She confuses the living hell out of me, but why and what does she really want?

So i've met this girl just about a year ago via online and i liked her a lot from what we've talked and so forth, and we've gotten along very well, and i told her from the first month i've started texting her, since it was the conversation, that my i'm interested in her and i want to get to know her better and she didn't say a whole lot back other than that she likes me aswell and is interested aswell but that she simply doesn't want a relationship and isn't ready for it yet, after talking with her for about 5 months, things kinda went a little farther than i thought it would, you know, there would be quite a bit sexual stuff and we'd hang out 24/7, knowing how corona got out of hand we couldn't ever meet ever since, eventually she made a joke about wanting a girl and not a guy in her relationship, and i took it serious and it turned into her telling me she doesn't like me as her boyfriend or has any attraction, since that had happened, i stopped talking to her for about a month

Then one of my friends came up to me and told me that im a ducking idiot and that she actually does like me but that i fell into a trap and that i should go 'be friends' with her and just keep going till it leads somewhere naturally and he told me i should try a few different stuff such as letting her always text first, small surprises such as writting letters, actually getting her to video chat with me: after letting her text me first, she's started to be super active and wrote to me literally day and night and it's generally personal life stuff, a whole lot of pictures, constantly asking to do stuff together, and yes she did trust me with her address, she didn't want to video chat with the explanation that she's not wearing makeup and that she feels ugly even though i tell her she's now, yes she's open to meet in real life, recently she said 'i love you' but the day after she brings a guy and says she likes him when she called me to play a game, what are your opinions? what does she want?
She confuses the living hell out of me, but why and what does she really want?
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