How to feel better about yourself?

I (19F) feel so unattractive. I know it’s normal to have days when we don’t feel so good but it’s to the point that I don’t even want to leave the house, unless I really have to such as work. Not that I should be leaving the house anyway because of covid restrictions.

I’m trying to recover from the fact that this guy that I really liked and was having a thing on and off for about 6 months is now in an official, and happy relationship (he didn’t want to be with me, I was just a “tinder fling” and wasn’t “ready” for a relationship). She’s this beautiful Asian girl. While I’ve got very strong ethnic features (half middle eastern and Mediterranean). She’s much more well-rounded and more liked then me too. But that’s a different story I guess. He even went for my Asian best friend the day after we made out and ghosted me. How I envy those who are Asian HAHAHAH.

I usually rely on beauty therapies such as hair removal (like I said I’ve got strong ethnic features, which includes a lot of dark hair), nails, eyelashes e. t. c. I feel so much more confident. Obviously now they are closed I feel disgusting, even with makeup on. I hate my non-existent jawline. I was considering getting injections before this all happened.

This is more of a vent then a question but I was just asking for advice on how to feel more beautiful during these times. Especially with everything that happened to me before the covid crisis.
How to feel better about yourself?
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