Ghosted me but stares?

So she ended our situationship by ghosting me two months ago. Every time I see her in public she stares at me from a distance and the moment she notices me noticing her she will look at the floor or/away pretending I don't exist and so we don't make eye contact and to clearly say "do not talk to me or approach me". The whole time I just look straight ahead and don't acknowledge her existence.

I get she does not want me to talk to her/approach her and I have stopped calling/texting her ages ago (and no I did not blow up her phone with calls/texts)

One time I caught her see me exit a shop and walk the other direction and when I crossed the road she was standing there with her friend staring at me obviously the whole time for maybe 30 seconds or more until I went out of view.

But every other time we pass in public she will stare at me from a distance until she knows I have noticed her staring.

Any idea why this is happening? Surely if you ghost someone and want to ignore someone you won't stare at them like this?
Ghosted me but stares?
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