Great job offer - girlfriend doesn't want me to take it?

I've recently been offered a new and extremely well paying job. Currently I'm working part-time as a retail slave, and my girlfriend is unemployed but occasionally sells art to make a few dollars here and there. But primarily, we live on my income, which is very little.

I've been offered this job that's a huge step up for me, working in admin and getting three-times more income, however, the job involves a lot of travel meaning I would be out of town two-three weeks a month. My girlfriend doesn't like this as she doesn't want me to be that far away from her and she's afraid that we won't last if we don't have contact all the time.

She's even saying that she might have to leave me if I take the job as she doesn't think she could handle being apart from me that regularly. I've told her I'd be able to call her and have skype etc. every day, and it would only be temporary for six months or so, so that way I could save up more money for us.

But she still doesn't want me to go. It's really difficult to make ends meet right now with my current income, and I feel like I really should take this job as I'm afraid an offer like this won't come along again.

But I'm also afraid of losing my girlfriend, who is way more important to me than a job.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? Should I take the job anyway and see how we go? Or should I stay in my current role, I'm in a real bind here.
Great job offer - girlfriend doesn't want me to take it?
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