Should I stick in and be friends or cut contact and hope?

Me and this girl have been eyeing each other for a couple of years probably now. She works in a supeemarket and sometimes i go in. Anyway i started to like this girl more and more and found it difficult to approach her on her own or find opertunitys to break the ice. Just before Christmas afyer some small talk, i gave her a Christmas card with a little message just saying i would love to get to know her. What i thought her name was and was right and if she wanted to get in touch. She didn't and i spoke to her a week or so later. She said she didn't respond to my card as she has a boyfriend but thought it was so sweet cute the usual bollocks lol. If she was single i think she we would work out or at least try. So i dont kniw what to do should i keep going in act as normal or run away and hide and probably never see this girl again. I have been feeling so shit about it i do like this girl but struggle to deal with emotions really. Any help would be great as i not sure who to talk to. Girls how would you feel about this?
Should I stick in and be friends or cut contact and hope?
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