Girls, What happened to the girl I was talking to?

(See my post before this for this for part 1.)
Um... so last week she was able to take me home two more times, and it was great she was extra nice to me on our last ride and we've just been saying hi to each other in school when we see each other then one day she texted me saying she left school early and that was ok but on Monday when we came back to school she looked very upset with at me and when I tried to wave at her she turned her head away, but later that day I was able to wave at her and she waved back but still she clearly was upset also her best friend was looking really mad at me, so st the end of the day she texted me saying she couldn't take me home but I couldnt go with her anyways because I had started baseball after school which I thought she knew then the next day I saw her once but when she past me she looked upset again turning her head away from me and didn't even look at me and after school she didn't text me, so I'm a little confused here I'm pretty sure I didn't say anything last time we were together she was fine
Girls, What happened to the girl I was talking to?
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