's the deal?

when I was in high school it was hard to get a girl my age. and it still is.

and now I get attention from high school girls and I'm loving it, but I don't want people to think less of me if I date a young girl.

"take note I'm not trying to offend any young girls."

how do you view the situation of a young girl with an older guy?

y do you girls choose older guys?

help me out here please.


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  • it s due to a combination of guys being lazy and girls allowing themselves to be gullible.

    An older guy has, more money, a car, more free time (no home work and no parents saying what time he has to be back home.) He is also more likely to be able to get hold of beer. Older guys also look more like men that the spotty boys at school, so have that robbie williams (or similar modern day equal) look that girls like. There is also the notability factor. Girls see boys at school all the time, but someone they meet when their out and about is more exciting.

    Older guys tend to go for younger girls cause their a soft target. They are easily impressed. They pander to your ego. In contrast older girls won't do this meaning their more work. Also if you are immature then you don't need to think about growing up. Also if your not that sexually experienced or have insecurities about your own performance then you can take comfort in the fact that a totally inexperienced younger girl won't now how crap you are. So it men can go after younger girls to cover sexual insecurity.

    how do I view a situation of young girl with an older guy?

    I think the girl imagines her self to hot and mature because she's got an older guy but the reality is she's dating a loser.

    • Its sad really....especially when those "losers" are only after one thing....then you see so many 13-15yr olds pregnant and crap and its just plain wrong....especially around where I used to goto college, 7 of my classmates had a younger cousin or sister UNDER age 15, youngest was 13, pregnant to guys, the youngest being 23, oldest being I think it was 27......

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  • I dated a college guy in high school, mainly because the guys my age were incredibly immature. I could talk to him and have a deccent conversation, he listened to me and treaeted me well, and the fact that he had his own apartment was a definite plus. But there were other issues, like him being able to go into a bar and me being too young.

    Many girls do it just to lord it over the friends. Having a college boyfriend in high school can earn major cool points. But some of them do it because they really like the guy and can't find any high school guys they want to date.

    It all goes back to the fact that women supposedly mature faster than men. If a woman is 22, she is at the maturity level of a 25 or 26 year-old guy. This isn't always true, but it is accepted as true much of the time. But plenty of girls date guys their own age, and plenty of girls won't date older guys.

  • They've been in the dating game longer and actually know what to say to a girl. Right before I graduated high school, I dated a guy who was 22 because he was a "smooth talker" but I quickly learned he was a huge pervert and I made a huge mistake. But, I then learned more about what guys to avoid. The point is, young girls are niave and young and are easily manipulated...and I guess that's exciting when you're older have your pick of them.

    Now I am dating an older gentleman (I'm 18 he's 21) and I am not dating him because he's older, I just happened to be attracted to him. I used to be into younger guys before I started dating all older guys though.

  • Girls chose older guys because they are willing to settle down and commit sooner than younger guys. They don't go out and party all the time and brush girls off like younger guys sometimes do. Plus, older guys have more experience with women and know how to be more romantic when it comes to young girls and they like that. Women their age usually know that most of that is to get them into bed when young girls will fall for it easier. don't worry, eventually you will find someone who likes you and doesn't care about age. Hope this helped!

  • its partially maturity its often quite frustrating to date guys our own age because many (not all ) act like they are 5 . another reason is just simply attraction. I'm 18 and I'm falling for a guy that has become a great friend of mine. I've always found him to be extremely attractive, he's very mature, and he has his life in order. I usually date guys between the ages 22 and 28 but he is 34. it all depends on the guy. age is but a number. I've dated guys younger, same, and older and personally I like older men. hope that helps a bit

  • I don't know WHY we do it, but I always "assumed" that older guys were more mature!

    (they're not)

    Still, I don't think there's ANYTHING wrong with dating a younger girl!

    Who cares what people think of you.as long as your happy, right?

  • lol I can't really tell you why, but I'm one of those girls. I was jus talkin to a guy that was 23 and I'm 16. I don't really know how to explain it but I'm pretty mature for my age and all the guys my age are just a little too immature for me & + older guys are way hotter than high school guys. I don't know why myself but that's all I can tell ya

  • well I guess the older the guy gets the more mature.

    to me it seems like it but I go for anyone who treats me right

    lol usually the younger boys are so immutare

    i hope this helps lol


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  • first reason is biological:

    - women are attracted to things that give stability, men are attracted to youth and beauty. therefore older men will look attractive and they will go for them.


    - What can 20 year old give to a 30 year old guy or older.. PIECE OF ASS.. its simple no matter what the girl thinks, she is at different stage in life. a younger girl is just started her life. she is just getting in the world she is confused, doesn't know what she wants and insecure trying to discover her identity, compared to a man who has done all this

    what can 16 year old who is dating 20+ give to that man hhmmm

    dating older men has its pros and cons

  • Dude it is very simple, they like the attention they get from an older guy, chicks don't actually dig hanging out watching you and your friends drink beer and talk about football, and cars and watching you have drinking competitions, do that with the boys.

    You don't have to dis ya mates to spend time with your girl, just organize it better.

    It is all about her feeling secure and special.

    when you take her out, you don't need your mates to verify anything "its private time" Just you and her.

    If she gets enough of that she will be fine.

    You should go out with her and her girlfriends and LISTEN there is much to be learned my you ng friend.

    And don't worry you will be the older guy sooner than you anticipate.