Why is my girlfriend so annoying?

Yesterday my girlfriend and I were texting and she started telling me about her friend that's a guy and says he doesn't like me still, and she always tells me about him and that he doesn't like me. And it is so annoying because I have asked her plenty of times to stop telling me about him. Like a few days ago I was busy working on some classwork and she texts me saying "stop ignoring me, (her friend's name) doesn't like you and he said to treat me right.

Then one time she was sitting next to me while I was gaming playing Fifa and said "Fifa sucks don't ever play that game again I don't like it". And when I was playing another game she said "babe why are you riding that ugly thing?".

Sometimes she would ask me who my favorite singer is and I'd tell her and she says "oh she sucks I don't like her" and sometimes she responds by saying "the only reason you like her is that she's cute". Like she always tries to force what she likes onto me as if I'm not allowed to have an opinion on what I like.

She also always asks me stuff like "am I a sex icon" because guys and a few girls try to hit on her.
Why is my girlfriend so annoying?
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