Girls, Why does she's always jokingly call me names?

ok so I tried to add this girl , she didn't accept and kept staring at me down canteen. So turned out she in one of my lessons two weeks after so I introduce to her and her friends. So after that in class she would always look me up n down n tease me by asking me everything I do. So I Jokingly asked her number which she gave to me and ever since we text about work etc. I always call her sweety n check how she is. But in class I joke around with my friends n accidentally ignore her she tries to grab my attention by calling me random names. And she always goes quiet if I talk to other girls


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  • This is the sort of childish behaviour I'd expect of a 15 year old. My advice is to find a girl who doesn't treat you like a toy.

  • Awww this is cute asf!!! She does like u, i reckon! My boyfriend ignores me in his group of friends, its alright 😂😂 its a guys way. And about her calling u random names is cute, she seem comfortable around u and im pretty sure its the flirting way for a girl. I would usually do that too. OR its a way to try and relate to u and seem funny and wants u to acknowledge her creativity in her name calling haha. Do u usually reply to her after she comments a random name? Try say something funny or random back to her.

    And she will go quiet mainly because she feels insecure of the other girls or she doesn't get along with them, or wants to see what ur reaction is going to be towards them. Just mainly looking and listening towars u and them.

    • Hey but when we text , she only talks about presentation. Send her text sometimes to ask if she ok But she doesn't ask me back and yes if I ignore her in class she calls me names till I respond why she's age do this when I try to be nice? Lol

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    • Yep she is rather strange , Shall I distance myself?

    • Yea i reckon so... but it is up to u and what u want to do.

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