Girls, Why does she keep adding me?

A few years ago I started college and met a woman who had a few kids and was married at a young age. I was attracted but just was friendly as she was taken. We would always talk at Break along with other friends, and I would stand with her a wait for her ride home and talk after class. I would always support her ambitions listen to her and things. Sometimes she would hug me out of nowhere if I done her a favour.

but then I finished college and move to university and kinda moved on. she started messaging me often, sometimes flirting. She told me she had split with her husband. So we would just flirt but I wanted to keep my space incase they got back together.
then she started saying things like she’s ready to move on and start things with me, but it was still kinda complicated.

I deleted her but now months later she keeps adding and asking me questions and putting “xxx” all the time.
Girls, Why does she keep adding me?
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