Why does my friend want me to prioritize her over other women in my life?

I have this close friend who has been mad at me lately i didn't understand why. So took me out for lunch to explain what's been going on. She basically mad at me for talking and laughing with other women more than i have been with her this past month. She feels as if i should talk, laugh and text her more than i do with other women. She also feels as if i ignore her.

I actually talk to her. After covid she had no side effects. I'm dealing with fatigue from when i talk a lot to how much i eat. I have to pace myself. After almost a month it had gotten so much better. Dt hsve me on high protein meal 6 times a day.

Everytime i talk or laugh with other women she always have something to say or some type of remark. I supported her being open and honest but when she told me this, i tried not to laugh. This is the craziest thing to be mad at someone over. She went as far as saying after we were quarantine for covid i changed. She's just my quarantine bff. Lol

She mad about text because she doesn't initiates the text. If you don't text me and i'm always texting first after 2 or 3 times of me texting first i stop texting. If she text or call she ask me a question i know she knows the answer too. Which is cool with me or a random picture that i don't have a response too. She has a guy she's dating/together with. But she want me to prioritize her over other women. She feels as though i replaced her with first a woman she doesn't like that i'm very cool with and now with her close female friend i became cool with. This is really bothering her. We work together and ohr manager told me to fix it.

What is wrong with her? Does she have a right to be mad over something like this? Should i prioritize her over other women in my life even though she doesn't check up on me and or text me and they do?
Why does my friend want me to prioritize her over other women in my life?
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