Girls, Could my female friend really beat me in a fight?

I met a girl from school who does gymnastics and thinks she could beat me in a fight. I am a 90kg and athletic male build and 6'3, she is half my weight and almost half of my height she is 48kg and 5'0 slim build.

We had an argument about whether a girl could beat a guy in a real street fight, then she challenged me to fight her on the oval next week. The rules are no eye poking and that is it! She is so confident she can beat me and when I ask her how she could even win she just smirks at me and says "you just wait, you will be on the ground crying within seconds, I have taken down my dad the same way and had him in tears with the same single punch".

I don't think she understands how much stronger and taller I am than her, i have no training in fighting but even if I didn't try I would still be able to win easily, any ideas what she is planning? Have any girls beat guys in fights or hurt them somehow despite height and strength disadvantages?

PS. I'm not a girl abuser, I won't actually hit her, if anything I would just place her gently on the ground but if she hits me I doubt it will hurt at all so it doesn't bother me.
Girls, Could my female friend really beat me in a fight?
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