Why are black men so annoying?

As a black woman I cannot stand to be around black men because they act two faced and slow.

Black women are the most educated in America.. but we date thugs and not nerds?

Black men also say black women ask for too much or are too boujee? For SIMPLE things. That's bummy.

That kick black women down and act like homosexual men. What race of dude argues with his own race of women?

Most black women I know are good girls, quiet and nice.

I avoid all races of men now.. white men are more abusive then black men but in my experiences, no one cares.

I've been threatened to be killed by my ex white boyfriend for being a virgin. Then he went and flaunted his white girlfriend around.

I think many black women will be single in the future... There aren't enough smart, educated or non annoying black men. It's so annoying to have to deal with crazy ass white men who think you're thirsty for them...

I don't have a lot in common culturally with white men either.

Black men bash their own women for being virgins and not stereotypically hyper sexual like the stereotypes about white women.

I'm glad to send all those white women all those crazy ass men... cause Chile, if they treat you better then bless your heart. Cause these men will show you their true colors when you black and really think you gonna sit there and be killed or their next baby mama.. girl no.
Why are black men so annoying?
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